Best Gaming Headset for Fortnite 2022

SteelSeries Arctis Pro
SteelSeries Arctis Pro (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

Whether it's for in-game chat or figuring out where that sniper is shooting, getting the best PC gaming headset or best Xbox One headset, you can make your Fortnite experience much better. It doesn't matter how good your speakers may be when it comes to competitive gaming, a good headset like the SteelSeries Arctis Pro will always be better.

Upping your Fortnite game with a good headset

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In a battle royale game like Fortnite, awareness of your surroundings is crucial, and good audio is one of the most important parts of that. For the best overall, you're going to want the SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC which, while a little pricey, offers a truly spectacular blend of sound and comfort.

There are more affordable options, too, that are great for the Fortnite players out there. The more serious competitive players will definitely want to look at the Razer BlackShark V2. It's about the lightest and most comfortable headset you'll find right now to wear for long sessions grinding, the audio is fantastic, and the price is very reasonable.

Console players aren't left out either, with some incredible headsets like the LucidSound LS35X that make gaming not only comfortable and great sounding, but wire, and dongle free. The LS35X uses the Xbox Wireless protocol, so no additional hardware is required, and the battery life is good enough for even the longest day of Fortnite.

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