Best Pedals for Sim Racing in 2020

Whether you're new to sim racing or an old hand, a good set of pedals is crucial not only to your experience but also to your lap times. Fortunately, there are some great sets to choose from, and here's what we'd recommend on your rig.

Stop and go

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A good set of pedals is critical to your enjoyment and your performance when sim racing, And whether you're just starting out or have done a few miles in your time, the Fanatec CSL Elite is an excellent set of pedals for everyone. The price is perfect for beginners, the addition of an optional load cell perfect for the more experienced. And they're exceptionally well made.

There's also some good stuff going on at Thrustmaster. While it's disappointing that the T-LCM Load Cell pedal set is currently unavailable until at least July as it stands, they're a noticeable upgrade from the company's already excellent T3PA or T3PA Pro. Both of these are superb choices for those on a tighter budget, have tons of adjustability and compatibility with just about every game and rig you can think of.

Richard Devine
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