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  • Blizzard Entertainment has teased the release date of the next Overwatch hero, Echo, in an image on Twitter.
  • The image contains the date of 3/23, suggesting that Echo will release this month on March 23.

This story has been updated to reflect that Echo is the next Overwatch hero, as per the official reveal.

Blizzard Entertainment has teased the release date for the next Overwatch hero, Echo, in a lore image post on Twitter. The image is of a cargo manifest file that lists its cargo as "Echo" and that the cargo is being delivered to a location abbreviated as "KDMA" on March 23. We don't know what "KDMA" is supposed to signify just yet, but the date of March 23 strongly suggests that Echo will release on that date based on past times where a date has been included in images like this in the past.

It's clear that the post is in relation to Echo; aside from the fact that her name is on the manifest, the image also has a picture of the package she was in during the animated short "Reunion" that came out a little over a year ago. On top of this, the image was posted just before Echo's official reveal as well.

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What do you think of Echo being the new hero? Do you think she'll be a fun character to play as? What do you think some of her abilities will be? Let me know down below.

Overwatch 2 doesn't have a release date yet, but the original Overwatch is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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