Best PC Cases for Vertical GPUs 2021

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Custom PC Build (Image credit: Windows Central)

The best PC cases differ between people. A chassis you may like the look of may not appeal to someone else, which makes recommending cases a little tricky. We try and recommend cases that smash the fundamentals in each specific category. This collection focuses on the niche of mounting your GPU vertically.

Choosing the best PC case for vertical GPUs

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Picking the right PC case for using a vertical GPU depends on which one you prefer the look of. In our opinion, the NZXT H510i is a good all-round package with an affordable price tag, smart RGB and fan controller hub, and seriously good cable management. You can fit inside large radiators with room to spare. A brilliant chassis to build a PC inside.

A truly wild design is the Thermaltake View 37 in a nutshell. It's bonkers with the gull-wing-esque winder, allowing you to view the inside of your PC from not only the side but from above too. It's possible to mount your GPU vertically too!

If you already have a case you enjoy using but find that it does not offer support for installing the GPU vertically, you can pick up a universal PCIe riser that should do the job so long as you have enough expansion slots.

Rich Edmonds
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