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Can the new Microsoft Edge really dethrone Google Chrome? (poll)

Microsoft Edge logo in Windows search
Microsoft Edge logo in Windows search (Image credit: Windows Central)

Yesterday, Microsoft released the first public preview builds of its new Chromium-powered version of Edge. And it was positively received. Microsoft Edge hasn't really received this kind of positive press coverage before, ever, with people online calling it faster than Chrome, and incredibly stable for "pre-release" software. The Chromium engine brings with it more than just better web performance; it includes the stability and security of a platform that's been in the works with the open-source community for more than a decade.

When the new Edge browser leaked a couple of weeks ago, a few people tried it out, but otherwise, no one outside of the Microsoft sphere really cared. I even wrote a piece suggesting that this version of Edge might finally compete with Chrome. Today, now that Microsoft has shipped preview builds publicly, a lot more people are interested, and these initial previews are nothing to scoff at. I've seen plenty of tweets online from people saying that they've switched from Chrome or even outright uninstalled it to use the pre-release version of Edge as their primary browser.

Of course, it's still early days, so it's not a definitive "win" for Edge just yet. Chrome is the dominant browser, and it likely will be for years. However, the new Edge is already proving itself to be a real contender, because it really is just like Chrome, but if Microsoft had made it instead of Google. Brand loyalty exists, but I don't think brand loyalty is what got Chrome popular. I think it got popular because people were told it's the best, and not because they prefer Google over Microsoft.

Chrome bundled with Windows 10

For a lot of people, the fewer programs they must download every time they set up a PC for the first time, the better. If Windows 10 came with Chrome preinstalled, the world would cry out in cheer. Well, that's precisely what's happening now that Edge is built on Chromium. Microsoft is essentially bundling a Chrome browser with Windows 10, except without all the Google stuff. Of course, if you're tied into the Google ecosystem, it makes sense to continue using Chrome, but if not, there's little reason not to use Edge instead.

And it's not like the new Edge is just "Chrome in disguise," either, because Microsoft is making some real changes to the browser to differentiate the user experience. Web performance and browser stability should be the same across Edge and Chrome, but Microsoft is working to differentiate Edge with surface-level features and unique selling points. Microsoft has already named several Chromium-related things that it's thrown out for Edge, because it either doesn't need them or plans to rebuild them with a Microsoft twist.

The other advantage is that since Microsoft owns Windows 10, arguably the most popular desktop platform around, Microsoft can tie the new Edge into the OS in many more ways. That could be done in big ways, like bundling it as the default browser, and in smaller ways that users might not necessarily even realize, like having the browser only communicate with Microsoft services and not Google.

Your thoughts on the new Edge vs. Chrome

I am genuinely curious what people think about the outlook of the modern "browser wars." Can Microsoft really take back the crown from Google? I think it can, at least when it comes to desktop browser market share. This won't happen overnight, of course, but if this positive press continues, word will spread that Edge is at least worth a try. And that could be the foot in the door that Microsoft really needs.

But what do you think? Vote in our poll, check out the results, and then drop us a comment with specifics.

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • It can but they need to do more work to get it right
  • It could if MS new how to market it.
  • This for one.. Microsoft has an uncanny talent for f**king up almost anything to do with markets and marketing and to a lesser extent, product placement.
  • Marketing is hard when your product is inferior. Marketing is crucial when your product is the same with a different skin. Microsoft doesn't care though. This is just an easy way to build a default browser for Windows. They no longer care what browser you use. You will see no marketing.
  • You really think Microsoft switched to Chromium to compete with Google? No way. They just need a default browser for Windows and Chromium gives them that with minimal effort. Don't expect any effort when it comes to marketing. There is no point.
  • Marketing is even hard for MS if your product is far superior (see Windows Phone/ Mobile).
  • Windows Phone was not superior to anything - that's why they binned it.
  • Windows Phone was superior to Android and iOS, it failed because MS failed at marketing and developers didn't come so no apps, but the OS itself is marvellous
  • With the same apps iDriod had,, from the beginning WP would've had repeat buyers based on familiarity alone, and would still be here today... That would've most likely gave MS more incentive to pay it as much attention as they do iOS, and Android today.
  • I love WP, still do, but the argument it failed because they didn't market it is over simplistic. Though I didn't care, the app gap was a serious issue, the major and most popular apps that people used and wanted were absent in the beginning, legit apps, Uber, Lyft, Snapchat, Instagram, Pokémon Go, Sonos.. etc. Put another way Betamax was better than VHS, but with less content and options that didn't matter. MS did everything, from waiving the costs to publish apps, to acquiring companies like Xamarin and making tools that made it easier to port over and convert code, to in some rare cases developed apps on their own (like the official YouTube app they had to pull).
