Broadcom doubles Wi-Fi performance for smartphones and tablets with new combo chip

Broadcom announced a new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip today that the manufacturer claims will double wireless networking performance of high-end smartphones and tablets. The hardware vendor claims that users spend an estimated four to five hours everyday on Wi-Fi, and that with the new chipset, they will be able to download and stream content twice as fast as current-gen devices and with less lag.

Key features of the new chipset, dubbed BCM4358, include improved Wi-Fi data throughput at 650 Mbps, enhanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence performance, second-generation 2×2 MIMO and transmit beamforming, which pinpoints a device's location within a network to provide better throughput to that location. The chipset supports Android, Windows and Chrome operating systems, and is the highest-performing 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip in the market, according to Broadcom.

Broadcom has mentioned that the BCM4358 is in production, with consumer devices featuring the chipset set to be available later this quarter.

Source: Broadcom

  • Wow, I can't imagine my phone working on 600+ mbs...
  • Oops
  • Meh..... Lol
  • I welcome this. Wifi could definitely be better on my 1520.
  • How does this article apply to your 1520?
  • If your modem doesn't support 650 mbs it's useless I think
  • Until you replace your modem and all your "newish" devices instantly receive a big speed upgrade. Always best to start seeding this tech out there so that you are ready to take advantage when you upgrade.
  • Yes true that
  • +830
  • Your ISP has to provide those speeds, otherwise your only going to get them sending files within the home network.... Then you have to have a hard drive that can write and read at those speeds.... There are bottlenecks everywhere.... This technology is not very useful. Not until the rest catches up.
  • My idea ;)
  • I am actually waiting on upgrading my wireless router until early next year after picking up a new AC wifi enabled phone and new laptop/surface.  The news of this and its new 2X2 MIMO and better beamforming support to go along with the new router will be awesome.  Now, if I could get a cheap internet provider at 100MB/S and not pay an arm and a leg here.  Either way, this is progress and a new router to go along with this will be a vast improvement over my N combination I have now.  
  • Lets hope that they didint double the battery drain. Also what do you do whit 650 mbs on a phone? Unless you make a hotspot from it. Facebook, and games work well on 1-5mbs
  • Years ago, we wondered what we would do with 1 Mb/s on a phone.  Now we are at 300 Mb/s.
  • Think Skype, Viber, whatsapp, facetime, volte, and the like.
  • Think, what speed is my ISP providing in the first place....
  • Exactly.
  • Good. Come on Microsoft make a phone with this so I can pair it to my Asus RT-AC87! :D
  • Asus RT-AC66U here!
  • The new chip will provide "networking performance of high-end smartphones." Well, I guess that counts Lumia owners out of seeing an improvement as Microsoft has canceled all high-end Lumia phones in development in order "to focus on the mid-range market."
  • Really when was that announced ?
  • Wrong
  • Don't spread misinformation. Source or it didn't happen.
  • My reference was to the "McLaren" project, which was canceled in July. Althogh I can't find the article with Elop's direct quite without spending way too much time on it, it was around the time of the layoff's that he stated the focus on the mid-range market due to it's market size, as well as that high-end phones were too expensive. Sorry, I do not consider 'selfie-phones' to be anything similar to the high-end phones that I (assume we) would expect from a Windows Lumia Phone.
  • Actually only one high end-end has been cancelled, the McLaren. Elop/Microsoft never said they'll cancel all high-ends. Focusing on mid-range does not in any way imply that there will not be any Lumia high-end phones in the future like you implied. And where do you get the idea that the selfie 730 phone was meant to be similar to a high-end? It's a 730 so it's meant to be mid-range.
  • 1) The McLaren was the only "high end" Lumia known to be in development.
    2) It was cancelled.
    3) Elop did state that MS would concentrate it's efforts on low end and mid range devices.
    4) Nobody at MS stated all high end device development was at an end. However, due to the cancellation of McLaren, and the deafening silence regarding other high end models, and the approaching End Of Life status for the L1020, it doesn't look like they're planning on selling new high end phones any time soon. And before you say HTC M8, any phone with a camera as weak as that is a non starter for me.
  • They could be keeping a phone project under lock and key like apple does. However, due to usual leaks, this probably isn't happening. A high end might come in December because its an important time to get phone sales.
    I remain hopeful.
  • Erm, so we can potentially get up to 650mbps via Wi-Fi, but over here in the UK I'm pretty sure the max consumer internet speed is between 100 and 200mbps. I'm guessing this is more of a business orientated announcement, since the average consumer will see no benefit?
  • This is link speed so it really doesnt matter yet till gigabit it exhausted
  • For those who don't get it or say "internet speed is slower then this" you have to think outside the Internet. That's right, LOCAL AREA NETWORK. If you want to see a movie on your phone or tablet from a local network hard drive you need to have a fast download speed. This chip will help out with things like that, heck it'll copy the movie faster if you want it too.
  • Your hard drive reads at 650mbps? Mine writes at that speed but reads at about 350-450 (35-45MBps)....
  • Actually bro 650Mbps is just over 80MB/s. Which is still ridiculously more than what current hardware is capable of handling. That's like putting a baby on a treadmill going 5mph
  • The speed isn't interesting, coverage and overall stability would be great, without dead spots, that's what really still bothers on wifi. Speed my ass don't give a fck about speed on a phone
  • Better range would be optimal. Strong receivers in phones would make a spotty connection better.
  • Amazing..but this are only for new release phone right?
  • It physically needs the chip installed, so yes.
  • It won't be in the new phones either. This was just announced. So, expect this to be in the next generation of phones. Current phones and phones that will be released later this year probably won't have this.
  • Read the article, phones will be available later this quarter...
  • Jeez'  650 Mbps :o
  • Man thats pretty awesome!!! I wonder how it will handle battery life though, but still, I'm stoked.
  •           Yay!! Now I can post images!! (totally offtopic) :P
  • Can I strap that to the back of my icon, pretty sick of the Wi-Fi on this
  • Icon has AC, right?  What router are you using?  It is highly dependent upon the router.  For example, regardless of your phone, if you have a N router, you'll get N speeds.  Pair up your new phone with a 1350AC router and you may see a drastic improvement.  Nighthawk on ebay is the best you can buy these days and will work great with the ICON  
  • I have an Icon and didn't know that it supported ac.
  • Yeah!!! I want smooth live streaming and online game!
  • You can get that now. Live streaming and gaming take significantly less than what your phone has installed.
  • What tablets no manufacture cares to to make a tablet with arm specs anymore
  • Might be a stupid question, but how much extra power draw/resources does beam-forming take?
  • This is a requirement for the next phone I consider buying.
  • Wow... I really spent my time almost 20hrs using wifi at home... So excited if I could ever use and download that broadcom.
  • SP3's getting new broadcom chip as well?  I could imagine in my near future a new SP3, new WP with BCM4358, a new AC3200 nighthawk (or better) router, and an upgraded network speed from my ISP to 100MB/s and finally I will get the 80 MB/s actual?  Average would still probably be around 30-40MB/s... still an amazing feat for tech products these days.