Buy an O2 Lumia 535 or 635 in August and score £30 Microsoft voucher and free portable speaker

Microsoft and UK carrier O2 are gearing up for a promotion that will give you a free Coloud Bang portable speaker, along with a £30 Microsoft voucher if you purchase a Lumia 535 or 635 in the month of August.

According to the deal, which was described on, anyone who buys a Lumia 535 or 635 on "Pay as you Go" between July 30 and August 29 will be eligible for the offer. To redeem, you'll have to head over to where you'll be asked to enter your mailing info and the IMEI number of your phone.

If you're interested in taking advantage of the offer, you can plan on picking up your purchase from the end of July through the month of August.

Source: HotUKDeals

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Lumia 535...worst touch response
  • I know right. They say they fix it but it just gets worse and worse
  • Mine only goes bad when it is plugged in
  • I have h​ad my Lumia 535 a couple of months now really good phone fast nice 5 inch screen two five megapixel cameras only down side battery life not great. Ran windows mobile 10 well too. Has 1gb ram!!
  • so i sold it and bought 1020 with wireless charging cover + camera grip :)
  • Mine its was work fine...
  • It's possible to have that offer... I'm here at U.A.E ?
  • Love how O2 are being very Windows friendly here in the UK. Especially as they're probably the "coolest" network here. I was in there a couple of weeks ago and they generally seem to put Windows phone second, under the iPhone but above Android devices. They're also selling the band and Windows tablets. When I asked why the prefer WP to android they said it was because people are always coming in with problems on there android phones. Either they have some malware on there that constantly pushes notifications, or they just can't find certain settings. Whereas WP and iPhone are pretty user friendly once set up properly. So the more of them they can sell, the less time they spend sorting out issues.
  • I bought a 735 from them late last year with a similar offer. Free wireless charging plate and the Coloud speaker. The support is certainly good to see!
  • The Lumia *3* generation smartphones are the most worse hardware wise( with faults) among Lumia Smartphones, especially Lumia 535, 535 dual sim, 630, 630 dual Sim, and 635.
  • why nothing like this happen in india :(
  • Because O2 is awesome and British ;-)
  • Italian. O2 belongs to Telefonica.
  • It's neither Italian nor British. There's a newspaper headline similar to this: Telefonica (Spanish) agrees £10.25bn sale of O2 to Hutchison Whampoa (Hong Kong)
  • colonial rule :p 
  • Why is there nearly always someone - on a technology related forum - asking 'when it come to India?' .............. In this particular case; it's likely that because the 535 is flawed, and the 635 is weak (for w10m migration prospects) in terms of 512mb RAM. They probably have excess stock in britain that they can't get rid of fast enough; so this special offer may help.
    Perhaps in India, the 535 & 635 are selling ok without the need for a special offer.
  • iam not asking when it will come to india..iam asking why same offer is not available in india :) you gave ans for that.........535 my 1st lumia,loss investment touch problem etc....i sold it and bought lumia 1020 excellent mobile but aged processor.......india also have excess of stock but microsoft doesnt provide any offer. they concentrate on UK or india only online retailers provide price reduction..for eg: oct 2014 flipkart sold lumia 1020 for 219$ one day sale guess what lumia 1020 out of stock with in hour.