    Also in the US, people were conditioned to buy phones from their carrier, which meant MS, Nokia, and others had to pick and choose what carriers to house their phone, when WP NEEDED everyone to be able to by whatever WP was available regardless of the carrier.. they couldn't and that hurt it. My favorite WP the 950XL, the swan song, was only available unlocked at full price with no option to finance through a carrier like they could with Iphones or Galaxy, that hurt it. In short, it would have taken a miracle for WP to be successful given the obstacles, so if anything I give MS credit for trying for as long as they did
  • It was beyond over when the 950 was released. Even Microsoft wasn't excited about it. I am not sure when they even bothered. It was over when WP7 failed to compete with Android. WP8 had a small chance, but Microsoft had to bring their A game. WP8 was a C- at best. Microsoft had become complacent after having a monopoly for decades.
  • As for the app gap, I'd like to think that if Microsoft lead the way by actually developing all of their apps for Windows phones FIRST and releasing their newest features for Windows phones FIRST, and actually marketed it, it would have been successful. Instead, all I kept seeing was Skype has new this but not on Windows phones, or new app for iOS, not on Windows phones. I don't care about them paying devs or trying to make their own YouTube client and giving up. I would have prioritized all app development coming out of Microsoft to launch either first or simultaneously on iOS and Android. But that never happened. Why should I develop my app for Windows phones when Microsoft themselves keep giving iOS and Android preferential treatment? They did it to themselves and claimed they tried so hard. All they had to do was follow through on promises made, prioritize their platform, and actually market their stuff properly. Gotta lead by example. Do as I say, not as I do doesn't work here. No one is going to develop for your platform if you cannot develop for it first yourselves... 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Agreed, the OS was great!
  • Windows phone hardware was pretty good and no doubt the underlying OS was good, but once again, Ms failed on the UI, tiles is horrendous. That put me off the first time I looked at a Windows phone.
    It came to late, that was one of the problems, only a few MS die hards went for it,, Android had already got the market and so did Apple. Apps was another thing as you said, the lack of them did nto help./
  • There's a few things about WP that we're superior to Android, but overall it wasn't.
    Nevertheless, it's not about what it's worse than, or better at. The fact is that is was very pleasurable for those who used it, and it could've been even better with time if MS put forth as much effort as Apple, and Google, did with their mobile solutions.
  • its very fast that for sure !!!
  • I did not find it any faster than Cent which is chromium based. i think some people think it is very fast as they want it to be.,
  • Ohh, are we starting up Seems Faster™ again? :)
  • Looks like 😎
    > I miss WP :(
  • Wen in India?
  • Oh and don't forget "Soon™️ " Ah, the good ole days.
  • Lastly when it came to WP games.... "No Xbox, No buy!" Lol!!!
  • hahaha!! Oh the memories. Thanks for this chain. :)
  • It is what it is. People have been known to think things are faster or better, because they want it to be.
    From the few tests I have done it is no faster.
  • But it is missing so many features and knowing msft, they won't be there for the launch. If Estonian ID card support isn't there, this browser can't be used by an entire country.
  • So glad we do not have i.D cards here in the UK.
  • We just have a country with more CCTV cameras than anywhere else in the world and a soon to be made law Internet porn block, which whilst is a good idea i principle will be abused.
  • True, very true, I bet china has more CCTV cameras.
    Still, we still don#t have Id cards, thankfully it did not happen.
    porn will not be blocked, you just have to pay for a card with a number or use your credit card.
    Not that I agree with it, parents should keep an eye on their kids, i know it is more difficult now with mobiles and tablets, but a lot of them never bothered when they had one computer. It will make no difference, VPN will get around it and you will be surprised how many kids know about vpn.
  • People don't care what is under the hood. As for many (many many) people, internet is FaceBook (!!!) so for many many people, the internet is Chrome! Many people event don't know what is internet explorer. their first contact with the "outer world" is via their (android) mobile phone. That is why for Microsoft was important to hold to the mobile devices. Now they are gone and for Microsoft this is lost game.
    The core of the problem is that they should take out of the office and contact with tech guys and do some beer in a pub and listen to those folks what have to say.
  • For the longest time, the E was the internet button. If it changed before, it can change again
  • That is right. But E doesn't mean anything for those born after..i don't know.. 2000? :) Many of them even don't have a PC. Just a mobile or eventually a tablet.
  • Which is why Edge is also available for Android and iOS devices.
  • And it's already #3 after Chrome and Samsung browser.
