Best PC Simulation Games 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator Tbm Snow
Microsoft Flight Simulator Tbm Snow (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The best PC simulation games let you become absorbed in an experience outside your normal wheelhouse, whether that means you learn how to fly myriad aircraft, transport goods across Europe, plan a city, control a border, or race the fastest cars in the world. This is one of the most encompassing genres out there, so we undoubtedly missed a few favorites, but these are guaranteed to give you an awesome experience.

If we're making some suggestions

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Any of these picks for best PC simulation games will make a great addition to your library, but there are a couple we can't stop playing. Microsoft's Flight Simulator is an astounding achievement, bringing photo-realistic graphics, detailed aircraft, and satellite data to deliver a literal world of content. Whether or not you fancy yourself a flight enthusiast, this game is a whole lot of fun with unending content. That's especially true when you consider the best Flight Simulator mods and add-ons that up the overall experience. It takes a beefy PC to run, so be sure to check out our pick for best pre-built computer for Microsoft Flight Simulator if your rig isn't quite up to the task.

We've also had a grand time simulating the rise of a medieval dynasty, as evidenced in our Crusader Kings 3 review. Paradox really knows how to create a strategy game, and the latest from the CK franchise makes it easier than ever before to start playing. The game looks better than ever, there have been a bunch of improvements to mechanics behind the scenes, and it's still ready to give you endless hours of content as you try and try again to marry, stab, and poison your way to European royalty.

If these games aren't quite what you're looking for, do be sure to have a look at our overall best PC games roundup.

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