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Desks make for excellent workstations because they give us a large amount of space that we can use, but they can become overrun with clutter. Thankfully, there are different storage solutions out there that can help you keep your desk neat and tidy. Because there are so many, though it's hard to choose a favorite. In the end, however, we feel that the SimpleHouseware Organizer Tray is the best choice since it offers plenty of storage space and a durable build for a good price.

Best Overall: SimpleHouseware Organizer Tray

All in all, the SimpleHouseware Organizer Tray is the best option on this list because its six-tray design offers a significant amount of storage space for files, folders, and papers. In addition, the bottom part of it is larger than the other trays and can be used to store books and thicker folders, though binders aren't going to fit too well. Even so, the amount of space you get here is fantastic, and the fact that it's designed out of metal means its durable, too.


  • Plenty of space for papers and files
  • Durable metal design
  • Bonus bottom slot for larger objects


  • Not good for binders

Best Overall

SimpleHouseware Organizer Tray

Stack 'em up

This six-tray solution from SimpleHouseware offers a ton of space and a durable build, making it our favorite pick.

Best for Small Items: AmazonBasics Mesh Organizer

This nifty little mesh basket from AmazonBasics offers seven small compartments and a mini-drawer, making it an awesome choice if you're looking to specifically keep writing utencils, office tools, and other small items off your desk. The metal mesh design makes it resistant to damage too, and the low price makes it incredibly affordable. Unfortunately, the size of the compartments don't make it ideal if you want to stow away larger items.


  • Lots of space for small items
  • Metal design makes it durable
  • Very affordable


  • Can't fit larger items

Best for Small Items

AmazonBasics Mesh Organizer

Big value, small package

This AmazonBasics basket is perfect for keeping small items off your desk.

Best Drawers: STERILITE Drawer Organizer 2-Pack

This set of two triple-drawer towers from STERILITE gives you a ton of storage space that can fit plenty of small and medium sized objects such as writing tools, office supplies, and electronics, though papers and folders won't fit. In addition, you can stack them on top of each other and the top one remains stable, giving you the option to go fully vertical with them if you want instead of having to keep the two sets of drawers separate. The hard plastic means it won't be as durable, but that isn't really a problem.


  • Lots of space for small and medium items
  • Can be vertically stacked


  • Not great for papers, folders, or binders
  • Hard plastic not as durable

Best Drawers

STERILITE Drawer Organizer 2-Pack

Double-triple stack

This set of drawers will give you all the space you'll ever need to manage small and medium-sized office supplies.

Best for Large Items: eMerit Desktop Organizer

The eMerit Desktop Organizer is a fantastic choice if you're looking to keep large items, such as books and binders, out of the way. Its four huge shelves can each hold up to three large items (or a ton of folders) and the organizer itself is constructed out of durable wood, making it near-impossible for you to break.


  • Plenty of space for large items
  • Four shelves
  • Wooden frame is durable


  • A bit pricey

Best for Large Items

eMerit Desktop Organizer

For the big ones

eMerit's organizer is built well and has tons of space for large items, making it a great solution for books and binders.

Best Monitor-Style: WELL WENG Bamboo Monitor Riser

If you want something that can double as a monitor stand, the WELL WENG Bamboo Monitor Riser is a great choice. Not only is there room for a monitor on the top, there's also a second shelf just below it that can hold a laptop, game console, or other large item. In addition, the compartments on the side can hold anything from small office supplies to medium-sized novels and game cases depending on whether or not you use the removable wedges. Finally, the whole thing is made out of sturdy bamboo, making it very durable.


  • Good amount of space overall
  • Monitor stand surface
  • Incredibly durable build


  • A little pricey
  • Not as much storage space as other options

Best Monitor-Style

WELL WENG Bamboo Monitor Riser

Hold that screen

This awesome bamboo monitor riser doubles as a solid storage solution, and its extremely durable to boot.

Best Maximum Capacity: Ikee Large Wooden Desktop Organizer

Featuring four roomy drawers, four large external compartments, and one cubby hole, this desktop organizer is without a doubt the option to pick if you're looking for the most space possible. Everything from scissors to potted plants can be placed or stored on this behemoth of a desk organizer, and its wooden build makes it sturdy enough to hold it all with ease. It's very expensive, but it's worth it if you want maximum organizational capabilities.


  • Huge amount of space
  • Durable wooden build
  • Can store items large and small


  • Most expensive

Best Maximum Capacity

Ikee Large Wooden Desktop Organizer

Room for everything

If you're looking for the most space possible, this huge organizer is right up your alley.

Best for Kids: Leven Desk Organizer

If your little one needs something to keep their desk neat and tidy with, check out Leven's offering. It's got three folder compartments and four smaller ones on the front of the organizer that fit pencils, pens, erasers, glue sticks, and other types of school supplies perfectly. Plus, it has a bright blue color, too, which they'll be sure to love.


  • Great for school supplies
  • Blue color kids will like
  • Pretty affordable


  • Not as much room as other options

Best for Kids

Leven Desk Organizer

For the little ones

If your child needs an organizer to help them keep their desk in order, this affordable option from Leven will do the job superbly.

Bottom line

Desk organizers are an amazing way to keep your desk free of clutter, which has plenty of benefits. You'll be able to use your desk for work like you want to, and you'll also be able to easily find the things you stored when you need them. It's a win-win scenario.

The market for desktop organization solutions is wide and varied, and each of the options on this list are great in different ways. One of them is sure to appeal to you, no matter what you're looking for. In the end, though, we think that the best overall choice is the SimpleHouseware Organizer Tray, as it offers a ton of space for files and folders in a sturdy metal frame and for a good price. While some people will want something larger so they can store larger items like books and binders, most people will get what they need from this tray.

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