Bomberman '94 among 4 Konami titles now on the Windows Store

Storied game publisher Konami has released four games on the Windows Store, allowing fans to take a crack at some classics and some newcomers right on their PCs. Included in the new releases are Bomberman '94, Animal CUEBRICK, Frogger's Crackout, and Power Golf.

Bomberman '94 will take fans back to the TurboGrafx days, allowing fans to bomb their way through the franchise's early roots. Meanwhile, Power Golf, another title that previously appeared on the TurboGrafx in 1989, will let you check out some retro golf action.

Animal Cuebrick

As for newer titles, Animal CUEBRICK is what Konami describes as an "action puzzle game." Players will have to slide panels to create paths to lead animals to safety, with the final goal being to grow your zoo. In addition, Konami has also release Frogger's Crackout, which is a new block-breaking game that stars the classic gaming character.

If you're interested, you can check out the games via the Windows Store links below. While each carries a price tag, there arefree trials available as well.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • From the TurboGrafx 16 to Windows Phone today, looks like I have a tendency to pick the losers, lol. Anyway, Bomberman was awesome. Definitely picking that up.
  • Shame its not available on phone... Noticing it quite a lot recently :(.
  • I agree. Hopefully with Telltale Games bringing their games to UWP, it might encourage more developers to do the same. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Indeed. While it is a good sign that developers are warming up to the Windows 10 Store, it's not a good sign that they're ignoring the Windows 10 Mobile aspect of UWP. I'm no developer / programmer, so I can't really understand why this is the case, as Windows Central  had made it seem like it was as easy as checking a box to have it show up on mobile too (if that were the case, it would make little sense for devs to not do that, with the biggest reason I can think of is having to adapt the control schemes--that is, these games might not be touch-enabled, and all mobile games and apps need to be touch enabled). Is that the case?
  • WC fanboys over the uwp system making it easier than it really is. They make it sound like you just copy the code over, change the desktop stuff to mobile and then presto, it works. This probably works if the entire ecosystem is the same across the board which it isn't. It's probably more like some code works between desktop and mobile, change or make new the code that doesn't, change or make new desktop to mobile code then do a buncha other stuff and then now it works.
    So instead of 0% compatible (porting from one os to another) it's now 50% compatible. But not 100% compatible.
  • hmmmm.... buy bomberman to play on the phone, or fire up my Turbo Duo and play the original on my TV? What I find funny... and it is insignificant.... is that besides the obvious emulation, the "skin" that fills up the sides looks more like the PC Engine, as the turbo grafx was black... beyond that... since this is emulation, will Konami release more from the hudson soft library? or maybe their own tg-16/pc-engine software? (looking at dracula x)   answered my own question.... while some are not available in english, or the US yet, Konami is showing more on their site:
  • I loved the first 93 Bomberman games. This new one should be awesome! :P
  • That would work but there is an apostrophe before 94 in the game's title which means it's shortage from the year 1994
  • anyone know if bomberman can be played with other people over network or is it local only?
  • Local only.
  • booo, thanks for response.
  • "This game does not work on your device" Boo, hiss.
  • Xbox live? :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
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