  • I would think it unlikely that Edgeium/Credge (or whatever you wish to call the version) would ever beat out Chrome as the dominate browser. I would imagine that Google in general is more dominate in the consumer space for most services that one would access via a browser making those Google services that Microsoft is cleaving out important for those users and by virtue would keep them in the Google Chrome realm. Especially when considering your typical user is probably using an Android device which is fully entrenched in Google's world and has Chrome by default. Microsoft would have to offer something incredibly compelling for a normal user to want to not just embrace Edge but also jump through the necessary hoops to install and enabled the integrations between their Android device and Windows 10 to make it a smooth experience. I suspect New Edge will mostly be a niche entry in the browser market that will be popular with people that prefer Microsoft but not make a major dent in Chrome's marketshare. I could be wrong here and really I don't care what their marketshare is so long as Microsoft keeps investing in the application and it's development.
  • A lot of folks said the same thing that Chrome browser will never displace Internet Explorer, look at the state of browsers now. Like some Californians will say "Who Knew", or my Texan folks "Who could have thunk it".
    The lesson here is that Chrome Browser or any big corporation can be dethroned. Ask IBM, Blackberry, AOL, Navigator, Yahoo, etc. What MSFT have been able to do is create an unimaginable bond with Enterprise, I call them the high rollers. Because of this, COnsumers will always come second to Enterprise. MSFT owns almost 0% Phone, but they flooded Android and iPhones with services second to none for enterprise and then consumers in distance 2nd. I call it a very serious adaptation It is important to know that it takes enterprise a very long time to change technological HW and SW, So, when a change comes that disrupt technologies' status quo not initiated by MSFT, they have time to adapt such that, that high paying, no question(s) asked enterprise folks are held onto. Compared to Consumers, we simply follow the flow on any whim or fad of the day, the current Apple and Alphabet offerings of today appeals to consumers' quick change in technological appetitie.
  • I would not be too sure about that. Chrome been slowly transforming into a resource hog. It spawns too many processes on your computer and slows everything down. I find Chrome freezes more often that it used to. I just removed Chrome from a Win 10 computer and was immediately rewarded with increased overall performance without all those background Chrome processes. Right now I have Firefox on it. If Microsoft can fix Chrome's resource hogging ways they might take the lead again.
  • Good point. People also use Chrome because it's Google's services that require Chrome to work fully.
  • Honestly don't mind at this point, I just wish they'd do something more than just a launcher for Android. Work with one of the alternate ROM providers and go all in with Microsoft services built in rahter than trying to patch over Google junk.
  • Its very fast!! maybe that changes as they add to it. I've made EdgeChrome (Canary) my default on 2 out of 4 PCs and i'm working on the last 2 RIGHT NOW!!! I think I may even load edge back on my Pixel3XL...
    Edge is back!! I wish I could remove oldEdge now from every PC I use. Microsoft has a shot, I think you will see the numbers change very very soon, no not outright dethrone, but start to gain market share back... Once the other sync options are enabled, Chrome gets uninstalled!
  • It is too early to predict this Zac! What's the rush?
    I'll give it at least a couple of years... The C-Edge must pass the test of times....
  • I'm waiting for a Chredgebook
  • It's already my default browser!! I'm really liking it with the dark theme. I'm expecting Google to start thinking of a sabotaging strategy fearing a market takeover by Edge.
  • I doubt Google would do that, there are loads of browsers based on Chromium,i am using one myself.
  • But you are talking about Microsoft here vs all the other small potatoes that Google don't feel a threat.
  • Microsoft is also small potatoes, as far as browsers go.
  • So what do you think Google is going to do or could do?
  • Netscape FTW!!! But seriously, I will have to try out the new Edge tonight.
  • It is ok, it works the same as any other chromium based browser to be honest, the only difference is that it has Ms stuff built in, so you sign into an MS account instead of a google account if you want to sync, myself I don't do any of that.
    You also Send info about websites you visit to Microsoft instead of google. at the end of the day it is based on Chromium, so will not be that much different to using Chrome, I think people who say it is fast than chrome is imagining it. I check different websites on cent and Edge and there is no difference what so ever, even on sites like facebook and You tube. At some point i expect it will be combined into windows. not sure what they will do with the original Edge as it is integrated into windows just like IE is. People will use what they are used to and if Ms changes the UI to look like the original edge then that will certainly put people off. I will be staying with cent
  • Benchmarks say something different. Because MS removed a lot of googles bullshit, it's faster. But also, speed is really not an issue on todays browsers (sites where you would feel a difference are more or less only tech-demos). More important is that MS has done a lot to save energy (battery life ...) and also commited these changes back to the Chrome Sourcecode, so also Vivaldi & Co can benefit. And of cause, it brings the touch funcionality, PDF notes with Pens with it, which are missing or bad in other browsers.
