Bike Blast Run, a two-wheeled endless runner for Windows Phone

It is hard to visit the Windows Phone Store and not bump into an endless runner game. Bike Blast Run is one such offering that puts you behind the handlebars of a BMX bicycle to duck and dodge a wide assortment of dangers.

Designed in the spirit of Subway Surfers, you guide your character through heavy traffic, construction zones and more to collect coins and avoid crashing. Graphics colorful and animations will have you leaning with your bike rider. Gameplay falls in line with similar endless runners and overall, Bike Blast Run is an entertaining game to lose track of time with.

Bike Blast Run greets you with a brief tutorial on gameplay that covers the basic maneuvers you will need to master. They include the customary swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide and swipe left or right to move in that direction. You also have tap features that will appear from time to time such as tapping to speed up for jumps that could result in transitioning from your bike to a hang glider in mid-jump.

Bike Blast Run

Once you crash and burn in the tutorial, the game will shift to a more proper main menu that holds options to view your gaming missions, view the riders available to unlock and use, access your gaming shop and access the game's settings. Settings are minimal with options to mute the gaming sounds, contact the developer and view the game's privacy policy.

Bike Blast Run has seven characters and seven BMX bikes to unlock. You will also find a host of power-ups to help you survive your ride available in the gaming store. These power-ups include the likes of a magnetic helmet to collect more coins and helmet to protect you from crashes.

Bikes, riders and power-ups will cost you a few coins that are earned during gameplay. If you feel the need, you can get a jump on things and purchase bags of coins through in-app purchases.

Bike Blast Run

The missions include a large number of goal-oriented tasks. These include double-jumping a number of times, score a set amount of points, collect a set number of coins and more.

The object of Bike Blast Run is simple. Ride your bike as far as possible, collecting coins along the way and do not crash into anything. You race down a three-lane path, moving your bike left or right to avoid some danger, jumping over or sliding under other dangers.

You will find yourself weaving through a parade of buses, jumping over construction barricades, jumping over cars and running through construction pipes. You can jump on top of overpasses and will find an assortment of power-ups scattered along the endless course.

Bike Blast Run

To help keep things interesting, you can perform some bike stunts while a jumping and sliding, there are a few bike rails to glide on and with special jumps you can transition from the bicycle to a hang glider. You can even catch a ride on a helicopter to help you avoid traffic.

Gameplay will keep you on your toes and requires your undivided attention. One second you will be sliding under a barricade, then face an oncoming bus then have to avoid a parked car. Look away from the game for just a second and you will find your bike rider splattered against a mini-van.

Overall Impressions

Bike Blast Run is from the same development group behind Angry Gran Run and shares that Windows Phone game's challenging gameplay and colorful graphics. Sure, it does have a strong resemblance to Subway Surfers but enough differences to allow the game to stand on its own.

The free game is full of fast-paced challenges but isn't overly complicated or frustrating. I can see Bike Blast Run being an entertaining game to help you pass short bits of time with or for the times you need to lose track of time with a game.

Bike Blast Run does have ad support and in-app purchase opportunities. Pick up any of the in-app purchase items and the ad support will vanish.

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