The best live events you can watch in VR this month

Between the International Champions Cup or your favorite sporting team having a match, watching live events in VR can be quite rewarding. We all wish we could make it out to the stadiums and fields our favorite performers are in, but sometimes that's just not in the cards. But, don't you worry, the other option you have is to watch your favorite shows and sports in VR. Here you can feel like you're actually in the crowd without having to spend hundreds of dollars on tickets. Find it on Oculus here!.

Check out the live events coming to your Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in August!

What will you be watching?

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Tell us in the comment section below, or shoot me a tweet telling me which live events you'll be checking out. Already watched a few? Let us know what your favorites are!

Essa Kidwell

Essa Kidwell is an expert in all things VR and mobile devices who can always be found with an Oculus Go, a Pixel 2, and an iPhone 7+. They've been taking things apart just to put them back together for quite some time. If you've got a troubleshooting issue with any of your tech, they're the one you want to go to! Find them on Twitter @OriginalSluggo or Instagram @CosmeticChronus.