  • Benchmarks are a load of rubbish, you can look at benchmarks all day and they do the tests in a perfect world. no doubt these benchmarks shows one is .0005 of a second faster than the other at doing such and such. Oh wow. It is chromium at the end of the day, it uses the same engine there is a limit how much can be done. sure they can improve the coding, maybe and may make it more efficient, but the chances that you or i will notice any difference is slim. i wonder how much energy it really will save, again will people really notice? A couple of minutes extra is not going to make much difference. Not that i bothered me as I don't have a laptop running windows and I do not use it that often anyway. The same with touch
  • So far I like it, andin a few days I may just dump Chrome from my laptop, mainly because the sites that really needed Chrome for are behaving nicely with the New Edge Canary.
  • That is because it is chrome, or the same engine anyway, so if a site works with chrome it will work the new Edge.
    Ms has to find a better name for it, we can't keep calling it the new edge.
  • IE12 maybe? *3 words min*
  • That would certainly put people off. :)
  • Being able to sign into your Microsoft account is really the only advantage Edge can give you. Microsoft doesn't have consumer cloud services to realize that advantage.
  • Just curious, what consumer cloud services are you talking about?
  • Any? Microsoft doesn't have a Gmail competitor, or Photos, or YouTube, or Maps, or contacts. You sign into Chrome and they are all automatically available to you. Microsoft doesn't have that. There is no compelling reason to use Microsoft's Chrome skin.
  • Ms has outlook, which has email, cloud storage, skype and office online and Cortana at the moment.
    Sure you can use them from any browser, but I presume MS would love to integrate them with their new browser. then you got office 365 and all that stuff.
    At work if we use the portal which is based on sharepoint and office 365, we are told to use chrome to acess it. Still using windows 7 at work and IE is way out of date.
  • Exactly. You couldn't have put together a more lame list. Microsoft has no relevant services to compete with Chrome.
  • disagree. the suite of Microsoft services such as Outlook and OneDrive is functionally the same if not better than the Google service, except maps, Google wins that one on UI and completeness, especially outside of US. Neither have music, MS has Skype for video. The problem with MS services arent the services themselves but they come with the baggage of the MS brand, experiences and history. Many people have written off MS as being archaic, whether it's true or not. Cling their services "lame" perpetuates the stereotype but your not the only one doing it. It will be really hard to change that perception and will take a long time. But this is all the consumer market and the new browser is not just for that market.
  • Will you ask this troll why he's here on Windows Central if he hates MS products so much?
  • So you are saying none of those services I posted above are not the same as Googles? Office is the standard, even the online one goes to the standard, I doubt google spreadsheet is as polished as Excel. Don't get me wrong it is ok, I know a couple of people with Chromebooks, so they use the online google services all the time and they think they are good. but office it will not be. Online storage is online storage for most people,, what is important is how mucxh they can get for free or as little cost as possible.
    again email is email, the UI makes a difference and the spam filters, but at the end of the day if you can send and receive email then it is fine. IU have not use MS Hotmail or what ever they want to call it for years now, but I have seen it in use and it seems ok. Where Ms have got Google is office 365, certainly for the home or small office.
    For £6 a month, I could get 1TB of storage and on top of that I would get all the MS office suite that can be installed on my computer. For another couple of quid a month I could have that for 6 users. no matter what your thoughts are on MS, that is flipping good value. Google can offer me 2TB of storage at £7.99 a month,, it used to be 1TB, but they have added another Terrabyte. That is it, no office suite apart from online. If that is all you want is lots of storage than it is pretty good. Dropbox is £7.99 for 1TB, a quid per month is knocked off if paid yearly. I use dropbox, but only the free one, it does what I need and I only hold a couple of documents in it. I am not really into this cloud storage thing and as for an office suite I use Libre office. So as you can see MS options is pretty good.
  • I have found that installing Web Pages as apps that I can run from my Start Menu just like a regular app is a real bonus. It's what got me to switch. Sites that don't have a Windows App or have a crappy Windows app, and I want easier access. Could I just visit the web page? Sure, but the app experience does away with the search bar/address bar and all the other clutter and gives me a cleaner window to work in. I've now got a banking app and other important account apps that were not available to me before. This sealed the deal for me. I've been wanting this on Windows ever since I started using Hermit on Android. Can't beat it for convenience.
  • You don't need Edge to do that.
  • you could do that in windows XP and before, ok you have to make shortcuts and pin them, but it have been possible for years.,
  • Edge has way better touch support. Also, you can use Chrome-Based Browsers now with the full MS Experience (Timeline ...) via extensions. Edge also offers OneNote integration for notes, no other browser does notes with Pen at this extend.
  • As if anyone cares about pen support, but Google Keep does have pen compatibility.
