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Best Network Switches (Managed & Unmanaged) in 2022

When choosing a network switch to expand your home or office network, you have a choice between managed and unmanaged switches. Managed switches allow you to really dive deep into configuring the device to control a whole manner of functionality, while unmanaged switches are a little more affordable, but aren't quite as advanced.

Making the right switch

Choosing an unmanaged or managed switch depends entirely on your budget and how many ports you require. If you're only connecting a few PCs at home, the TP-Link TL-SG108E is ideal with a low price and plenty of features — you can even go a little further and check out the built-in configuration page to play with a few features and settings.

If you'd prefer a managed switch and happen to play games, the Netgear S8000 is a great tool to hook up all your consoles and gaming PCs with gaming in mind. This switch houses eight Gigabit ports for hooking up all your devices. It even rocks some advanced features like traffic prioritization and QoS management.

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