Chase Mobile app will be removed from the Windows Phone Store on Jan. 26

Chase Bank plans to remove its Chase Mobile app from the Windows Phone Store on January 26, according to a number of reports sent to us today by Windows Central readers.

The first version of the Chase Mobile app launched for Windows Phone devices in September 2012 and allows Chase Bank customers to monitor their accounts, pay bills and more. The app was later updated to run on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. The app was last updated in August 2014.

The message sent to Chase Mobile Windows Phone app users did not indicate why Chase Bank is ditching its Windows Phone app. We at Windows Central have learned that the app itself will be deactivated on March 22. The decision was apparently made to simplify their product offerings — they feel that there are not enough Windows Phone users to justify its continued support. We have contacted Chase to see if they can confirm this report.

Thanks to everyone who sent us tips!

John Callaham
  • I hope the other banks don't follow and make this a trend.
  • Not just banks, but other apps as well. With no snap chat, feature-lacking instagram, and now no chase, I will have no choice but to leave WP.
  • You really won't miss WP. I switched back to the iPhone, and I love having all the apps and features that WP doesn't have. Plus, all the Microsoft services are on the iPhone and Android devices, so you really won't lose anything.   Something else is that Microsoft prefers other platforms more than their own. Office is SO MUCH better on the iPhone than wp, and onedrive and onenote have touch id support. 
  • Really? Why are you on WPCentral then?
  • Probably because he likes WP, but wanted to have access to the apps. If WP had all the app support, I wouldn't look anywhere else.
  • Exactly, thanks man. I originally had an iPhone 4 and a mac, then got the dvp, then the 900, then the 920, then the sp2. I loved the 920, but I couldn't hold onto it much longer. I wanted something new, and new flagship WPs on AT&T did not arrive in September, when I was getting a new phone. So, I either had to wait until NOVEMBER for an Android phone that is already a bit outdated (the One M8 WP) or the 830, which did not have the specifications for me in order for it to be a flagship phone to my standards. Or, get the 1520, which was too big for me and already a year old. So, I decided to switch back to Apple, and got a Mac and the iPhone 6. I am very satisfied, and it has app support. Not just having the apps, but having them being supported is very important.   Might I mention that even right now, there are no new flagship WPs. The last REAL one was the Icon/930, and I can't get that. Plus, it's too thick and heavy for my taste.
  • I agree ... I moved to android ... I still have WP for development purpose ... development is also pain on WP ... MSFT needs to wake up ... MSFT writes awesome apps for android such as lock screen etc ... and we as developer can't do same on WP platform
  • Having 10+ years of web development background and working mostly with PHP, I must say that developing for WP (and universal apps) is sweet and easy. And I always see how my colleagues are forced to use 3rd party libraries or extensively coding basic functionality that is done via like 2 lines of code on WP. Well, either you're trolling or you're quite a lousy .NET developer.
  • you are moron ... you have no idea what you are talking ...    ne ways let me ask you this is it possible in WP to change theme the way we do in android ? also background tasking, multi threading, there is no proper HTTP stack built in windows phone ... also apis to access wifi blue tooth and screen related.  I understand you are fan of WP ... but wake up ... microsoft has written quality apps for other plattforms using above apis i mentioned and not for their own doesnt that bother you ? 
  • Lol WP has a better HTTP stack then iOS, has background tasks, and has a universal theme engine that Android doesn't even have.
  • You have to call him a moron to make your point? Feel good about yourself now... Go ahead tell your "I Feel Good" See your first line would have felt better with only "xxx xxx xxxxx ... you have no idea what you are talking ... "
  • Well said❗ Very well said... MS needs to take mobile more seriously.
  • Hey❗❗❗ What features are you enjoying most that WP still doesn't have❓ I need more perspective.
  • there are plenty of features my friend ... such as you can change home screen of android ... you can make it look like WP .. also full built in http stack. apps like airdroied makes life easy also scheduling apps etc ... 
  • Nothing you mentioned there is appealing, or makes me long for it....... Anything else that's actually important, or innovative, that would be cool to have on WP❓
  • Banking / Finance. MSN Money does not have trade, lags, and does not update fast Chase.. Well >.>  
  • how about apps themselves? AA (which I fly with frequently) pulled their app. Many of the banks have no apps on wp. WP has become stagnant because MSTF is reinventing it all the time. The settings page is a mayham. The action center is almost a year old but still looks like something from android 2.2. Where is the new flag ship WP? MSTF is treatin WP like a bastard child that no one wants.
  • Yep!!! It's MS who is the ultimate reason why we're loosing official apps.
  • how about interactive notification center on android replace keyboard etc... if these things doesnt appeal you may be you will be fine with Nokia's new Feature phone. you don't need a smart phone.
