Blue Skies updated to gain additional radar sources, offline support and more

Blue Skies has quickly captured the collective heart of the Windows Phone community. It's a beautiful weather app that is also functional and useful. We've been loving it for the past two months and are quite pleased with the solid and regular updates. Today we're getting another update to Blue Skies that adds caching and offline support, plus so much more.

The last update for Blue Skies hit at the tail-end of May. That was version 1.3 and was notable for introducing radar maps, UK units of measurement, toast notifications for weather warnings and much more. Head into the Windows Phone Store today and you'll find version 1.4 of Blue Skies.

This new update includes the following:

  • Added caching/offline support
  • Open Weather Maps is now a radar source option for worldwide radar coverage
  • Open Weather Maps radar supports zooming and panning
  • WeatherUnderground radar better supports Europe
  • Improvements with radar by using Bing maps as the base map
  • "Today's condition" is now available as a live tile option for back of Medium and Wide live tiles
  • Completely redesigned live tile style picker
  • 7 new loading animations and loading captions
  • Live tiles now also suggest to take sunglasses if it's supposed to be sunny for the day
  • Fixed UK units not displaying everything in miles
  • Unit setting is now more user friendly
  • Live tile bug fixes/tweaks
  • App performance tweaks
  • Added "Thank you" section to About page

The update is now rolling out to users in the Windows Phone Store. We're excited to play around with the new radar sources and other little new features in this update to Blue Skies.

Like before, Blue Skies is a free app that has in-app purchases to add more features. For example, you'll need to pony up a few bucks to get Live tile options and radar maps.

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Sam Sabri