Best Privacy Screens for Surface Go and Go 2 Windows Central 2021

The Surface Go and Go 2 are great little devices for working on the move, but you might not want to show off to the entire cafe, airplane, or office the project with which you're currently tasked. In that case, adding a privacy screen is a great way to prevent prying eyes. We've rounded up a bunch of the best options right here to get you started.

Kensington Fp10 Go Privacy

Anti-Reflective Coating: Kensington FP10 Privacy Screen

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This privacy screen has a huge cutout at the top that might show a bit of display on the Go 2 due to the slimmer bezel, but it will not interfere with any of the cameras or microphones. It has a 60-degree viewing angle, anti-reflective coating to cut out glare and blue light, and it can be installed in two ways for a matte or glossy finish. It uses double-sided tape to attach.

UAG Go Privacy

Protection And Privacy: UAG Tempered Glass Privacy

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This privacy screen made for the original Surface Go is actually a tempered glass screen protector with an added privacy layer. It's just 0.2mm thin but will ably protect against scratches without sacrificing touch and pen support. And, of course, it will stop anyone from seeing your screen when looking at it from an angle.

FILMEXT Go Privacy

Removable Silicone Seal: FILMEXT Privacy Screen

This privacy screen for the original Surface Go uses a silicone seal to attach to the screen. It offers a secure hold that will nevertheless be easier than double-sided tape to remove. The 60-degree viewing angle cuts out unwanted eyes, and the anti-glare coating helps protect your eyes. It should not interfere with touch or pen functionality when installed.

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ZBRANDS Go Privacy

Magnetic Screen: ZBRANDS Privacy Screen

This privacy screen attaches to the Surface Go with magnets, making it incredibly easy to apply and remove. It offers a 60-degree viewing angle, it won't interfere with touch or pen support, and it has an anti-glare layer. It is meant to work only with the original Go, though the cutout along the top bezel does appear to be large enough to not interfere with the Go 2's microphones.

If we're making some suggestions

Any of the options listed above will add some privacy to your Surface Go, vital if you often work in public places. However, if you're still wondering exactly which one is right for you, we can offer further recommendations.

If you have a Surface Go 2, the Kensington FP10 privacy screen is likely going to be the best bet due to the enormous cutout along the top. The Go 2 has a different microphone setup, so a lot of screen protectors and privacy screens designed for the original Go will not work without covering up some functionality. If you don't use the microphone on your device, it's not as big of a deal, but if you're often video conferencing or calling, some options will pose a problem. The FP10 screen might leave a sliver of Go 2 display exposed along the top, but not enough to give away what you're working on. Otherwise, it comes with an anti-reflective coating and offers a 60-degree viewing angle.

If you're interested in more robust protection while also adding privacy, the UAG tempered glass privacy screen should be more appealing. It brings all the benefits of a screen protector, including scratch protection and full touch compatibility, while also preventing anyone from viewing the screen at a side angle. Due to the precise cutout, this option is only compatible with the original Surface Go.

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