  • Well, looks like WP10 has a interactive notification system, and one of my most wanted request,, a floating keyboard that has voice dictation throughout the entire OS....
    I don't really think WP is at a feature disadvantage anymore... Especially after our little chit chat.... I was looking for some really cool can't live without features.. Maybe we'll come up with something..
    Nevertheless, interactive live tiles would be nice.. That way I can finally have my music controls on my start screen.. Im sure that's coming though
  • I'll name some. Touch ID, my design taste, ringer switch, charger that works both ways (make fun of me all you want for liking that, but it's a really nice touch), more accessory options and support, better in-store support (because more retail stores), iMessage and FaceTime (sorry, but Skype is not the same), more apps, Apple Pay, extention like stuff in Safari (Bing Translator to translate a webpage, for example), etc.
  • The charger, and accessories, things are cool!
  • A proprietary charger? Seriously? The forthcoming USB standard should cover that, so forget going proprietary.
  • I forgot about that... But, nobody is arguing that proprietary is better, rather the iPhone charger has it's advantages over our current USB...
  • Sorry mate, but half of what you are saying is not used by the average user. Nothing to miss on WP.
  • Yeah.. Features aren't really an issue.... It's all left up to apps, and marketing..
  • You realize I said etc? That means I didn't say everything. I can add a few more if you stop wish.   Actionable notifications, 3rd party keyboard support, dual tone flash, true slow motion, 60FPS capturing, etc. 
  • Dual tone flash? Really... Lol. That's a hardware thing...
  • Charge plug inserts both ways? Haha, I just plop my Lumia down on my wireless charger, I've used my plugin charger maybe twice the 18 months Ive had my Lumia. But seriosly your not helping the eco system or yourself by trying to get ppl on iPhone. Iphone fanboys never realize the more they flaunt their iDevices the more Apple moves toward a smartphone monapoly. Not to say they mind plonkin down $3000 for a grossly overpriced devise.
  • Obviously ever device, even Lumia's, don't come with wireless charging... Even my high end us 1520 doesn't have it... Now, every WP device has a USB slot.... That's the point.
  • Lol I found a realist. I thought I was going to see people saying they were going to switch banks
  • I thought so too lol. I heard when CVS said they aren't doing Apple Pay that CVS customers who had iPhones and loved Apple Pay wanted to switch to Walgreens.
  • I will definitely be switching banks.
  • I will be doing the opposite. Been thinking of switching to a better bank already, this is the final straw. Goodbye Chase!
  • Marcrey, ok but what other banks have WP apps?
  • They're all pretty much bastards so I can say this a little easier. Bank of America has a nice WP App.
  • Then what happens she they leave? Are they gonna be bastards❓
  • Etrade Bank, Compass Bank, and AES Credit Union. I can now safely close by Chase account.
  • Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Ally to name a few. 
  • Are the websites really that much less convenient than the "apps?"  These iphone/Android vs. wp debates have not changed in 4 years.  It's like a soap opera, the same story over and over.  I am a Chase customer for example.  I never used the app because I doubted it could give me anything I don't have on the website.  The American Airlines app, on the other hand, gave me push notifications on the start screen that I miss.  It's not terribly inconvenient to open up on my 1520, not a big deal.  The person who said they "needed something new" helped me understand the iphone appeal.  It's not so much about what it can or can't do, it's more about being one of the first to have it.
  • Pepsicocom, the big difference between website and app? QUICK DEPOSIT. I don't get paper checks often, but when I do, I take a picture of the check and it's in the bank. I haven't been to the branch or an ATM since installing the app almost 2 years ago. I love my WP more than I love my bank, so I will definitely be switching.
  • What bank best supports WP?
  • I switched to Ally and never looked back. Online Bank
    0.84% interest rate on Money Market Savings
    0.01% interest checking
    Pays all ATM fees for debit card withdrawals
    Fantastic App, check picture depostits, etc.
  • Nice 
  • Wells Fargo supports WP and even BlackBerry. That's service!
  • USAA was there for me day one with WP7 (my little Surround), launch with Mango, a little delayed with WP8 (updated from 7.5), and all-new re-launch for 8.1. ​"Excellent" is an understatement of USAA as a bank and their support of WP. ​
  • We're only a few updates away from having everything we use here on Android.  They just need to get the widgets for the MSN apps and I'm gone.  The only thing that keeps me on WP is my love of the live tiles. Or maybe Microsoft sould just call it a day and create a Android phone with a WP Launcher.
  • That's what we said a few years ago. You realize that while wp may add some features from the other oses, that the other oses will add new features that will take another year or two for Microsoft to add/copy? It's an endless cycle. 
  • Well, uh, buh bye?
