Body Glove Snap-On case for Samsung Focus - Review

One downside to Microsoft’s business model of licensing the Windows Phone 7 OS to device manufacturers is that you don’t get the quantity of accessories that a device like the iPhone does. Fortunately, the Samsung Focus is starting to get some love in the accessory department, though some of our favorite case-makers are a little slow to get on the bandwagon (looking at you Otter Box).

Body Glove makes some of the best cell phone cases that I’ve ever used. Their Snap-On case for the Focus is a perfect example of what they are capable of. For the full breakdown of what Body Glove’s Snap-On case offers, keep reading.


First, the basics. The Body Glove Snap-On Case is a two piece design that snaps over the front and back of your Focus. There is a texture to the case to prevent the phone from slipping out of your hand. All of the phone’s ports and buttons are left exposed so you don’t lose any functionality. The Snap-On case can be modified to easily slip into your pocket or for use with the included belt clip by removing and adding the appropriate insert on the rear of the case.

There are some things that I like about the case and some things that I found annoying. My biggest issue is that the sliding door that covers the charging port on the Focus is pretty much unusable after installing the case. I should probably note that this has more to do with the location of the door on the phone than with any error on Body Glove’s part. The problem is that the door is so recessed that you can’t really get anything other than a fingernail to reach down that far. My favorite feature by far is the belt clip which doubles as a kickstand. In my opinion a kickstand is one of the biggest missing features in the Focus hardware, so having a case that resolves this oversight is a big plus.

Build Quality

Body Glove is one of the few accessory manufacturers that I trust enough to buy one of their products without researching it first. I’ve used enough of their phone cases over the years that a quality fit and build are almost a given. For those of you that aren’t as trusting as I, the fit of the Snap-On case is just about perfect. Once installed, there is no jiggle or give to the case at all. It’s almost too tight; almost. My one annoyance can again be attributed to the design of the phone itself. The cutouts for the buttons and such leave the natural seams of the phone exposed. Because of how thin the battery cover is, I don’t see a way around this for a case of this style.


The Body Glove Snap-On case adds quite a bit of size and heft to the Focus, which could be argued as a good thing. The case can be purchased from the WPCentral store for $24.95, which is pretty close to the range I would put it in. If you’re looking for a flexible case that offers top of the line build quality for a reasonable price, you should definitely give this one a try.

Tim Ferrill