Call of Duty Advanced Warfare companion app now available

With Call of Duty Advanced Warfare just around the corner, Activision has released a companion app for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. This app enables players to remain connected to the world of COD when away from their console. From managing their clan to participating in clan wars, there are numerous features available in the mobile clients to keep players entertained.

As lightly touched on above, here's a quick list of some highlighted features:

  • Clan Wars for exclusive loot
  • The War Room to manage the overall clan experience
  • Emblem editor to produce a unique representation of yourself and your clan

Other features include clan chat, profiles and more. We strongly recommend COD fans awaiting the upcoming release to download the app and give it a shot.


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • If only dice would make one for battlefield...
  • They have to finish DLCs first
  • Oh they could... I'll write a petition on the Battlelog forum, wait until the next days
  • No point really now,wait until hardline comes out to make a petition
  • After the mess of their last game don't distract them during development.
  • The app is made by a different studio so it wouldnt be a big deal
  • I don't waste time or money with BF anymore.
  • And it's supported for 512 MB Devices.
  • Nice! Downloaded COD early this morning. And all at the same time as other OS..
  • Nice job Activision:)
  • Publishers: always turning SmartGlass into garbage...
  • Exactly, SmartGlass is a great feature, too bad it's underappreciated.
  • Yep, this kind of stuff should be in SmartGlass, not separate apps. Guess that is the downside of multiplatform games, as they'd have to develop a separate companion app for PS4 anyway. Oh well, at least this is available for Windows Phone. Suck on that, Bungie.
  • Did anyone notice the ghosts logo on the wide tile?
  • The ak12 G has a ghosts logo on the back of it, at least the preorder version of it does.
  • Yea I noticed, It's probably the same code as the ghosts app
  • Your move Bungie.
  • Indeed!
  • Bungie used to listen to their fans. Who expected a company to get worse than when they were owned by a big corporation?
  • Not downloadable for HTC 8x
  • Cool
  • The app doesn't log in when you tap PSN under the "connect to"
  • Does the same for xbox. I had to sign in manually
  • It won't log in with any option. What's the point of releasing an app that doesn't work. Poor effort
  • I have the same issue. It makes the app useless. Worked fine on my Windows 8 tablet though.
  • A cod app with 512 support
  • Wait Activison have the app coming out for COD on WP but not the Destiny one?
    I know its Bungie too but Acti bank rolled the game
  • Maybe it has to do with CoD getting preferred treatment on Xbox and Destiny on PS?
  • Okay. After a couple of minutes of trying to get online with my Live credentials, I've discovered that they've shiped a test version of the app. Login leads to, not %)
  • Yeah didn't work
  • Erm, maybe RT support would be nice too!  Seem strange that I need my latop Surface RT 2 should be supported! Either that or make keyboard friendly, common sense, not all x86/64 machines have touch screen.
  • I likly won't be getting this game, unless I get a PS4(I have friends with PS4 that all play this) but this truly excites me. I might download it just to raise the numbers so other companies, like EA and Ubisoft, see that Windows Phone users want apps like this.
  • Cool ea made an app for titanfall
  • Love the game played from 10pm until 4am non stop....
  • We need COD games for WP, not companion app. Oh wait.. We need both actually
  • I have the game but, have not had the chance to play it yet :( Tried to start it at 11pm last night but, it just told me I have to wait till the 3rd....The flaw with living on the east coast :(
  • That's the problem, 11pm is not the 3rd lol, I'm not trying to be a jerk but I'm on the east coast too, and the store says "12:01am on the 3rd". I launched the game with no problems on 12:01
  • Hopefully they actually tried with this app unlike the sh*tty Ghost app
  • Getting a not available for your device message on the Lumia 521.
  • Same thing on my 8x. Oh also something about carrier.... Wondering if its only for 8.1 and up.
  • Too bad I can't login to my MS account.... The app won't let me... Yet I can on IE...

  • Getting a not available for your device message on the Lumia 1520, any idea.