Best Refurbished Laptop Deals of June 2017

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Count how many devices need to connect

There are deals all over the place for laptops, but one of the best ways that you can save money is by purchasing a refurbished unit. Most of the time when you think about refurbished, you think of used, scratched, and not worth looking into. But you'd be wrong. We've already discussed how to save big money by purchasing a refurbished laptop, so why are you still waiting.

Often you'll still get the same warranty on a refurbished unit as you would a new one, and the same return policy, so there is very little risk associated with purchasing these at the discounted price. Finally ready to look into picking up a refurbished laptop? Here are some of the best places to look for deals.

Dell Factory Outlet

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The Dell Outlet offers refurbished units as well as scratch and dent variants for many of its popular laptop models. Quantities can be limited, so the one that you are looking for may not be in stock right now, but it may be tomorrow, so you'll want to check regularly for updates. From the Dell Inspiron 11 for just $149.99 to the Alienware 17R4 for $2,739, you'll want to check out all these deals.

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Dell Refurbished Laptops

It may be a bit confusing that Dell has two different retail channels that offer refurbished laptop models, but unlike the Outlet, you'll only find high-quality refurbished laptops here. No scratch and dent, all like-new working models. From the Latitude E6420 for $169 to the Latitude E7440 for $699, there are a bunch of options here worth considering.

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Best Buy

One of the advantages to shopping refurbished laptops at Best Buy is that the retailer offers options from a wide variety of brands, making it easier to browse all the deals in one place. From HP to Lenovo and Dell, you'll find a lot of popular models at pretty great prices. In addition, Best Buy offers a few different financing options if you use its credit card, so not only can you save big upfront on the purchase, you can also pay it over time without a penalty.

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Much like Best Buy, Newegg offers deals from a wide variety of manufacturers to help make your purchasing decision easier. You can easily compare different models to weigh the benefits and figure out the perfect one for you. Newegg also stands out because it offers accessories and upgrades at no additional cost on select items, so be sure to check them all out and see if anything appeals to you.

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Amazon sells refurbished laptops, but you'll want to do a bit more research and reading before just buying anything you find. You'll want to look at the seller who is selling them, and ideally purchase ones that are sold and shipped by Amazon. With the ability for people to easily sell through Amazon, you'll want to make sure you aren't buying something that some random guy is listing, and instead something from someone reputable.

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Your favorite place?

Do you have a favorite retailer or online shop that you trust and look at when shopping for laptops? If so, be sure to drop a link in the comments.

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