Best of WMExperts Week 4-11-08

It's been multimedia mayhem this week at WMExperts. Check it out:

  • We had a video review of Guitar Hero III Mobile. Be sure to check the comment by jhoff80 for a sweet tip that eliminates our biggest gripe about the game.
  • A Video Hands-On with the Alltel version of the Touch. We always tell you the devil is in the details when you're checking out a Windows Mobile phone; Alltel and HTC got the details on this phone exactly right.
  • Yet another video, this time of Android running on top of Windows Mobile. Crazy!
  • We told you what the deal really is with that camera on the back of your phone. More to the point, we gave you tips for making your shots better.
  • Not one, but two podcasts - our regular one where we hit up the details on Windows Mobile 6.1 and a bonus BlackBerry Enterprise vs. Microsoft Enterprise Smackdown.
  • And finally, we talked Multimedia Messaging Services - turns out that Sprint does, in fact, intend to finally get MMS working on their Windows Mobile devices.

Also, you may have noticed a couple of changes up top: we cleaned up the header a bit and moved that search field to a better spot, plus we added the ability to get WMExperts pushed out to you in a myriad of ways. Heck, as long as we're opening up the firehose, check out all the ways you can get your WME Fix:

And as long as we're talking to you, we want you to talk to us, hey?

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