Blue and Call of Duty Xbox 360 bundles coming this fall

Sure, the Xbox One might be the current king of the Microsoft gaming console ecosystem, but that doesn't mean the older and thus cheaper Xbox 360 can't also get some love. And some love it is getting, with new bundles hitting shelves for this holiday season.

First up is the "500GB Holiday Value Bundle", which not only includes a 500GB Xbox 360 and a month of Xbox Live Gold, but also throws in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Black Ops II for $249.

And if you go for the Walmart shopping experience instead, they have an exclusive "Special Edition Blue Bundle," which consists of an all-blue Xbox 360 console and controller… in addition to the 500GB capacity and Call of Duty games from the Holiday Value Bundle.

There's also a $249 Kinect Bundle exclusive to Target, which includes a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect Adventures, Sports, and Forza Horizon, and, of course, a motion-tracking depth-sensing Kinect module.

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

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  • Bought. I love this.
  • That blue.
  • looks awesome
  • Damn this 360 looks awesome.
  • The only problem is the new consoles don't have a digital audio out, they rely on hdmi pass through... Which my receiver doesn't support. So no matching 360 for my One, once I get it.
  • Black Ops 2? The game that forever got me off the COD bandwagon?
  • Cod really lost the ball. Is killzone and battlefield for me, they know how to treat costumers unlike cod
  • They know how to treat customers unlike cod? What does that even mean? Battlefield was horseshit. I like bf4 but in no way do I ever feel like I get treated some kinda way.
  • This. EA is the devil
  • I liked BF as well but it didn't really compare to CoD... I had some good times with BO II. Now I'm saving up to buy me the PS4 when the new CoD Advanced Warfare comes out.
  • True bf was released quite early. But the game is a masterpiece, is real battle, cod is...well, just cod, kids stuff
  • And Killzone shadow fall is another masterpiece with a lot of work and support don't on it too
  • I like both the cod and battlefield series, haven't played ghosts or bf4 much yet though... I love Cod for its quick reaction, very competitive, play for yourself type of play, which is great when you are playing games alone, or split screen. Battlefield on the other hand is so much fun as a result of the much more realistic way you run, climb, and the shooting is much more difficult as a result of recoil, but it can be a ton of fun if you have the right party, or if you and your friends are all working together in a squad. They really aren't comparable at all, they are for two totally different style of gameplay. COD is a frenzy, BF is more tactical, and strategic.
  • You know to play bf, you know how to play fps's. And that is proven when cod fans try bf and start coding and hating. I don't like cod anymore after the awesome cod2 and 4. I was one of the best on 2 and really liked and played 4 but now... Now in just disappointed in how it is ruined by both the debs and the players
  • You contradict your own argument when you mention freaking Killzone..
  • Pardon? #killzoneawesomeness
  • Bro ? Black ops 2 was one of The Best Games of The series . The mp was tun and The campaign was so ironic and funny xD . Treyarch did a good job there . And it looked great too though .
    Ghosts was more the one who completed the rape marathon starting with mw 3.
    Hope we can all agree mw 2 was the best
  • Loved MW2, but I always liked the WWII Call of Duty games. I wish they would make another one.
  • We just figured out Blue's Clues, cause we're really smart!
  • ..............No.
  • Yes.
  • I love this.
  • Maaaaaaaaaail time!!!!!
  • Just let it happen.
  • That blue is sweet! Now if only they could make the One in that color and figure out how to support old games, then I'll upgrade ASAP.
  • So cheap!!!!! Great!
  • Now I want an Xbox One in that blue. Soooo puuurdy!
  • Is it just me or does it seem that Microsoft's not "all in" on the XBox One yet?  Did they make new bundles like this for the original XBox when the 360 came out?
  • They didn't say the original Xbox would be supported for years after the 360 came out.
  • 360 has 3 more years of support. And Xbox One has more variations this coming holiday more than 360 had its first years
