Blair Witch features multiple endings, playthrough lasts up to '6 hours'

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently announced Blair Witch for Xbox One and PC.
  • It's a first-person psychological horror experience that is similar to Layers of Fear.
  • The game features multiple endings and each playthrough lasts "5 to 6 hours."
  • Blair Witch will launch on Xbox Game Pass and is available for $30 through the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

At E3 2019, Microsoft surprised everyone by revealing a game inspired by the Blair Witch Project for Xbox One and PC. Blair Witch is a famous horror film franchise that is considered a cult classic. The game can be preordered for $30 through the Microsoft Store at the moment, but it's also going to be available through Xbox Game Pass on August 30.

Since it's a $30 title, many gamers want to know how long the campaign lasts. Well, it takes between "5 to 6 hours" to complete. However, there's more to the story than meets the eye. According to an interview between Bloober Team's Maciej Glomb and GameWatcher, Blair Witch features multiple endings. You can read a shortened excerpt from the interview below.

According to Maciej Glomb, it will take 'between 5 to 6 hours' for players to finish Blair Witch. Bloober Team was rather optimistic about this take on horror gaming, as the story seems to be written so as to pull the player in more than once... Furthermore, Blair Witch will also have multiple endings to boost this replayability even further. We have no doubt that we're in for a real mind-bender with Blair Witch.

You probably won't be able to get the best ending on your first playthrough because horror games where a supernatural force is hunting you take time to master. It seems like you'll definitely want to play it at least twice because you may miss secrets hidden throughout the world.

Are you excited for Blair Witch? Were you hoping for a longer experience or will you play through it a number of times? Let us know.

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  • Lol welp.. I can't read lol but I'm excited for this. I just hope it lives up to my expectations.
  • I don't understand people's obsession with a game's playtime in hours. Do you want every game to be 100+ hours? Do you actually play 100+ hours of every game that you buy? I bet statistics show that most people just play less than 10 hours for most games and move on to the next game. With such a staggering amount of good games to play, it's better to have solid but shorter experiences to enjoy then move to the next game.
    Also, players demanding every game to be AAA, open-world, infinite, 200+ hours in campaign, etc, it's part of a culture of voracious, insatiable consumption and entitlement that's making game industry a ruthless place with no room for creativity or FUN.
  • I hear you, but I think it also should determine price. If I get 200 hours from a $60 game, should I pay $20 for a 20 hour one? How about a less than 10 hour one? I understand a minimum price, but let's look at value as well. I love long games even though they take me months to finish. I do appreciate short ones as well.
  • Or think about people who can't constantly buy shorter games at the same price as the longer ones
  • At least they aren't charging $60 for a short play time. Multiple endings are nice, but how many people are going to play through more than twice?
  • Resi 2 remake took me 5 hours to complete. Yet that got exceptional reviews. Watch Blair Witch get poor reviews down to the length of the game. All because it's not on a certain other console.