Best Privacy Screen for Surface Go Windows Central 2020

The Celicious Privacy Plus is currently the only privacy screen available for the Surface Go. We will continue updating this article as more become available.

Our pick

Celicious Privacy Plus

Four-way privacy protection.

Up, down, or to the side, this privacy screen from Celicious will block unwanted passers-by from seeing your Go's screen. An oleophobic finish keeps smudges and oil off, and a glossy finish keeps your screen clear.

Who should buy this privacy screen

Although the best method of preventing data theft is not using your Surface Go in public, adding a privacy screen will undoubtedly cut down on the amount of screen time others get with your device. If you enjoy working on the run — the Go makes it incredibly easy — and have sensitive data to deal with, a privacy screen is a worthwhile accessory.

Is it a good time to buy this privacy screen?

If you need some extra privacy when using your device in public, this is currently your only choice that's made specifically for Surface Go. A cheaper Kensington privacy screen should become available soon straight from Microsoft, though there's no official timeline for its release.

Reasons to buy

  • Provides four-way privacy
  • 90-degree view from center of screen
  • Reduces fingerprints and smudges
  • Cuts down on blue light
  • Doesn't interfere with touch function

Reasons not to buy

  • It's pricey

Protect your sensitive information

Adding a privacy screen is a smart way to keep sensitive information seen by your eyes only while working on the go. This option from Celicious offers four-way protection so you can use your Surface Go in landscape or portrait mode and still get privacy, and an oleophobic coating cuts down on smudges and oil from your fingers.

Four-way privacy and added protection for your display.

The privacy screen sticks on like a standard screen protector, with a silicone adhesive that can be removed without damaging your Surface Go. You get 45-degree viewing angles on either side of center, and the filter even reduces harmful blue light.

Adding this privacy screen to your Go will not remove the touch function, and you will still be able to use the Type Cover and Surface Pen.

Bottom line

The Celicious Privacy Plus privacy screen is currently your only pick for the Surface Go, but it's expected that a Kensington option should be made available soon from the Microsoft Store. Nevertheless, the Celicious option offers four-way privacy, an oleophobic coating, and glossy finish for a clear picture.

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