Best Under Desk Footrests For Your Office 2022

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You might not know this, but using a footrest under your desk might be the best thing you ever do. Raising your feet off the floor is a more comfortable way to sit, but has other benefits, too, including helping you adopt a good posture.

Be comfy and healthy

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The comfort and health benefits of using a footrest make one a valuable purchase for your office space at home or work. It doesn't have to be expensive, and if you're looking for something to raise your feet either the Fellowes or AmazonBasics are an excellent choice.

Both have dimpled surfaces to massage your feet, which isn't just a nice feeling but helps promote better circulation, all while you work. The AmazonBasics even allows you to do some fundamental exercises while you sit.

If you want something a little more lavish, or that can also be used as a chair from time to time, why not splurge on the NEO Chair Captain America footrest. The license is official, so this isn't just some knock-off product. And who doesn't want a little bit of Cap in their daily lives?

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