Bing Pulse real-time polling tools are now Microsoft Pulse real-time polling tools

Bing Pulse, the real-time polling tools that Microsoft first announced over a year ago, is ditching the Bing brand name and will now be called Microsoft Pulse. The company also announced a number of new features that have been added to the tools.

Since it first launched, Bing Tools have been used by media outlets like CNN, Fox News and others to collect real-time viewer polling and feedback on a wide variety of news events and topics. Under its new Microsoft Pulse branding, the company stated that the tools have been integrated with other Microsoft products and services, including OneNote, Skype for Business and more.

Here are some of the new features that have been added to Microsoft Pulse:

Pulse for Broadcast

  • Easier integration into broadcast graphics through Pulse's data API
  • Push video content to all viewers' second screens during a live program or commercial breaks, synchronized (or not) with TV advertising
  • Enhanced producer dashboard that gives producers ability to gain audience insights in real-time and push them out through a click-through annotations / shapshot API feature

Pulse for Events & Conferences

  • Flexible API and auto-generated iframes allow easy integration of Pulse into personal event website
  • Use Pusle with up to 10,000 users through Skype for Meeting Broadcast
  • Deeper insight analysis with 1-click data download into Microsoft's business intelligence solutions, like Excel & PowerBI

Pulse for Market Research

  • Fully scalable for researchers to run focus groups of any size, from anywhere in the country
  • With video-push allows researches to conduct remote audience studies and video content rating such as ad or message testing and track responses from various demographics
  • Lowers the cost of market research by eliminating conventional hardware costs and capital requirements

Pulse in the Classroom

  • Allows teachers to know whether students are comprehending lessons in real-time
  • Anonymous voting so students are more inclined to participate
  • Teachers and students can copy a Pulse graph into a OneNote document with one click for sharing and notetaking
  • Video integration and distance learning is now interactive and fun, so teachers can gauge student comprehension whether the student is in the classroom or learning from the other side of the globe

Even with the new name, Microsoft Pulse will still be free to use for anyone to access.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • Who cares. About Pulse, looks like MS is slowly gravitating away from the Bing brand name. I wouldn't be surprised if at some point it was just Cortana.
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  • i have made a sample poll ,
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  • Surface search?
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