  • I just said that out loud in Jack Blacks voice... You sir, have just made my night... I think I shall go and watch High Fidelity while I wait for the Live Stream to start...
  • Snapchat??  LOL!!! yes, I agree, iPhone is for anyone for whom snap chat is a must have application.  LOL!
  • First off, no one mentioned snapchat. Second, it is one of the most used apps on the iPhone, and many people want it officially on WP if they want to switch. 
  • LOL! That is not very nice to call kane4fire, another poster, "nobody" LOL: kane4fire   Not just banks, but other apps as well. With no snap chat, feature-lacking instagram, and now no chase, I will have no choice but to leave WP.     1 1 day ago So, yes, I agree with you that snapchat is widely used.  In my opinion, that makes it important and valuable to its creators and to Apple, the entities that are profiting from the app.  It will go the way of facebook, everybody will have it but it will be less and less useful to them.
  • This line of thinking by Chase makes no sense. If they made it a Universal app, they'd have more users than iOS and Android. Maybe Windows 10 will change their mind on this.
  • Change your line of thinking, and look at the root cause.... They have a business to run, just like any other company... They don't have anything against MS, it's just that MS isn't trying as hard, or harder if that's what they need to do, than Google, Apple, or Samsung.... Blame MS when you see stuff like this, or you're just wasting your time.
    I'm not trying to be rude, but that's my honest to god opinion... Sorry if it offends anyone, but I'm sticking with my attitude until I see results❗
  • There might not be as many of us as other platforms, but there are still a lot of us. Regardless, all they are doing is hurting their own brand.
  • Yeah that's true, and they make million and millions of dollar in profit so I asked myself how much it cost a Bank like Chase to keep an app running, it really suck.
  • It's rodneyej, that troll from every article comment section. Moderators, please wake up.
  • I've been with WP since the beginning, probably before you had your first flip phone, son... I've had multiple WM devices, and I still have a 920, and a 1520 that I use for my everyday device... I've been to MS headquarters, and been to numerous WP events here in the Dallas area....
    MS has sent me t shirts, and an assortment of WP collectables because of my input about WP..
    I am the biggest WP fan❗
    It's fake WP fans like you who contribute nothing to the platform except calling well know WP fans stupid things like trolls.. What have you done? Where have you been? How long have you supported Windows?
    ....... Maybe you're the real troll here... Think before you open your mouth again.
  • Well said used to be really aggressive sometime back...but recently you've taken a more balanced attitude towards WP...its neither hardcore fanboyism or criticism... no more extremes people....thats what we need here...:)
  • Nobody's perfect... But, my message is still the same... Thanks.
    Apple gets the job done, and it's fans are happy for the most part.
    Google gets the job done, and it's fans are happy for the most part.
    And, Samsung gets the job done, and it's fans are happy for the most part...
    ........ But, MS has consistently failed in Mobil, and it's fans make excuses for them,,, almost as if it's acceptable for MS to fail, while the others don't... What kind of support is that for a platform❓ A lot of WP fans are just sore losers, and would rather make excuses, and give up, than state what's really wrong, and fight for the platform...
  • Yes!
  • Well said!
  • Blame Microsoft for giving Chase the ability for writing an app that would be on over 100 million devices this minute? No, this is 100% laziness on the part of Chase. There are more devices running Windows 8.x than iOS! A universal app would mean Chase would have access to every Windows 8.x user as well as ever Windows Phone user. Not to mention that would carry over to Windows 10. It is Chase that has decided the 100 million so users of Windows 8.x don't matter to them. If that isn't a large enough user base, I don't know what is.
  • "There are more devices running Windows 8.x than iOS!" This isn't even close to true, there are 100's of millions of iOS devices out there. Between iPhones and iPads Apple probably sold another 90 million devices last quarter!
  • It is the truth when you look at all the Phone, PC & Tablet users and the fact that ipad does not run all the same apps as iphone.
  • According to StatCounter, Win 8.x is on as many active devices as iOS. IPhone users are more likely to upgrade than other users. Replacing one iOS device with another may increase the market share, but it doesn't increase the usage share. Rumors are Windows 8.x hit 200 million last year. That is a pretty damn big market for Chase to ignore.
  • Here's statcounter: iOS is many times (roughly 4) larger than Win 8x. iOS sees a lot of upgrades because people don't want to leave the eco system, yet still they manage more than 30% of sales to new users. As for Windows 8 Chase probably finds (and they would have data) that most desktop users are fine with the web interface. This is all about the lowly WP platform.
  • Your StatCounter chart is wrong. You can not start the chart in 2008 as it will ony show the majors in 2008. For an accurate chart you have to start in 2014. That is why 'other' is huge in Dec 2014. For Dec 2014: iOS = 11.91% Win 8.x = 10.91%
  • But, that doesn't matter if the app isn't being used... The damn PC modern app definitely doesn't count as much as the phone app, so it's a stupid argument... Which app do you use more? The WC phone app, or the WC modern app in W8❓ lol.. Don't be a blind MS fan.. Get real.