  • I don't make much use of any browser that uses the Chromium engine, because I don't like the way it takes over the UI. I want a normal title bar, I want a normal menu bar, and I want a search box separate from the URL box. For the time being, I'm sticking with Firefox.
  • It's a crap product/rebrand meant to rope users to garbage spam links, in order to continue promoting ill advised propoganda and to target advertisements to users. The links that show up in your default feed are all the same regurgitated websites that say crap like "save money on your insurance!" or "check out this news article from 5 years ago that's new today!", it's literally a bunch of crap. Microsoft is a good company but they'll find any way possible to aggregate the market, and so will Amazon and whoever else they work with. I like the idea, having competition is always a good thing... but Microsoft doesn't have real competition and neither does Amazon for that matter. I don't think these companies are inherently evil, but if YOU are a Windows Insider, you're not paying for Windows and you are actually getting harassed with advertisements and fake programs, viruses, malicious software, trackers, and aggregated data on a daily basis. This preview just went above and beyond to prove to me that is definitely the case... as I've seen some variation of all those links that showed up. Not to mention, the hamburger menu could've had the custom sliders right next to the actual pictures, maybe Microsoft likes to repeat themselves in order to make a point...
  • I think no. Many people still think that edge is explorer due to the logo, and because many people won't change Chrome because it's Google...
  • For me yes, for the average user no way. Most people stick to chrome.
  • They have their work cut out fixing all the bugs, I know its early days but some of them are basic...........
  • For me, It can. I have been on the internet much longer than 2008, so Chrome never been an option for me. I understand that Chrome picked up a lot of IE users. I also started with IE, logically, but i moved to Opera very quickly. Since then i have no reason to move on something worse. Only time when I thought to change was when Opera abandoned their engine. But even then Chrome was not an option. I stayed with new Opera, till Vivaldi came. But new Edge can beat Chrome to me, since I'm willing to give it a chance, more than Chrome.
  • Opera, Brave and Vivaldi are all based on Chromium. So it sounds a bit silly when you call moving to Chrome it 'something worse' cause it is 98 percent the same as the others. I wanted to like Vivaldi but the fact they don't code their UI natively for every platform it feels sluggish, even on my hardcore gaming PC
  • I think the new Edge with dethrone the old Edge and safari for windows, but I'm not sure about IE or Firefox. IE may die off on its own in 2 or 3 years as the Windows 7 numbers decrease.
  • safari for windows is dead and have been for years./
  • The question is why do we need another browser? What problem is it solving? When Chrome and Firefox gained popularity, browsing speed of IE for general users and W3C non-compliant pages that only worked on IE for developers were the predominant complaints. Today, speed and rendering are important but not the most pressing complaints from users; it is the issue of privacy. If the new Microsoft browser really wants to compete, it should solve an actual problem that is important to today's users. If the new browser is nothing but a new way for Bing to suck people's information for Microsoft like what Google Search is to Google, I don't think introducing another browser is needed. Solve a problem such as privacy, and I'll give Edge a second look.
  • Eh, it probably depends on who you ask. Rendering and quicker standards adoption is much more important to me than privacy. Plus, as trivial as it sounds, I think Fluent is superior to Material. For me, Edge using Chromium is really a dream come true.
  • Let' be honest to ourselves here, is it really a browser experience changing for you to gain a few milliseconds in rendering? Can you really not live with the performance of Chrome that you find a need for another browser?
  • Ms wants a browser so they can get you into their Eco system, so they are thinking if they use Chromiun, it make get more people using their browser and their eco system.
  • I think Microsoft is giving up on the consumer ecosystem. They are killing all the services. Chromium just gives them a cheap browser to be the default in Windows. I see no sign they care about the ecosystem at all.
  • They will not give up complexity, just those they can not compete in.
  • Which is all consumer services except games and movies because it is tied more to Xbox. And productivity. But I don't think the regular Joe installs office at their home PC/laptop. And those who do get it usually for free from work.
  • I see no indication that general users care much about privacy.
  • For the same reason when IE was the prima-browser and browsing experience was degrading until an upstart showed everyone that it was terrible. Tor browsers are popping up like mushroom, certainly developers see there is privacy problem. I read that even Mozilla is thinking about incorporating Tor browsing capabilities to their browser. I cannot tell if Tor browsing will be the answer, or if Tim Berners-Lee (the other www inventor) Solid platform will be adapted.
  • That is so true
  • Great to see the PWA aspect works well. Can install many pages as an app and stick to start screen. Edge was not well PWA enabled.
  • This is the entire reason for Chromium Edge. PWA support. There is simply no need for MS to be wasting time/resources on something as trivial as a browser.
