What are your biggest complaints about Windows 10?

We all have personal pet peeves with our OS of choice, and there's a lively conversation going on in the Windows Central forums right now based a post from forum member craige1, entitled "Current list of Windows 10/Microsoft problems."

You can hit the link above to read the full thread, but then we want to hear from you. Do have any gripes with Windows 10, or with Microsoft, that haven't already been mentioned in the thread? Do you have any useful workarounds, or know of plans to resolve any of the issues cited?

Head over to the forum, and check out the thread. Then leave us some feedback of your own. If enough readers respond and spotlight the same problems, Microsoft just might work to resolve the issues more quickly. If nothing else, knowing other people suffer from the same annoyances you do can be strangely satisfying and reduce the sting of those pesky bugs.

Sound off in the Windows Central forums!

Updated: 26-Mar-17 Outlook 2016 still doesn't support 2-step auth natively for outlook.com/Microsoft accounts, after 3 office versions. There is still no outlook task list syncing in windows 10, even tho its a primary feature of office and given as training advice by Microsoft to use it for the last 10 years and everything up to windows 8 had it. Windows 10 doesn't support account syncing of...

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