  • I use Modern Apps on my tablet. I can see and I'm real.
  • Lol!! Now, you're just being difficult.
  • I use modern app most also. Even when web browsing, I use the ie on the metro. I can tell you that I spen 80% of my time on metro apps versus desktop. More reason for my case scenario why I thought the RT devices are awesome. I have SP2, 3 RT for our high school kids. 2 other Win 8.1 (non RT) 10.1" tablets. Our Desktop (All in 1) is hardly used, I truly mean Hardly used. Remeber, this is my household use scenario.
  • Exactly❗
  • Companies actually review trends and analyze where transactions are being processed so even if you want to use your 100 million Windows device number that doesn't mean 100 million people are accessing Chase resources from those devices. If that was true well then you would see this app being updated and maintained on a regular basis. Ther simple fact is there is a very small adoption any most people sitting at a Windows 8.x laptop or tablet are accessing the online banking app and not wanting a mobile app. The banking industry is still hurting to retain profit margins for their investors so saving $100k/year and not worrying about the few Windows Phone users is a pretty good decision on Chase's part. This is why you are where you are and why Chase is a multi-billion dollar company.
  • Exactly❗
  • You are correct about the metrics. But do you even have a clue how much a bank makes to say that 100K is something that wories them?  Or even how many people have downloaded this app? If a bank worries about 100K cost per year... oh my! they must be in really deep shit! You better move to a different bank! It's all about ROI.
    So let's assume this, even if out of this, say 100M WP users, only 50K use the app, and facilitate transactions frequently and that makes a profit for the bank about $10 each, they could be making 500K per year by providing this service. Not to mention saving from a number of other costs.
  • Ha, did you just seriously try to play off $100k like it was nothing? It doesn't matter what company you are or what your profits are, if you are spending $100k on something that you are not getting a return on then that is just bad business to continue spending that money, plain and simple. If you try to argue otherwise well then please tell me where you work so I can avoid that company like the plague. It is really amazing how people can't get it through their head that companies do research and implement products based on that research. If someone is making decisions based off of personal reasons and not actual research well then they won't be in business very long. If there was a worthy demand for the app well then it would continue to be updated. Just because there are 100 people on this forum complaining doesn't mean Chase should ignore their research and cater to those 100 people.
  • As I told you under a different post, you really have no clue. A bank makes 100K in significantly less than a minute. And I repeat, if my bank was as desperate as you, to think that 100K is any serious expense.. I would leave that bank immediately. BTW! 100K is the cost of developing an average quality/complexity app for all platforms. So for WP the cost is actually about 30-40K IF done independently.
  • Obviously all those 100 million users haven't downloaded the app.. Lol! Dude. Use your brain.. Get real, and look at the reality of the situation... MS has not yet created enough users for it's mobile products, and W8 has too little market share... Argue that with Chase's annalist.. SMDH.. Some of you WP fans are really no different than iDroid closed minded, super biased, sheep. Wakeup.
  • Rant - I just need to vent: I remember when everyone thought WP apps might run on Windows 8, and got excited. Never happened. To this day I don't know why Bluestacks can get Android apps running on Windows but Microsoft never opened up those millions of Windows 8 machines to WP app developers. Sure, you'll hear the same promise tomorrow with Windows 10, but the old WP apps still won't run on Win 10 PCs. And, it'll be a year before the carriers will upgrade phones. It's so frustrating, and the pace of change for WP is glacial. Where's the new office? When will Windows Phones integrate with Windows PC in any way that's special? Hell, Apple is sharing calls between 2 different OS kernals, why can't Microsoft (which forced new phone hardware) do any close on the same Win8 kernal? What the hell was all the Win8 single kernal talk about any way? Why the hell did Microsoft make snipp3t an iOS exclusive? If its low WP adoption and support costs, can Microsoft blame other companies for making the exact same decision? Everyone is tired of waiting on Microsoft to deliver, and treat mobile as more than a bad hobby. Just make freaking emulator that allows the WP apps to run on Windows PCs and tablets. Why not? Are they seriously going to ask developers to remake all their apps now as new Win10 universal apps? It'll be a year to see Win 10 on current devices, and even more time to see significant apps written for it. I'll be old a retired before that happens. Make what's available now, available everywhere. Then, maybe important apps, like the Chase app, won't go away.
  • I think I agree with you on Microsoft using the weight of Windows to drag Windows Phone forward. They should have already been able to link some functions between the phone and the Desktop OS. My boss uses Apple (longtime Windows user till this year) and brags about the ability to pick his phone calls on his Mac.