  • Exactly. Chromium gives them a default browser for Windows and better PWA compatibility with next to no effort.
  • i have never even used PWA on my computer, I have done on my phone I expect.
    I prefer to do things in my browser.
  • I could see this working out great for enterprise as pages would render correctly and admins could control it with Group Policy.
  • Jimminey-cricket, please don't say that. Edge for Enterprise, Edge for Professional, Edge for Home give me nightmares. Cheers . . .
  • I downloaded the DEV (weekly updated) version of Edge Chromium and it's so much snappier than Chrome. I couldn't figure out why until I read another article that MS had either replaced or removed 50 services that Chrome uses. Definitely makes a difference in performance on my desktop at work. I sometimes would have 20+ tabs open in each Chrome Window, a couple Firefox windows open and some Edge windows open for different projects I was working on. Now I've only got Edge Chromium running with two profiles one where I imported my Firefox bookmarks and another profile for my Chrome bookmarks. Not missing Chrome or Firefox at all.
  • For the more technically minded people, yes. But for your average Joe who sees that name and logo and thinks 'Ugh, Edge', they will still just use it to download Chrome. Unfortunately, it's reputation with them is the same (or worse) than IE's. That's just the reality of the situation. A change of name/logo may help that, but there doesn't seem to be any indication at this stage that they're going to.
  • I don't have Chrome or any other Google product on my PC so the new Edge only has to be better than Firefox and unless they come out with an extension to download YouTube videos, which Google do not permit on Chrome based browsers, it will never fully replace Firefox on my PC or laptop.
  • There are Chrome extensions to download YouTube videos, you just won't find them in the store.
  • Mate, check MyTube! The awesome app.
  • I use Edge on my PC's and phone, so the way I see it, it is win win. Password sync on the phone edge isn't great. So hopefully it will improve. Is syncing working on this version?
  • I keep getting burned by MS, so it's a no from me.
  • I think it can in theory but not really in real world. Since Google Chrome is as synonymous to browsers as google is to web search. The only chunk of market it can snatch is that of enthusiast market which maybe wary of google's snooping practices and includes firefox, opera, tor or others. And existing enterprise IE market hopefully. Being late to tech has its consequences as Microsoft has well learned from Windows Phone failure and many of its digital store services and cortana and probably many more. So does have other companies in other categories I'm sure. To be honest this move is not about market share but to change their OS level platform to make it more compatible to PWAs and hopefully better future for UWPs. I hope it works without court cases though and we finally get to have a third ecosystem since I'm really tired of the duopoly of Apple and Google's hold over modern app ecosystems.
  • I'm writing this comment on Edgium so for starters I think it says a lot about the good work Microsoft did on the browser.
    And, personally, as soon as Themes and Sync with Mobile becomes available (so that I can get rid of that God awful grey mode that Microsoft irroneously thinks is a proper Dark Mode), I'll be switching from Chrome to it. However, beating Chrome is an entirely different story. Windows isn't growing as an operating system. So the big advantage of everyone having a PC with it, while real, won't really play a crucial role in it.
    And because what is growing is mobile devices, Microsoft is out of the race there. Rullings against the bundling of Chrome unto Android - such as the one passed by the EU - might help, but won't be enough. For Edgium to get back users Microsoft will need to do something that they're historicaly terrible at: marketing OUTSIDE their precious USA. Because that's where Chrome rules. In Europe for example, it's not even a competition. Chrome rules supreme and the second largest browser is Safari with less than 20% of marketshare. So unless Microsoft does a marketing push to show people that Edgium works as well as Chrome on the desktop AND is available also on their phones, it won't make a difference.
  • Microsoft gave up. This new Edge is just a cheap and easy way for them to "build" a new default browser for Windows. They don't really care if people use it. You will see minimal marketing if any at all. What good work did they do? Chromium was a nice standalone browser on it's own. Putting a skin and adding some of their features is child's play for Microsoft.
  • "Putting a skin and adding some of their features is child's play for Microsoft." And yet it took them over 10 years to manage to do a decent browser. So yeah. It's good work, considering their track record on browsers for the last 10-15 years. As for the absence of marketing, I don't doubt they won't market it. I was simply answering the question regarding "can it beat Chrome". Not "will it beat Chrome". It *can* beat Chrome. But it won't.
  • I think another, behind the scenes, rationale, is Edgium can keep Google honest in respect to the performance of Chrome on Windows. I dont think many would doubt that Google, having the dominant browser in Chrome, would gimp Chrome on Windows in order to point to "superior" Chrome performance on a chromebook.