  • I'd be shocked on 3 years....Maybe another 8-12 months (remember we are almost a year into the release of the xbox one) but, not too much more.. So by the end of next Summer, you'll start seeing it drying up... It's not MS that makes all the games it's the 3rd party devs and when they say no more 360, it's all over...
  • It might have 3 years of MS support, but developers are beginning to stop games for it in 2015. Last year or so won't see many releases at all.
  • No, because they pretty much halted production of the Xbox as soon as the 360 came out. Big difference between the 24 million original Xbox and the 80+ million Xbox 360 when you're talking about continuing to support that market.
  • Not everyone cares about having the biggest, best console out. Some people would rather have access to a bigger, cheaper library of games than access to the absolute newest games.
  • Agreed. I'll get a new gen console eventually, but right now I'm enjoying the drop in prices on used 360 games. Haha.
  • So just me it..
  • OMG! that is so fucking UGLY! KILL IT!!!
  • Blue version ? Youre right
  • yup the blue version.... 
  • Anybody selling me the 360 for $100?
  • Without controllers maybe. No Xbox is $100
  • Rakuten had a refurbished unit for a 100 dollas. You can try checking their website and see if they still gots some
  • Check the deal sites, like fatwallet or slickdeals, I see Xbox 360's and PS3 systems for under $100 time to time...Think the last one was a refurb for $80 with a controller and cables...Not a bad deal...
  • I bought the xbox one last holiday season..  I bought titanfall, but I have more friends with a 360 which I only had the ps3... Well, radioshack is clearancing out the 4GB 360 models (previous black glossy design, not current) for $129... When I bought it they were runninga 25% off all clearance items... So I bought I my first 360 last month for $104 and change.  I hacked a 320 WD HDD (bing it) that I had around and installed it in the 360.  I could not believe i needed a hdd installed for titanfall... Some stores still have the glossy black 4GB 360 which should ring up 129.  Plus you get $10 coupons for every $30 you spend... So it makes it $100 or less... Well... I still have not used those coupons... but I plan to for some wiring I need to modify som audio equiptment in my car...
  • Thanks everyone ^_^ .... Well I asked for a second hand one! Glad to know I can buy a new one too.
  • Why Blue (not green). What about a halo bundle ?
  • Looks ok but I agree with the xbox green color. Painted my xbone in green I color matched to the packaging (2pack glasurit) a while back. Looks mad! Be nice if the white model gets releases to general public.
  • I guess as a gamer, I dont see the point to spend $250 on a Xbox 360 when in about 8-12 months games are not going to be coming out for it any more (just the pattern of systems, like PS2>PS3 and Xbox>Xbox 360), after about a year to a year and 1/2 titles stop showing up. You might have one here and there but, not a big deal. I could see at say $99 or $129....sure but, $250 ? For $150 more you can get the currnet console with games that will be coming for it for many years to come.... I guess if your in it for cheaper games, sure, most of 2-3 year old GREAT games are going for under $20 a lot of the time now....I still think $250 is too much...
  • My 360 is getting more use than ever now, even with the Xbox One. I keep going back and finding all kinds of great used games or downloadable games. I'll be playing 360 for years to come alongside X1.
  • Oh man. I'm normally all about the black consoles but ugggh... WANT.
  • You know to play bf, you know how to play fps's. And that is proven when cod fans try bf and start cursing and hating. I don't like cod anymore after the awesome cod2 and 4. I was one of the best on 2 and really liked and played 4 but now... Now in just disappointed in how it is ruined by both the debs and the players
  • Blue parts are real nice but those bright green edges and back of pad? Ughhh Fugly
  • That's not even green lol
  • Guess who's upgrading Xbox this Christmas?! This guy!!
  • Looks nice!
  • Xbox #1 gaming console
  • These are really good deals if your current 360 broke and you're not ready to give up the current game library for a One. And that blue...
  • Dat controller.
  • Yay its still alive
  • Hot dog down a hallway.