  • @Infosage. Your anger is misdirected. Universal app (if coded) _WILL_ run on Window 8 and Windows Phone 8. How do I know? I develop them myself. The app developers are not moving to the Universal model. In large part many Windows Desktop app developers aren't moving to the store. Its a fair leap from Desktop to mobile, particualrly is something is Win32. I don't understand why Chase need that much support for an app. Banking apps tend to be very simple in their features, and the apps are pretty reliable so whats the support? This smacks of internal Chase Bank politics, particularly as supporting an app is pennies in comparison to their multi billion dollar turnover? This certainly isn't likely to be money, just someone in their IT dept with an axe to grind, prolly an Apple lover :)
  • Then why wont chase support WP❓
  • Spoken like a true freelance app developer. If you worked at an actual corporation, let alone a financial institution, you would know that the IT departments do not dictate the products and their features that are released to their customers. How do I know? Because I actually do work in that type of environment. You are probably the typical app developer that creates an app and never updates it again. Please post the name of one of your successful apps that you have developed. Let's think this through... How much would you charge a company like Chase to create a Windows universal app for them? How much would you charge to support it when something goes wrong? How much would you charge them to do testing when new devices come out? How much would you charge them to continue to build in updates with new features? So now take all of those dollar amounts and add them up and that is just what you, an unsuccessful app developer, would be asking for. Now let's snap back to reality and think there is more than one person in a large company like Chase that are performing all of those items that I listed above plus some. It's plain and simple, if they are not getting the return that they think they should be then it is not worth dumping more and more money into it. That is business. I can guarantee this though, if one day Windows phones become popular you will see another app released almost immediately. Haha, man internal Chase Bank politics. I just had to read that and laugh again. That statement proves that you have little knowledge of how a large corporation works.
  • I work for one of the largest digital agencies in the world. We do apps for many banks, transportation organizations,  and other global multibillion corporations. Also many the vast majority of our developers are huge google/apple fans. What hwangeruk  says is absolutely correct. The clients also ignore WP because of what they read in the papers about it. They actually have no clue and mostly base their decision on the low percentage they read and not the actual number, the millions of users that it translates to. This is exactly the case especially for our North American clients. Not so much in certain European countries or some Asian and Middle east countries.  Even when the clients are in doubt, they ask us, and our devs based on the amount of work we have often advise against it. They would rather make the next iOS app.  
  • Ok.. So that's the issue.... Tell me who's job it is to fix that perception issue.
  • Perception issues are by far the most difficult to fix, simply because the other end has to be  ready to take in what you suggest and not to be influenced by other, opposite "signals". As you understand in a free, open market this is not possible. All that Microsoft can do is keep trying their best and hope it will be recognized by an audience that is used to be spoonfed and really doesn't give a damn. Unless their immediate circle breaks the loop.  
  • If I worked for a company that got paid to build an app for each mobile OS well then I would push them to have a Windows Phone app still too. Hell I would tell them that they need a WebOS specific version too. That is not due to actual research but rather based off of your company making more money. That is good business for you but not for your customers.
  • @yacoby54 No, not a freelance developer at all. So guess again. You even refer too 100k as a lot of money. Trust me, I see bodies sat in chairs costing that much every day and worth precisely 0. Trust me chap, I have a better handle on internal IT BS politics than you ever will. And executive decisions are made by mad Apple loving freaks every day. Either as brain dead as that or "golf course" decisions. If you are working somewhere that can still add up the pennies and has a razor sharp handle on costs, then you definitely don't work at a corporation the size of the one I am currently at chief :) This app will either by a 3rd party or a small internal team, and in the overall size of Chase's IT budget it will literally be a line item like stamps on their Opex budget. If you think it costs bottom line hurting money then you really are not qualified to discuss this topic. 
  • Ha, you are a riot. I wouldn't trust you to hold the door for me let alone try to give me advice on business with the nonsense you are spewing out. You know what happens to companies that don't keep track of what they are spending their money on and just act like they have an unlimited bank account? Let your brain stay on vacation while I answer that for you. They make very little money and drive their company into the ground. Does it cost money to make money? Sure does but that doesn't mean you just throw money at something that is not making you money. You can stay at your corporation "chief" and continue to be the worthless employee that you speak about. Let me correct myself from my previous post, you are right you are not a freelance developer, you are worse. You are leech employee who just sits there collecting a pay check while not adding any value to your employer. I guess I shouldn't expect anything from someone like you who think that Apple controls the world and Microsoft is getting a raw deal. Go back to your make believe world conspiracy theories and let the real profedsionals make the hard decisions. Spoiler Alert! Getting rid of the WP app was not a hard decision, it was a no brainer.
  • You really have no clue. At all.
