Latest Microsoft Launcher beta update for Android brings new features and changes

Microsoft is rolling out a brand new update to its official Android launcher for those in the beta program that introduces a whole bunch of new changes and features. Today's release bumps the version number to 4.3, and includes the following new changes:

  • App grid options: Support for 12X12 grid layout and half grid granularity.
  • New user experience: Migration from other launchers and backup / restore on welcome page.
  • Drag/drop apps do not enter edit mode.
  • Some UI adjustments: App title font display and folder icon/shape edit, dock support for more than 5 apps, search bar default to bottom. theme support for settings page, and settings page restructure.
  • General crash and bug fixes.

This is a pretty big update for the Microsoft Launcher, adding some highly requested and much needed features. Being able to pin more than five apps to the dock is a great addition, as well as being able to adjust how many icons are in a row or column on the home screen.

You can grab this update from the Play Store now if you're enrolled in the Microsoft Launcher beta! If you aren't a beta tester but are interested in becoming one, make sure you sign up.

See at Play Store

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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