The Idol 4S isn't brand new at this point; it was released last November. In fact, it looks like T-Mobile just stopped selling the phone. But for folks looking for a quality and affordable option on the secondary market, the Idol 4S is one of a few viable options today.

Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 review: a great option at an incredible price

That was the case for Windows Central forum member Dmd74, a longtime and still-loyal BlackBerry user, who recently decided to test the Windows-phone waters with the Idol 4S.

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So, I have been an active member at a sister site, CrackBerry. I purchased my first BlackBerry in 2005 and I have been a user pretty much ever since. I have left at times only to return. I have always loved my physical keyboards and BlackBerry's build construction. However, I feel as though all of that is changing now. BlackBerry has abandoned BB10. My prized BB10 phones such as the Classic and...


Are you, or have you been, an Idol 4S user? If so, Dmd74 wants your tips, suggestions, advice, warnings, and whatever else you have to share, about the phone. There's already an active conversation going on in the forums, so please jump over there and contribute your $0.02.

Biting the bullet (on the Idol 4S) and jumping in