  • Ha, right on.
  • @yacoby54 Unfortunately I find your angry low level techie made up thoughts not so humorous. If you truly believe that large companies base every decision they make on detailed research you really are a complete moron. The Chase App isn't a revenue generator (not direclty), its  just a cost, and likely to be a very small one. Yes, 100k is a small amount of money. In your little land it might not be, but even in a mid sized company I see those amounts of money p*ssed away on pet projects and poorly implemented systems year after year. When you one day get a grown ups job in a sizeable company you too will see it. I'm glad you have a firm grasp of what I do (<- note thats sarcasm, of course you don't) you should do my yearly appraisals. No I don't think Apple controls the world you hard of thinking person. I can absolutely tell you that I have sat with execs and board members who know of nothing else but Apple, and want all of IT to revolve around it. If you don't think those people exist, then again you really haven't been a manager in IT of any worth. Which I know from your deluded responses anyway.  You have no idea why Chase got rid of their app, we won't know their  motivations, but outright cost is very unlikely to be one of them given that the cost compared  to their overall IT budget will be a speck on a spreadsheet.
  • :) You just keep proving my point with every message you post. Is $100k a lot of money in the grand scheme of things to a multi-billion dollar company? Of course not but is spending $100k a lot of money when you spend it on something that is not providing an adequate return? Absolutely, no matter how much money you have. When you have idiots like you and these "execs and board members" that you love to talk about waste $100k acting like it is nothing and do it many times over, well that adds up. You're too "hard of thinking" to realize that I never claimed I knew the exact reason but I did give you some possible reasons. I get it though, you don't understand how IT departments run. You still think that the "IT department" is one actual group of people that all do the same thing. Seriously it's ok that you don't know any different because most people don't. I don't fault you for that, I forgive your ignorance. BTW, if you think this back and forth has been a "techie" conversation then you are just arguing just to argue because it has nothing to do with it... but I am sure you already knew that because of all of the execs and board members that you sit with.
  • Well said, dude❗❗❗❗❗
  • Because Bluestacks is an emulator?
  • "Everyone is tired of waiting on Microsoft to deliver, and treat mobile as more than a bad hobby." I am not tired yet, i enjoy my phone very much. But I understand many other people might feel this way. So I find this statement very true. Many people say the want to see a true high end phone, and many of these people may not admit it, but they would still buy the cheaper model and brag about the higher end one to defend their purchase. Something like buying a pair of Ferrari shoes. It is called "the halo effect" and no matter what, Microsoft really needs one. Nokia sabotaged them in that aspect. Let's see what they are going to present tonight! This presentation is crucial for Microsoft. I hope they have realised that. But I am afraid that whyt we might see, although amazing for Desktop and tablets, may not be very impressive or even significant for WP. Especially when I heard that they abandoned GDR2 in order to push more on Windows 10 i felt that they have difficulty pulling their weight.
  • Yes, they do have a business to run, but at this point the existing app is a sunk cost. What is the value in pulling it even if they were never to update it again? That's the infuriating part.
  • You should change your line of thinking it is MS Fault, it is a market issue. Chase will drop their windows phone devs to save money. NOT MS FAULT just chase being cheap to save money with tax increase rumors for banks from state of union from Obama
  • SMH... No.
  • Oh yes, blame MS that someone decided to not develop, or continue to develop an app. Dude you have officially drank the kool-aide.
  • Then who's to blame? Chase? What, they have something against MS?.. Lol. Dude, grow up.
  • So a bank has the power of forcing me to leave a mobile platform?ahahah. No. I decide which platform to use as long as I decide which bank I want to make profit with my money.
  • I alway pause when someone seeks to edify by saying "they have a business to run". This implies that no smart business has any business being in the business of Windows Phone, which is just flat out wrong.  The blame on this, in my opinion, falls squarely on Chase.  Microsoft can't force Chase to make an app or to maintain one.  Seeing that they already have one, what are the maintenance costs?  How many users do they currently have that access their accounts via WinPhone? How much outreach are they doing to ensure that people even KNOW they have a Windows Phone app? No, you are not wasting your time if you "blame" the companies that aren't making/updating their apps.  They need to hear from their customers. 
  • I agree that users should complain to the companies that don't support WP, but furthermore that the root cause is more MS's fault than the developers....
    So, Chase doesn't want to support WP anymore ,,,that sux..... But, why does chase not want to support WP anymore? Because of market share? The amount of people downloading the app on WP devices?.... How is that Chase's fault? Is that more a issue that lies with MS, especially when what we're ultimately talking about here is not just the Chase app, rather the entire WP store?
    I think we should be able to see who we really need to be complaining to fairly easily here..
