A solid state drive offers the perfect solution for storing your personal files safely. Not only are they much quicker and smaller than hard disc drives, but they're also way more dependable. The only downside can be the cost, as SSDs tend to be a bit more expensive than HDDs. Buying when a deal is available could end up saving you a huge wad of cash.

Best SSD Deals Available Now

Samsung T7 Touch Portable Ssd HeroSource: Samsung

There are a few different kinds of SSDs to consider when you're looking for a deal: internal SSDs which you install inside your computer and external SSDs that you can plug into various computers and use on-the-go. For those who choose to go with an internal SSD, you'll have to pick between a SATA or NVMe model. While NVMe is typically a faster (and pricier option), you'll want to be sure you're choosing the right option for your computer's setup. Some computers aren't internally suitable for NVMe SSDs without some sort of adapter so you'll want to keep that in mind when placing an order.

Coming across excellent SSD deals can be tough if you don't know where to start looking. Luckily, we've done all the leg work for you. Below you'll find the best SSD deals and sales on internal and external models that are available this week; be sure to check back later if you don't see an offer that's enticing enough just yet, as we'll be keeping this guide regularly updated.

Best internal SSD deals

Samsung 860 Evo 1tb Internal Sata Ssd

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB Internal SATA Solid State Drive | $6 off

Pick up the 500GB SSD by Samsung today at Amazon. It's compatible with SATA 6 Gb/s, 3 Gb/s and 1.5 Gb/s interfaces. This model features up to 550MB/s read and 520MB/s write speeds.

$73.95 at Amazon
Sandisk Ultra 1tb Nvme Ssd

SanDisk Ultra 1TB Internal PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe) Solid State Drive | $40 off

Snag the SanDisk Ultra 1TB Internal NVMe SSD on sale at Best Buy. This SSD offers sequential write speeds up to 1,950MB/s and up to 2,400MB/s read speed for fast booting and quick data transfers. Plus, it's designed with an optimal thermal design to keep it cool even during intense use.

$99.99 at Best Buy
Silicon Power 1tb

Silicon Power 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD | $17 off

The Silicon Power brand is a unique way to get inexpensive but super fast NVMe M.2 speeds without breaking the bank. Install this on a motherboa3rd with a compatible M.2 connector. The drive has read and write speeds of 3,400 MB/s and 3,000 MB/s respectively.

$102.99 at Amazon
Samsung 860 Evo 1tb Internal Sata Ssd

Samsung 870 EVO 1TB Internal SATA Solid State Drive | $10 off

This 1TB model of Samsung's 870 EVO Internal SATA SSD features a SATA III interface with data transfer rates up to 560MB/s. Today's deal saves you $15 off at Amazon for a limited time.

$119.99 at Amazon
Samsung 970 Evo Plus Ssd 1tb

Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD 1TB | $20 off at Amazon

Samsung's 970 EVO Plus SSD is powered by V-NAND technology and features enhanced bandwidth, low latency, and read speeds up to 3,500MB/s. Its Dynamic Thrmal Guard works to maintain optimal operating temperatures no matter if you're gaming, content creating, or streaming video in 4K.

$158.09 at Amazon
Samsung 980 Pro 1tb Gaming Ssd

Samsung 980 PRO 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 Internal Gaming SSD

Samsung's 980 PRO 1TB Internal Gaming SSD is now discounted by $30 at Amazon for a limited time! This model delivers read speeds up to 7,000 MB/s and is designed for gamers and content creators performing resource-heavy tasks like video editing or music production.

$199.99 at Amazon
Wd Black Sn750 Internal Ssd Nvme

WD WD_BLACK SN750 NVMe 2TB Internal PCI Express 3.0 x4 Solid State Drive | $19 off

The WD_Black SN750 1TB Internal SSD is an NVMe model that you can plug directly into the motherboard without needing extra cabling. It allows for data transfer rates up to 3,470MB/s.

$331.44 at Amazon

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Best external SSD deals

Sandisk Extreme Portable Ssd

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD | $15 off

Amazon has the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD on sale today at up to $160 off. This deal is valid on the 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB models. This SSD offers NVMe performance with read speeds up to 1050MB/s and write speeds up to 1000MB/s.

$84.99 at Amazon
Samsung Portable T5 Ssd

Samsung T5 Portable SSD 1TB | $10 off

Save $20 on this 1TB Samsung T5 Portable SSD today at Amazon. This model offers data transfer speeds up to 540MB/s and features a shock-resistant metal casing that works to keep your data safe. There's also a 2TB model available for $229 currently.

$119.99 at Amazon
Wd My Passport Go Ssd

WD 1TB My Passport Go SSD Portable External Storage

Your data's protected with the WD 1TB My Passport Go. This external SSD is built into a drop-resistant case that has a rubber bumper and works 2.5 times faster than most portable hard drives. It offers speeds up to 400MB/s.

$139.99 at Amazon
Wd My Passport Ssd

WD 1TB My Passport SSD External Portable Drive | $147.99 at Amazon

Save $60 on the WD My Passport External SSD for a limited time at Amazon. This USB-C model is built inside a drop-resistant case and features accelerated performance with read speeds up to 1,050MB/s and write speeds up to 1,000MB/s.

$147.99 at Amazon
Samsung T7 Touch Portable Ssd

Samsung Portable T7 Touch 1TB External Portable Solid State Drive

The Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD is now available at a $50 discount via Amazon! This 1TB SSD features a USB 3.1 Type C hardware interface and offers read and write speeds up to 1,050MB/s. Different capacity models are on sale today as well.

$189.99 at Amazon

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