Bing News and Translator get small updates today for Windows Phone

Earlier this week we saw the refresh of Bing apps for Windows Phone, including News, Weather, Finance and more. Those were rather large updates as they brought account syncing and sharing options, making the Bing apps infinitely more useful for everyday use.

Today, Bing News had an update, in fact, if you open up the app you may even get an alert telling you as much – a neat little feature.

If you head to the Store, you’ll see that version of of News is now available. We’re not finding any new features, though it does feel zippier (insert joke) and seeing as it’s following on the heels of this week’s big update, we’re guessing ‘bug fixes’. Some users have reported crashing issues, so this may be a rapid fix for that. Regardless, make sure you’re up to date as it’s a swell app.

Pick up of Bing News here or scan the QR below.

Bing Translator

Bing Translator was left out of the ‘refresh’ this week and we even forgot to mention it. That’s a shame as it too is a supremely well-crafted app, that is happens to also be very useful.

Translator is still not part of the ‘3.0’ series that other Bing apps are a part of, but today, version 2.9 has hit the Store and it has a generous changelog:

  • Camera translation for Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish
  • Offline translation for Polish and Turkish
  • Online translation for Maltese and Welsh
  • Wide live tile

Not a bad if you use those language and we suppose a wide live tile was well overdue.

Pick up Bing Translator 2.9 here in the Store or scan the QR below.

Daniel Rubino

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