Indie game The Big Con releases on Xbox Series X|S and PC later this summer

The Big Con Screenshot
The Big Con Screenshot (Image credit: Skybound Games)

What you need to know

  • The Big Con is an upcoming comedic narrative adventure game from Mighty Yell and Skybound Games.
  • Recently shown off during an ID@Xbox games showcase, The Big Con officially has a release window.
  • The Big Con is heading to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC in Summer 2021, and can be wishlisted now on Steam.
  • There's also a new trailer of The Big Con to check out, which showcases what the game is about.

Thanks to the extensive ID@Xbox program at Microsoft, Xbox consoles have become a haven for indie developers to showcase their brilliant and creative games. One of the upcoming indie games heading to the platform is The Big Con, which was most recently shown off at the March ID@Xbox games showcase. Today, Mighty Yell and Skybound Games have released a brand-new trailer for The Big Con, and revealed that the comedic narrative adventure game is heading to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC sometime in Summer 2021.

The Big Con stars Ali, a teenager who is attempting to save her family's store by any means necessary, which ultimately equates to a cross-country con spree involving tons of shenanigans, puzzles, exploration, and more. Con your way to your goals, don silly disguises, meet a quirky cast of characters, and keep in touch with your mom as you try to save her store.

The Big Con may not be a "AAA" game like those that fill our list of best games on Xbox, but it may still scratch that particular itch that only creative and experimental indie games can. The Big Con is heading to Xbox consoles and PC later this year, and can now be wishlisted on Steam. You can check out the new trailer above, or enjoy some screenshots of The Big Con below.

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