Bing turns five today, Microsoft celebrates with a look back at its best homepages

Microsoft's Bing search service turns five years old today, and the company is celebrating the event on the website with a look back at some of its more memorable homepage images, along with extras for Bing Rewards members in the U.S.

In a post on the official Bing blog, Microsoft goes over the history of the search site and some of the changes it has made to Bing in the past five years. That includes partnerships with Facebook and Twitter to incorporate messages from their users in Bing search results, creating a touch friendly interface for tablets like the iPad and offering users quick access to specific information within the site via the Snapshot feature.

However, perhaps the most memorable thing about remains its beautiful homepage images that change every day, and on occasion sport some video and interactive elements. In celebration of its 5th anniversary, Microsoft has created a special way to search through all of the site's homepage photos. It includes being able to narrow the search by tags, categories, the regions of the world where the images were taken and more. Microsoft has also launched a contest on the Bing Facebook page where people in the U.S. can submit their own photos for a chance to see gain worldwide fame as one of the daily Bing homepage images.

Also, if you live in the U.S. and are signed up for Bing Rewards, you are getting a special treat today. For today only, those members can get up to 150 points just for searching on the PC version of the site (sorry, mobile users get their normal 10 points per day). In addition, Bing Rewards members who search anytime between now and June 9 will be automatically entered into a drawing for many different prizes, including a Bing Rewards Pack that includes an Xbox One, a 64GB Surface Pro 3, a Nokia Lumia Icon and lots more.

PS If you want the Bing wallpaper in the lede photo, you can follow this link for the whole story and image!

Source: Bing

John Callaham