Boost your Excel skills with this $19 Diploma Masterclass

Microsoft's Excel, part of the Office suite of tools, is incredibly powerful when placed in competent hands, but it can be extremely daunting to learn. Considering workable knowledge of Excel is often a requirement for employment, having the right training on your resume can make a big difference.

Save hundreds on this Microsoft Excel Diploma Masterclass

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Though it's just one part of the Office suite, Excel is a deep program that takes a lot of training to master. For that reason, you can usually expect to pay a lot for the required courses, but Windows Central Digital Offers is making it easier on you. Instead of paying the usual price of $395, you'll instead pay just $19. That's 95 percent off the regular price!

This CDP-certified program includes eight courses with three hours of coursework per week, beginning with the basics and ending up with automated macros, formatted data, and tables. A certificate of completion is included in the course, and once purchased, you can begin taking lessons whenever you want.

Master Excel and pad your resume with this $19 Masterclass!

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Whether or not you have experience with Excel, this course can help you take your knowledge to the next level. It will look great on your resume, and you'll be able to confidently declare knowledge in a realm where a lot of people struggle. Considering it's just $19 for the entire thing, it might be time to get your feet moving.

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