Storied game publisher Konami has released four games on the Windows Store, allowing fans to take a crack at some classics and some newcomers right on their PCs. Included in the new releases are Bomberman '94, Animal CUEBRICK, Frogger's Crackout, and Power Golf.

Bomberman '94 among 4 Konami titles now on the Windows Store

Bomberman '94 will take fans back to the TurboGrafx days, allowing fans to bomb their way through the franchise's early roots. Meanwhile, Power Golf, another title that previously appeared on the TurboGrafx in 1989, will let you check out some retro golf action.

Animal Cuebrick

As for newer titles, Animal CUEBRICK is what Konami describes as an "action puzzle game." Players will have to slide panels to create paths to lead animals to safety, with the final goal being to grow your zoo. In addition, Konami has also release Frogger's Crackout, which is a new block-breaking game that stars the classic gaming character.

If you're interested, you can check out the games via the Windows Store links below. While each carries a price tag, there arefree trials available as well.

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