Can I reuse my current case on the Surface Pro 6?

Surface Pro 6
Surface Pro 6 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Can I reuse my current case on the Surface Pro 6?

Best answer: Simply put, any cases you used on your Surface Pro will work with the new Surface Pro 6.Microsoft: Surface Pro 6 ($899)

Microsoft has confirmed compatibility

Besides a new color choice, all other changes to the Surface Pro 6 from its predecessor have taken place inside. On the outside, everything is the same size and location, as Microsoft has confirmed:

As there are no changes to the exterior of Surface Pro 6 compared to last year all cases, adapters, accessories, skins, and more all work without issue.

Reusing will keep your costs down

One of the biggest things you have to deal with when buying a new Surface Pro 6 is that it's a fairly pricey item. Prices start at $899 and for that, you get only the tablet. No keyboard, pen, case — nothing.

You want to at least keep your new device safe, and while a case isn't the priciest accessory you'll be buying, every saving helps. So if you have a case for an earlier Surface Pro, you might as well re-use it.

Plenty of choice to get yourself a case

Beyond reusing existing cases, there's also a bonus point if you don't have a case at all. Since all cases for last year's Surface Pro will fit the new Surface Pro 6, there is already a wide range of great cases available to buy.

Whether you want something rugged or stylish, premium or budget, there's plenty of choice out there.

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