Buoy Ball, get a little wet with this Windows 10 endless runner

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, the free game has plenty of bonus points to earn and a colorful collection of ball styles to unlock. While not the most feature-rich game in the Windows Store, the simplicity of Buoy Ball works to offer a challenging game that puts your skills of timing and patience to the test.

Buoy Ball

Buoy Ball's main menu is relatively simple with options to choose your ball style, visit the game store to purchase (in-app) currency, access the settings and view video ads for more in-game cash.

The game includes over fifty ball styles that range from a variety of solid colors, to smiley faces, and even a banana. The solid color balls are unlocked from the get go and you can unlock other ball styles with the in-game dollars earned during gameplay.

Gameplay begins with your ball landing in the water in front of a row of yellow buoys. Forward movement is automatic, and if you tap and hold the screen, the ball dives beneath the surface of the water. The longer you hold the screen, the deeper the ball dives. When you release the screen, buoyancy takes over, and the ball jumps out of the water. Just keep in mind that once your ball goes airborne, you have to wait until gravity takes its course before you can send it beneath the surface of the water again. The jump cannot be cut short by tapping the screen while the ball is in mid-air.

Buoy Ball

The goal is to travel as far as possible, avoiding the buoys by diving under them, or jumping over them, while avoiding other obstacles that appear in your path. These other obstacles include a flying seagull, ski boat, underwater boulders and more. Coins are also scattered around the gaming course that can be collected for bonus in-game cash.

To add to the challenge of Buoy Ball, the game includes several performance-based trials. These range from collecting a number of coins to completing a number of jumps during the course of a game. Complete the missions and you earn bonus cash that can be used to unlock additional ball styles.

Overall impression

Buoy Ball

The gaming experience with Buoy Ball was adequately fun. The graphics are modest but full of color. Game controls not only support touch but also support keyboard/mouse controls when playing on a non-touchscreen device. Gameplay offers an entertaining challenge for your skills at timing, ensuring that the ball clears the floating buoys safely.

The challenges or missions provide a little depth to this Windows 10 game, but I would have liked to have seen a few power-ups available to give your ball a boost. Maybe something that lets your ball temporarily smash through the buoys?

While there is room for improvement, nothing rises to the level of detracting from the game's value. Overall, Buoy Ball is a slightly addictive Windows 10 game that is a fun option to lose track of time with.

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George Ponder

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