    Reasonably, we can ask Chase not to pull the app, but if they do then we can't blame them... But then the question is,,, why does iDroid still have the app? Should we blame Google? Samsung? Apple? Chase?............. No. This is Microsoft's store. Microsoft's store.... Nobody else's.
  • Well, we disagree.  Microsoft can only do so much?  There are other questions that we need to ask. Why do BofA, Wells Fargo, USAA and other banks have apps for Windows Phone? How many customers are needed to make it worthwhile?  Did their lead position with Apple Pay have anything to do with this?  We can't universally say that Microsoft is creating an environment that isn't conducive to developer success.  Chase doesn't give any visibility to their Windows Phone app.  They potentially have customers who use WP, but have no idea that an app exists.  Sure, it's their store, but they can't force vendors to stock the shelves.
  • That's exactly why marketing is so critical.... You're absolutely right. MS can only do so much, and personally I think they are doing pretty good on the developers side... But, it's not the developers side that's the biggest issue... It's getting more users... There's enough of the top apps to please the average user, so that's not the issue.. It's getting these devices in people pockets that MS hasn't tried hard, or effective enough, at doing.. Marketing, and awareness is WP'S biggest issue, and I've always said it from the beginning.... When market share increases everything, and everyone, else will follow... But, it won't happen until MICROSOFT does something about it.. So, naturally you blame MICROSOFT...
  • Since they are kinda giving away low end devices, they could certainly bundle some mid-range devices (for no-contract cheap prices) with XBox and some of the desktop and PC purchases at stores.  That would be a TINY loss with the payoff of more users buying XBox Music, apps, games, etc., AND bringing the raw numbers of users up.  If Win10 has some compelling new stuff, that is a way to get a significant portion of people to at least try it.  If they get 20% retention, that would be awesome and likely the number to see positive ROI.   That would be real marketing vs. advertising.  It would also bypass the sales reps that tell customers that "there aren't ANY apps" for Windows phones.  It's a risk free way of getting people to try it via a promotion with people already having a positive Microsoft experience.  So we agree that marketing is important. I'd add that the marketing would benefit from using ideas like this to leverage the strengths of the company.  Office 365 Personal is thrown in as a carrot for low end tablet sales, maybe that 1 year subscription is added to new phone sales. As much as we agree on marketing, we disagree about Chase.  I do blame them.  That is a disservice to their customers who have chosen a particular phone operating system.  I've said it elsewhere, but I find the timing to be suspect (right before the Win10 event), especially considering their high profile relationship with Apple Pay.
  • Like I said... Worrying about chase is a waist of time.. Although I will send them my opinion, I don't really blame them... But, if they don't decide to keep the app, then it's MS's ass... And, that's the ass that has us in this situation.
  • So are you saying it's ok of a business to charge everyone the same price, but not offer the same services? Should I be ok with my fees paying for ISO and Android development, but not WP?
  • What you do with your money is your business, and you do have the right to choose what bank to spend your money at... I'm not suggesting that you change banks because I have an account at Chase, and I don't want to do that over a app...
    But, that's just how it is... The app will remain on iOS, and Android, but leave WP.... I could agree with your argument, but it's seriously blown out of the water by the fact that Chase isn't the only one.. Lol❗ Attacking Chase specifically is stupid because there's so many who make the same decision about WP it's ridiculous, and a loosing battle..... But, what is controllable is how MS manages perception off THEIR OWN PLATFORM❗ ...... This is a simple concept.. You focus on changing what you can, or in this case what you possibly can, to get the most out of your time... Attacking developers, who are just fine if WP didn't even exist, is pointless, and a waist of time..... Now, criticizing MS for the things they fail at is a huge terrific use of time, as it's been proven that they do actually listen once a lot of attention is pointed at a specific problem... The weird thing is that MS seems to have to be told what to do to some degree larger, by it's supporters, than fans of other platforms have to do to theirs.... Unacceptable.
    I stand by my word... Do you need further explanation?
  • I changed financial institutions from Navy Federal to USAA, because of the app issue. Actually, I just shifted the majority of my activity from NFCU to USAA.  I don't think that customers leaving for a specific reason will be lost on them and maybe they start to care if Windows Phone exists.  So I don't consider it a waste of time or a losing battle. We do agree that Microsoft needs to change how they manage the perception of their platform with what they CAN control.  They CAN control the apps that Microsoft puts out and those apps should be first and best in their own ecosystem.  When Microsoft puts out an app for Android and/or iOS first or that app has features that debut on the those, but come to Windows Phone later, I'm not sure how they go to other developers with a straight face and request that they invest in development for WP. 
  • Sadly with no x86 soc that includes lte it's pointless
  • Those of you considering leaving Windows Phone should consider leaving Chase instead. Check out Ally bank for a FAR Superior experience. Interest checking, mobile deposit with no limits, no minimum balance, cash machine reimbursement, all on Windows Phone. So n ice not to have Chase fees anymore! Seriously, no idea why anyone would have a chase personal account.