  • Themes work. Just drop one in Edgium and the toolbar and titlebar match the style on Chrome. My custom skin works. There is no 'reset to default' button like in chrome but if you delete the theme in the extensions file folder it is gone as well
  • Are you using the Developer build or the Canary build? 'cause on the developer one I'm using it doesn't. When I try to install the theme from the Chrome theme store it tells me that Edgium doesn't support themes.
  • Forget Windows Central and its readers. The person whose opinion I really want to hear is bleached.
  • Someone must've said "Google" 3 times
  • One could only wish but it will never happen. Everyone I know runs to chrome asap. They don't even know why. They just do it.
  • I don't know I didn't try it yet
  • For an early build, it is really good, but it is built off a stable and mature platform. They will have a nice advantage if they can convince IT professionals that it will be easier to manage all those corporate systems by using the native browser... not impossible considering how many places still use IE still for internal processes. It needs some differentiators to make it work in the consumer space.
  • If Microsoft provides a robust ADMX group policy framework for it, yeah, a lot of us in IT are looking forward to this. They never really embraced OG Edge in this manner, plus, having it mostly tied to the Windows Feature updates kept a lot of potential users back a revision or two. In a way, it might also provide the tipping point to begin replacing all the corporate IE specific intranet code out there. For an Office365 org, the O365 portal extension puts the online versions of Office that much closer to the desktop. Very much a slam dunk here, if Edgium gets fully fleshed out.
  • Microsoft must market it as a "Chromium browser that is better than Chrome".
  • I think Microsoft will gain some market share (>10% hopefully including the old Edge).
    Those buying a new PC may feel good with the new Edge (once they know it is basically Chrome made by MS).
    Those already using Chrome are unlikely to try the new Edge.
  • Android devices currently more than windows devices and google chrome is their default browser
  • If it's still called Edge and it's bundled with Windows then no, it can't. The average user will just assume it's the same old Edge they didn't use before and then they will proceed to open up Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft doesn't understand it's not that all of their products are bad, it's that all of their products still use the old naming conventions like "Windows", or Edge with an icon that looked like IE which people stopped using. People don't like the names "Microsoft" or "Windows", not the products behind the names. It's the single biggest reason "Windows" Phone was doomed from the start.
  • I figured Microsoft just wanted to get out of old Edge. It's got to costly to maintain. And there were having problems getting websites designed on Chromium to work seamlessly, right? No good end in that game. So viola, they switched to the (mostly) industry standard engine to get rid of the costs and the hassle. And they cranked out this (to me) excellent version in, what?, 4-6 months? That's fast. Catching Chrome? I don't think that was the first objective.
  • "Can the new Microsoft Edge really dethrone Google Chrome?" Possibly, but it really does not need to. The default Windows browser just needs to be useable. Not the horrible junk that Edge has been for 3 years. However, it will have zero chance if it keeps the same name and icon. It desperately needs new branding. Keeping the "Edge" name is nothing but baggage.
  • Hey, I'll be using this new Edge. But seriously I'd not think It'll take over the internet by storm or anything.
  • Edgium has been my default for a couple of days, and it's looks and feels just like Google Chrome. Not entirely sure why really need to use Microsoft Chrome over Google Chrome...?
  • Of course it can, edge has some killer features that no other browser has, if Microsoft baked those into blink version of chrome, there should be no competition.
  • Ain't no way in Hell .. Chrome has a choke hold on the internet.
  • it won't get my vote until they delete bing !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just change the search engine. It's easy enough to do.
  • Its pretty easy process, but this will be tough enough for most people who are deeply connected to Google. (Almost everyone is)
  • Believe it or not, but Bing is saviour of internet. It is the only thing which has kept Google in little bit control.
    There is very very much difference between "being alone in the world" and having even very small competitor. Yes DuckDuckGo is also here, but not as good as Bing, except privacy.
  • Bing helped me to understnad Unreal Engine, helped me to understand / read the source code of their crazy complex animation system so I can do my own magic...
    Bing has its use... just saying.
    To me, Google is no longer necessary tbh
  • Bing is a total waste of space.
    Tried to find something out on bing, could I get the right answer? could I hell, had to go to google.
    i don;t normally use either of them, i prefer duck duck go.
  • Well the old Edge is rubbish, not working on a number of sites here in Oz, so it might be a chance but it needs to be an app on the Google Store or it's got two chances.... none and buckley's
  • is It not strange that most of comments received a dislike !!!!!!!??????
  • For me the biggest draw to Chrome is "Translate Site". No other browser has quick language translate. If Edge can short this one out I may ditch Chrome altogether.
  • It already as the 'search the web for image' and 'search the web' which uses your default search provider and not Bing. So I hope translation is coming too.
