Can you watch Disney Plus on a tablet?

Get your tablet (mode) on!
Get your tablet (mode) on! (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Can you watch Disney Plus on a tablet?

Best answer: Disney+ is available to watch right from your tablet, provided it's an Android tablet or iPad. You can also watch using a bunch of other devices, including your Android phone.All the Disney you can watch: Disney+ (From $7/mo. at Disney+)

Disney goes mobile

There are tons of awesome movies and plenty of TV shows on Disney Plus (Disney+). This means that you may be tempted to check out your favorite new releases on long train commutes, or to keep the kids occupied during long car rides.

Thankfully, Disney+ is available on a wide variety of devices, which includes both Android tablets and iPads. Not every tablet supports the Disney+ Android app and iOS app, but the requirements are pretty lenient:

  • Disney+ is supported on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and later.
  • Disney+ is supported on iOS 11.0 and later.

The benefit of watching Disney+ on a tablet is that your can download videos for offline playback, which you should absolutely do so that you have what I like to call "emergency magic" for watching when Disney+ servers are down or when you get trapped somewhere without Wi-Fi.

Having trouble watching on your tablet?

While playback errors and connection issues happen on any service, it's annoying when they happen on a tablet that you mostly use for media consumption. Error 83 is the issue you'll see most often, and when it occurs, normally all you need to do is close the app once and then try again.

If you're consistently seeing issues on your tablet while the Disney+ app works properly on your phone and TV, I'd recommend clearing the cache on your Android tablet, and if that doesn't work, you may need to consider factory resetting the tablet to clear out whatever funk is causing issues.

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