Brad Anderson shows off his Surface Duo and Surface Earbuds at home

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's Brad Anderson shared another photo of himself using the Surface Duo recently.
  • Anderson also shared an image of himself and his family using the Surface Duo earlier this week.
  • Another post from Anderson shows him wearing the Surface Earbuds.

Microsoft's corporate vice president Brad Anderson continues to tease images with himself and the Surface Duo. This time, he shared a shot of himself using the Surface Duo on his deck while lounging in a chair. In the image, he's holding the Duo open like a book. Anderson has shared several images of himself using upcoming Surface hardware, including an adorable shot of his kids using the Surface Duo with him in his office.

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It appears that Microsoft is increasing the public use of the Surface Duo. Microsoft's Windows and hardware chief, Panos Panay, recently shared an image taken by the Surface Duo. While it's safe to assume Panay, Anderson, and some other Microsoft employees used the Surface Duo before sharing these images, they're now sharing images of the device in use publicly.

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Anderson also shared an image with himself wearing the Surface Earbuds a couple of weeks ago.

While the Surface Duo was initially slated for a holiday 2020 launch, our senior editor Zac Bowden reports that Microsoft wants to move the launch of the Duo up. People using the products publicly is not a guarantee of an early release date, but the Surface Duo could very well arrive sooner than the end of 2020.

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  • Nice. Still would like to see a much thinned top and bottom bezel.
  • The reason the phone is so thin is because of those bezels, whereas the Galaxy Fold is a thick baby.
  • Ready to buy one! Hard to wait for a definitive release date. Using an older Android phone, but don't have enough for a new phone and the Duo. So hanging onto it until a date is announced.
  • I want both, the Duo and the earbuds.
    Ideally yesterday.
  • That Duo looks... big!
    Was expecting the buds to get smaller or a slight redesign based on many peoples reactions. But if its aimed more for business then i can understand their decision with the size.
  • It's designed for gestures, which would be more difficult on a smaller device.
  • Well considering it is basically 2 5.5 inch smartphone sticked together side-by-side, and the screen doesn't even looks like its 16:9. So it is quite big when opened, but individual screen should be fairly similar to most smartphones that even have 6 inches or more screen space. It can't be small due to common standard of smartphone screen size now. Actually 5.5 inch isn't even that big these days.
  • Screen is 4:3 so it's gonna be wider than most smart phones in the market. expect it to be as wide as blackberry passport when using it as single screen phone.
  • He has an iPhone sitting next to him...
  • And so what?
  • Which says a lot
  • What does it say? I know lots of people who carry two phones: one for work and one for personal use. Or perhaps the iPhone is his actual work phone and he is using the Duo test a particular feature. I bet if you could zoom in even farther on that pic you can find a Chromebook in the kitchen or a Playstation in the den. So what?
  • Except he has an iphone on the chair next to him. RIP Surface duo
  • So what can be gathered from this image is he has the option to use both but chooses to use the Duo over the iPhone and you see this as a negative... to the duo? 😂
  • Or it says the only reason he is holding it is for the shot...
  • Bring it on! Eagerly waiting for this!
  • This is going to have limited appeal, can see the point of two screens when working in an office but not on a phone... This is also going to be too bulky to use as a phone... Can't see this making an impact at all especially if it can't match the specifications of competing products... Can also see the dual screen functionality being poorly supported as their is no incentive for developers to build apps for a niche product... Early adopter beware...
  • Really looking forward to this.
    I still think Microsoft shot itself in the foot by discontinuing W10M or some kind of presence in mobile.
    It will be nice to have a device that has a wider profile than current smartphones.
    Recently, I got a Moto E6 to replace my E4. It's a very good phone for the money, especially after I Microsoft'ed it. I've tried since Christmas to like the narrow screen, but can't. At least in the short term, I'm going back to the E4.