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When it comes to the perfect balance of quality, price, and utility, you can't beat eSun's General purpose resin. The finished prints are strong, smooth, and detailed. Plus, you should be able to get excellent results with whichever printer you use.

Our pick

eSUN General Purpose Photopolymer Resin

Amazing prints

The eSun General purpose resin has made an almost perfect print every time we've used it. It's easy to dial in, and for 500ml, the price is great too.

Who should buy eSun resin?

eSun general-purpose resin is, as the name implies, a general-purpose material for 3D printing using an SLA/DLP printer. It's can be used to print cosmetic models — D&D miniatures look awesome in it — or used to make more mechanical prints, like replacement parts or prototypes.

Unless you have a very specific use case for your resin — metal casting for example — then the general purpose resin is a great choice for all your needs.

Is it a good time to buy eSun resin?

With the cost of SLA/DLP printer reducing in price almost weekly and companies like AnyCubic making reliable and cheap printers like the Photon, there has never been a better time to get into resin printing.

Reasons to buy

  • Great price
  • Even coloring
  • Prints smoothly
  • Bottle is airtight

Reasons not to buy

  • Not great for certain uses

General-purpose means just that.

Note: These resins were all printed with the AnyCubic Photon and they all printed the Tower of Orthanc by einteinfsx. This was to ensure only the resin quality was a factor in our choice.

Did you know it's possible to print dentures using a 3D printer? I didn't. You can also get special wax-like resins that can be used to make molds for metal casting. These specialty resins are amazing, fascinating, expensive, and well beyond the scope of me, and most likely, you.

Everything seems just right with the eSun general-purpose resin, like a Goldilocks of resins

Most of us want a resin that will let us make cool models to show to our friends, or maybe to make miniatures for board games or tabletop RPG's. Some of us might like to use our 3D printers to rapidly prototype the awesome ideas we've had in our heads. For all those mundane use cases, a general purpose resin is what's needed.

The general-purpose resin from eSun is perfect for those of us who want to try many different applications of printing, as opposed to drilling down into something specific. With it's high tolerance to heat variances and seemingly magical ability to bring out details even when it's overexposed, it gives you a chance to experiment without every print failing spectacularly.

No huge surprises when printing

Everything seems just right with the eSun general-purpose resin, like a Goldilocks of resins. The color is even throughout — something a lot of resins really struggle with unless you shake them for hours — and when the print is cured, the black resin I have been using has a lovely matte finish that makes it great for painting.

The last little detail that I love is that the eSun comes in a metal, airtight bottle. This may not seem like much but the bottle is easy to warm up if the weather is a little cold, it's easy to wipe away excess resin that may spill, and it just looks better on a shelf than the normal plastic ones. I like a little bit of style in my mundane objects.

Alternatives to the eSun general-purpose resin

While the eSun is our pick for best resin, there are alternatives out there. Some offer more resin at a good price and some offer similar results at a lower price. Here are two of our favorites.

Bulk buy

AnyCubic UV sensitive resin 1 Litre

The more the merrier!

Not only do AnyCubic make excellent 3D printers, but they also make great resin. If you can afford the price tag and want more resin to play with, the AnyCubic stuff is an excellent choice.

When I first got my Photon DLP 3D printer it came with a 500ml bottle of AnyCubic resin and I loved it straight away. The transparent, almost glass-like quality was mesmerizing, but the bottle was only 500ml, and I wasted a lot of it learning how to use the printer. AnyCubic sells its resins in one-liter bottles too though, so I snagged one to keep me going. If you have a little extra money it pays to buy in bulk.

Budget friendly

ELEGOO 3D Rapid Resin

Cheap and cheerful

Elegoo is the cheapest resin out there and while it is significantly cheaper than the eSun the quality is also a little lacking. Buy this is you plan to paint your models or if you don't need huge detail.

The biggest advantage in FDM printing — using filament plastic not liquid — is that the material to print stuff is so cheap. You can pick up a 1KG roll of filament on the cheap in a lot of cases. Resin though is normally much more expensive. Elegoo however, has a line of affordable, but basic resins you can use to scratch the printing itch.

Bottom line

I love the eSun brand. Its PLA and its resins are great at what they do, and they do it for a price that doesn't break the bank. The general purpose resin lets me try multiple different 3D printing techniques, and is very forgiving when I make mistakes.

If you are looking for an all-rounder, a filament that makes your life a little easier, then look no further, the eSun is for you.

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