Kung fu fable 'Biomutant' pushed back to 2019

Biomutant (Image credit: THQ Nordic)

Biomutant is an upcoming open world, post-apocalyptic, kung fu fable. It features anthropomorphic animals in a desperate struggle for survival in a hostile land. Developer Experiment 101 is currently working on the game for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4, but we don't have a release date yet. The title was scheduled to launch in 2018, but it's been delayed by many months.

Aside from releasing a lot of new Xbox One X footage, the developer announced that the game was now targeting a Summer 2019 release. Many gamers thought that it would only be delayed until the early months of 2019, but the game needs much more work. Footage coming in from Gamescom 2018 supports this.

Biomutant features great gameplay, but even in the footage, you can see that there are frame rate stutters. Apart from that, the visuals aren't as polished as they could be. Hopefully the additional time will lead to a better experience. Some of the mechanics are quite complicated. For example, you can alter your appearance and skills if you're exposed to a particular mutagen.

Biomutant is currently available for preorder on Amazon and other retailers. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more about the title or receive a concrete release date. Until then, be sure to gawk at the gorgeous footage showcased today.

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