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Best router for Spectrum 2022

Spectrum is a multimedia TV, phone, and internet service provider. It offers a variety of broadband speeds and throws in a compatible modem free of charge, but without a router, you'll have no access to Wi-Fi. You can pay a $5 monthly fee to rent one from Spectrum, or you are welcome to install your own. Our roundup of the best routers for Spectrum spans a range of budgets, and the routers are yours to keep forever.

Choosing the best router for Spectrum

Spectrum offers internet connectivity up to 1Gbps, and its modems are included free of charge, so you can save money by passing on combination modem-router units. Our best overall choice of the ASUS RT-AX58U covers you for any ISP since its compatibility reaches further than just Spectrum, and its fantastic feature set justifies the asking price.

Even on the budget end of the scale, the Archer A7 from TP-Link performs admirably and will save you money after as little as a year. Perfect if you're unsure about which ISP to stick with since Spectrum has ditched annual contracts, and the $5 monthly fee would soon match the cost of the best budget routers available today.

Ben Wilson
Freelance Writer

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