Bing pushes 270 terabyte update; maps have never been better

Today, Microsoft announced that Bing would be receiving a collection of new updates including nearly 270 terabytes of Bird’s Eye imagery, along with more venue maps and a new option to report problems.

Bing’s update provided over half a petabyte of Bird’s Eye view data to locations including: Rome, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Milan.

Venue Maps have also received an update so users can easily navigate through malls, airports, parks, and more on Windows Phone or Windows 8 devices. As of now, Bing Venue Maps contains 4,700 locations in 59 countries. New locations with this update include the Singapore Zoo, King’s College, and the city of Las Vegas.

Venue Map Example

I have personally used Venue Maps while navigating the Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island; the service has been a life saver for my sore legs after long treks trying to find a specific store.

Finally, Bing now incorporates an option to report an incorrect citation in their mapping service. Simply click on a point of interest and select the new “Report a problem” button.

Bing continues to improve every day and with Apple’s latest decision to rely solely on Bing for Siri’s web search content, the service is shooting forward.

Do you use Bing or are you still a Googler?

Source: Bing Blogs

Michael Archambault