  • That was more of a timing issue rather than marketing /quality of the product. Windows Mobile came easy too late, people was already getting used to the 2 dominant OSes and there was not enough people to switch from their preferred system, or to initiate into the smartphone world in emerging markets. As for the article in question... I agree with others saying that this was merely an easy way to develop a default browser that wouldn't push people away when they needed Chrome based apps, extensions or functionality... However this might also be a time when it is again, too late and people over a decade got used to download and install Chrome as soon as you fire up your new device
  • Microsoft's move to Chromium is not meant to dethrone Chrome but to have a hand in controlling the web standards or the way web works. Microsoft has been committing to the Chromium project as well (rather than just focusing on building out Edgium/Chredge). As Windows moves past legacy to always connected PCs on ARM processors that only run on Store apps, compiling a Chromium Edge for ARM will definitely force the reluctant Google team to make an entry to the Microsoft Store, and that will definitely be success for Microsoft and the new Always Connected PCs, apart from incredible PWA support and a cheap, mature, stable base to build up the new Edge.
  • Heck no. Chrome has a lot of loyalists.
  • It won't be able to make even minor dent to chrome for normal users, however good it becomes. Only because Chrome is Google's browser.
    For businesses, I doubt if it will be significant to dethrone Chrome.
    But anyway numbers will be much better than present state.
  • I am sure it won't be able to achieve any significant numbers if the new Edge has any resemblance with either Edge or Internet Explorer, especially its logo.
    MS will have to convince user that it is a completely different thing, different from previous browsers.
    It will have to change logo for sure if it don't want to waste this final attempt.
  • If this Chromium Edge perform as well as Chrome, runs the same extension as Chrome plus,
    1. save the time DL and install another browser that does the same thing,
    2. no Google bloats e.g. Doctor Link, Google's own ad blocker
    3. 1 lesser service running in the background.
    4. sync bookmark, password, etc with phones, PCs, Xbox and all future WCOSes. Why do we need to spend time install Chrome?
  • Ha ha ha... Not a chance... Chrome has won and there's no way back for MS... Failure after failure... They have business and enterprise and it will be difficult for Google or Apple to break into their dominance of that market... Having said that MS have gone from a total monopoly of all sectors to losing market share in consumer sectors and then giving up... Their decision to base edge on Chromium engine is another capitulation... They will eventually give up on it as it won't gain market share... Skype is another example of blatant mismanagement... Share price still going up though as enterprise is all in and Windows 7's demise will further cement their grip on this sector...
  • I really like the current Edge. It is superior to Chrome based on the Jetstream and MotionMark benchmarks. It is sad to me that things are consolidating to fewer browser engines. I think Chrome is dominate mainly because of unfair practices Google did on their own websites to handicap other browsers. I have a real problem with open source. I happen think it spreads utilization, but that it slows innovation due to reducing competition and revenue potential. Microsoft though really had no choice though if they wanted Edge to work in Google websites. Google has a very strong motivation for Chrome to be dominate. A big source of their income is from their AdSense technology which works best in Chrome. They may continue their unethical practices by simply branching off Chromium engine for Chrome browser the optimization that will work on their websites, and Microsoft will be back where they were with Edge using EdgeHTML. For Edge to really catch on though, it will take more than just similar behavior to Chrome, people have to change habits. That will be an education uphill battle for Microsoft.
  • Of course it won't beat Google Chrome. Ever. Most users will only use Edge to download Chrome as that's what they want to use. I'm running the Dev build of Edge and it's excellent. I can easily see myself using it as my default on my Windows machines. However, the vast majority of people will continue to use Chrome as their default. Microsoft are just too late to repair the damage.
  • People hated Internet Explorer's dominance but the same isn't the case with Chrome. It's largely liked and Google are liked even more. I see the new Edge becoming number 2 for sure but not number 1.
  • Weird Windows 8 will be supported when 8.1 replaced it years ago.
  • Is it the same resource hog as Chrome??
  • Edge really has to solve a problem before it can be relevant again.
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  • Am use Edge Preview as well becouse of the edge one the phone for get Windows Timeline support, am pretty heavy invested into Google Ecosystem myself, becouse of Android Phone Tablets, iOS devices mac, windows computers, linux never relly have own a Windows Phone some is death, but am leaving some of Google Service for Microsoft, becouse of the nicley cross-plattform they working build on some support both, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. I like when service working on the device am using for the moment, but if am gonna be true to the answer, i dont think Edge ever will beat Chrome, becouse most stuff does on the phone now days and most people use Android, iOS with Google alredy support, most like gamers and office companys still use like computers today, so the number of people some requrier cross-plattform with Windows its to small for outpost the need for crossplattform for Windows, but am do think Edge gonna take atlest marketshare frome Chrome nd that gonna be frome people some today also use Windows computers.