Capcom's Disney Afternoon Collection is a blast from the past with 6 retro games

Capcom has taken the wraps off of the Disney Afternoon Collection, a bundle of six classic Disney games headed for Xbox One, PC and PS4. If you grew up on the likes of Darkwing Duck and DuckTales in the late eighties and early nineties, then you're definitely going to like this concentrated blast of nostalgia.

The 6 titles in the bundle include:

  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2
  • Darkwing Duck
  • DuckTales
  • DuckTales 2
  • TaleSpin

Rather than slapping the six games in a bundle an calling it a day, Capcom has also thrown in new Boss Rush and Time Attack game modes that should offer a new spin on the classic titles. Boss Rush lets you tackle a lineup of bosses one after another, while Time Attack lets you compete for the fastest time completing a level. There's also a new rewind feature that lets you jump back in time and recover if you miss a jump or otherwise make an error.

In addition to the above, all of the games' visuals have been updated to support 1080p resolutions. As part of a trend we saw recently with the NES Classic Edition, there are also filter options that can recapture feel of playing the games as they were originally presented.

The Disney Afternoon Collection is set to land digitally on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on April 18 for $20.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Pre-ordering now if I can.
  • Holy crap I loved Tale Spin.
  • I had a lot of fun doing chip n dale co-op with a friend when I was a kid. I laughed until my belly hurt messing around.
  • Rescue Rangers for the win!!!!!  
  • Yes!!!! I want them all!!
  • Amazing
  • I'm a little confused by the "Full 1080P" claim in the video... these certainly don't look remastered. Nevertheless, I'm in!
  • Each original pixel is shown as 6x6 pixels blocks for 1080p Full HD glory, instead of the 4x4 blocks they would be in 720p !
    I've heard they plan to even support 4K with 12x12 pixels blocks, quite amazing really :p

    On a more serious note, yeah, sounds like the marketing department didn't get the note these were retro games. Upscaled graphics should never be allowed as advertised resolution.
  • It just means they'll be full screen, unlike games in the Rare Replay collection for example, that were just in the middle of the screen with a border around them.
  • The videos shown in the ad look 4:3, they might be 1080 high, but they don't look 1920 wide...
  • The inner kid In me says yes!
  • Sweet!  I would prefer a full remaster (bought Duck Tales Remastered, good game), but still fun to play these old games.  For $20, not bad.
  • Nice. Wasn't chip and dale the hard ass game on NES?
  • It was, and I actually finished it back in the day. Oh to be a kid again and actually find the time to finish games.
  • You speak more truth than I'd like to admit to.
  • Yes indeed. I finish them now, but it may take me 6-9 months to play 100-200 hours instead of a few weeks. The sad part is that I can count on my hands (maybe one) the games I actually finished on my NES when I had all the time in the world to play as a kid. I guess I sucked at games, though that was the times where games didn't use difficulty levels and were just hard. Ah, those were the days.
  • Yeah same here lol
  • Maybe you did suck at games, maybe you didn't. But, I will tell you that it probably doesn't matter as we seem to lose it as we get older anyway lol. I probably beat every game I owned on the NES when I was a kid. Sadly, today I would probably struggle immensely to even beat one of them. Sometimes I wonder if this is due to just age and lack of time alone or if it is also from being used to years of so many games holding our hands until we were ready to face the big bad game world on our own. Today = go do this, here is why you want to do this, here is why we're telling you why you want to do this. Back then = press start, good luck.
  • That is a fantastic description of the evolution of gaming.
  • The thing with NES games was that, they had to be long enough to be worth the money, but they also didn't have saves.  You had to finish the game in one sitting, or pause it, and hope it didn't overheat and die while you were at school.  Also, unless you got Nintendo Power, you had to figure everything out on your own.  Which is why, pethetically, I never finished Super Mario Bros.  My jerk cousin bragged about beating it, and would never tell me the steps to 8-4, which he got from the magazine.  Now, there pretty much isn't anything you can't learn by jumping on YouTube, where some 10 yr old is showing your middle-aged brain how S#!t gets done, lol.
  • Yeah, I remember the days where I couldn't give up after 5 minutes of effort and reach 2 feet over and find the answer. I try to stop myself most of the time, but it is just too easy and usually fail. Damned technology!
  • My 4 yr old used to be big into Mario Bros on the Wii.  I had beaten the game well before he was born, but now he's almost as good as me (definitely better than my wife, lol).  And he even likes to watch it on YouTube.  One day, on level 1-1, I told him he had to move, or he'd get crushed when the rotating pipe hit the side.  He said "No! I need to get the coins!".  And sure enough, there was a secret area, that I never knew about, with a bunch of coins and 1-ups!  I was like, how did he know that?  Then I saw him watching a YouTube video of it.  I'm not sure if he found it by accident (plays without me during the day), or if he saw it on there.  But I was just amazed that I never knew it existed.
  • I don't remember how I found out about that section in that level probably almost 30 years ago. Probably word of mouth. I have never been too good at finding secrets myself. Even by today's standards.