BlackBerry Storm Announced

The big news in smartphone land today is clearly the official announcement of the BlackBerry Storm. Our pals at have the full rundown of all you need to know. Here's the short version:

It's a touchscreen BlackBerry

Right now you're thinking “Uh, yeah, we knew that.” Point is: despite the large capacitive screen and surprisingly easy typing, there's nothing else really new here. It's is the BBOS that we've never grown fond of here at WMExperts, it has a relatively ho-hum form factor, oh, and it's locked down to Verizon only. It's still a BlackBerry underneath that touchscreen, for good or ill.

...All of which isn't to say we don't think it's a Big Deal and won't pick up some possibly deserved kudos, just we're just saying that it doesn't seem like the breakout, game-changing device some are hoping to come out of Waterloo. Or maybe we're just displacing some bitterness about not being able to get the touchscreen device of our dreams here in the US. You never know, we're not psychologists.

WC Staff