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Best Black Friday Surface accessories to watch Windows Central 2020

Whether you have a Surface Pro, Surface Laptop 13.5, Surface Book 13.5, Surface Go, or the Surface Pro X you may need some accessories, bags, power, protection, and more to maximize its value. This list is all the things I use and recommend for Surface users, especially those who are traveling. Whether you need a good bag or a power bank to charge on the go, these are the best accessories you should get. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming, these are the things you should watch to go on sale.

Perfect fit: Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag

The Brenthaven Collins Vertical Messenger Bag has been in my collection for a few years now for a good reason. It's made specifically for Surface devices (13.5-inch or smaller) with unique pockets for the Surface Pen and even one for the ARC mouse. The Brenthaven Collins is a straightforward day bag for carrying around your device, maybe a charger, some papers, and a magazine. Perfect for students, as your carryon for an airplane, or hopping between meetings. This bag has been around for a year now so we should see some discounts from Microsoft soon.

$70 at Microsoft

Premium packing: Waterfield Designs Tech Folio Plus

Waterfield Designs makes premium, hand-crafted bags in San Francisco with excellent warranties. The Tech Folio Plus is a dream for packrats as it has 16 pockets and pouches. This bag is perfect for those who need to carry around adapters, power banks, cables, pens, hubs, SD cards, and other smaller bits that need to be organized. Unfortunately, Waterfield rarely runs sales, but if they do look for something like free shipping or general discount coupons to apply during checkout.

Start at $150 at SFBags

Modern charging: Surface Connect to USB-C cable

With the rise of Type-C as a connector for chargers, there's an increasing need for Type-C to Surface Connect cables. Sure, you could now charge by Type-C directly, but that means sacrificing a port while your Surface Connect one does nothing. With this low-cost cable for Surface, you can charge your device using new power banks and wall chargers, making it a must-have purchase for the modern world. Cables are always dropping in price, and Amazon is likely to have to discount these soon.

$15 at Amazon

Teeny plug: RAVPower 45W PD USB-C Charger

This 45-watt Type-C charger is one of the smallest on the market. With folding prongs, smart sensor technology, and detection of your device, you can use rapid charge quickly while not taking a lot of space. The RAVPower is an excellent charger for a day bag with a Type-C to Surface Connect cable (required), but it can also be used for your smartphone, and it is perfect in a pinch. RAVPower is a significant seller on Amazon with frequent discount coupons - look for them on our sister site

$30 at Amazon

Port expander: Uni 8-in-1 USB C Hub

There are a lot of Type-C hubs on the market, but this one from Uni has the most. There are three USB A ports (two are 3.0), SD and micro SD readers, HDMI 1.4, Ethernet, and USB C Power Delivery up to 100 watts. While there are cheaper hubs out there, the 100-watt Type-C charging is a rarity. Not only can you charge your Surface with a powerful Type-C charger, but you can also power and recharge other devices with the extra capacity. Things like 1Gbps Ethernet and card readers are a bonus, as is that protective rubber cover (which can come off). Uni is a well-known brand on Amazon, so look for discount coupons or sales on our sister site

$46 at Amazon

SuperTank: Zendure Power Bank

The Zendure "SuperTank" is a monster of a battery. It's 27,000 mAh or 99WHr – the most massive battery you can take with you on a plane. It has two Type-C ports, with one being 60 watts and the other 100 watts for output (you'll need that Type-C to Surface Connect cable). There are also two Type-A ports, with one being a Quick Charge 15W. The total output is 138 watts, which is enough rapid charging for two devices at the same time. While it's a brick, it's a powerful one.

$150 at Amazon

Custom charging: BatPower Power Bank for Surface

The BatPower is a unique portable battery in that it is made for Surface devices. The included Surface Connect cable is a barrel charger connector, and with it, the BatPower can put out 90 watts, which is enough even for a Surface Book 2. With a capacity of 98WHr (26,800 mAh), it can recharge a Surface Pro at least one time in full. The slim smooth design makes it very easy to slip into a bag too. Prices have been going up for the BatPower, but expect some steep discounts between Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon.

$130 at Amazon

Portable pointer: Microsoft ARC Mouse

While there are better performing portable mice, none are as slim and portable as Microsoft's ARC series. The ability to lay completely flat, which also turns the mouse off, is one of the most ingenious designs yet. This mouse is perfect for when you need a mouse on occasion, but don't need super high precision either. The price is reasonable, and you also get a choice of colors. Both Microsoft and Amazon frequently run sales on this mouse, dropping the price to as low as $50.

$65 at Amazon

Protect your PC: dbrand Surface skins

Putting a case on your Surface is one way to protect it, but a dbrand skin is cheaper and won't make your Surface bulkier. Dbrand makes a vast assortment of color combination, and skin types for all Surface devices, letting you mix and match to you find what you want. They even sell Microsoft logo skins that add red, green, yellow, and blue for $1. If you want a simple way to spice up your Surface while adding scratch protecting dbrand is your best bet. It's rare for dbrand to have a sale per se, but look for discount coupons to save 10 percent or get free shipping on your order.

Starting at $1 at dbrand

Which one of my favorites do you like?

These are all great accessories for any of the Surface devices from Microsoft (or even some regular Ultrabooks, too). If I had to pick just a few of my favorite things that I use all the time, one would be that Brenthaven bag, which always garners compliments from people. It's also just convenient.

I also really recommend the combination of that Type-C to Surface Connect cable and RAVPower wall charger. When used together you get the smallest, lightest, and slimmest charging solution for your Surface. Both also fit in that Brenthaven bag, making it an excellent light-travel package.

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