  • Yep - I'll change banks before I change WP. I was in the process of doing just that when my bank finally released a WP app. If they drop support for WP, I'll change banks in a heartbeat.
  • Make sure they know that
  • It's not about the damn Chase app.. Lol. It's the principal.. Chase isn't the only app that's leaving, not supported, or has horrible support.. That's peoples frustration...
  • Exactly dude! I been thinking along these lines for ages. Microsoft really need to pull their finger out n get cracking with this shit. 1/ Where is a flagship device? Flagships get people, devs and companies excited about ecosystems. They have to take a leaf out of Xbox's book and be prepared to lose $$$ short-term in the hope of gaining . market traction. 2/ They have to make mobile an absolutely priority! Fuck PC's, yes businesses still use them but are increasingly using mobile to get shit done both in the office and out. 3/ If Android or iOS release something with 2 gigs of RAM, Microsoft should release 4. Specs do matter because the vast majority of people aren't tech savvy and automatically believe more is better whether it be RAM, CPU, etc. I've been more than patient with Microsoft considering i only joined this ride due to Nokia' involvement but if they fail to deliver AGAIN I'll seriously consider iOS and I'm absolutely positive i won't be the only one
  • You raise some good points. Smart man.
  • Well, a statement has to be made somewhere.  Maybe if other companies see that the WP won't just go away and cave to the duopoly that they want, they'll start better supporting the OS.  I'm sure they ALL would rather develop for two than three. 
  • It's hard to change banks when your spouse is an employee of the bank. We love our WPs and will certainly miss the convenience of the app to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and make online deposits. We certainly found the WP app to have a nicer UI than the iOS version. Hopefully Chase will come back to the OS in W10 version next yr.
  • They will because of terrible Marketing for WP..
    WP is a perfectly capable platform, with the apps that most average consumers need.. The problem is that nobody knows about it.. It's the best kept secret, and if for one second you think it's not then think again....
    MS just has never given WP a fighting chance as far as awareness is concerned... They have done an absolute terrific job with Surface, & Xbox, so we know they can do better..
    It's quite obvious that WP is failing at this point, but it has not yet completely failed.... My honest opinion is that W10 is MS's last chance at relevance, and if it doesn't help increase MS then "Windows Mobile" will always be just a distant third, under supported, niche platform... Some of you might be fine with that, but personally I use the Chase app, and this really pisses me off because it could've been avoided..
    Disagree with me if you want, and you have the right to, but anything that does not go right with WP is complete MS's fault, and they solely hold the responsibility to make it happen! No excuses! Don't make up anymore excuses for MS, rather you guys need to expect more, because we all know they can do better........ And, millions of us are counting on W10, so MS better show up, and finally not let us down..... That's it❗
  • This reminds me when my father used to tell my sister that beauty is what's on the inside, and my sister would answer back, that's only what ugly people say. I left WP last year only because of the lack of APP support.  I stayed because of Instagram but when it was basically abadndoned so did I.  It's a great platform, great quality phones, but unfortunatley, no one cares.  Oh well, in the end, it's just a phone, and we all have our health.
  • Well said. I'm one of the lovers of the Windows Phone and Windows ecosystem because of looks and productivity. Lack of apps on the platforms is totally Microsoft's fault. Patience has limits. If Windows doesn't grow even after Windows 10, indirectly Microsoft will force me to switch to iPhone of comparable stability but lesser value for money. I wasn't and aren't interested in Microsoft. I had trust in Nokia. My reason to choose Windows Phone. Correct me if I'm wrong, I may sound stupid but if Windows Phone division was handed to Nokia instead of the other way round, this wouldn't be the condition. In the battle between money making vs quality user experience, the latter is meant to acquire prolonged success. That's what Nokia did. They needed time but unfortunately maybe, lost hope?
  • @mbharat999  sure, either have MS (who make a large profit, and have decent devs) or hand it to Nokia who p*ssed money and devloped Meegoflop. I'm glad you aren't a decision maker at my company. 
  • Well, said... A true, reasonable, WP fan.. Not just some WP sheep.
  • I agree that WP's success lies soley on MS. Just not in this instance. Chase was one of the first banks if not the first bank to come out with an app for WP7 and then when WP8 became official they updated shortly. This is soley on Chase. Heck they must be living under a rock since even non-techy users know about the impending Windows 10 which should have factored in Chase's decision.
  • Heck they must be living under a rock since even non-techy users know about the impending Windows 10 which should have factored in Chase's decision. Well, maybe they do know, and don't like it. Maybe it's the same old story from MS, and Chase just can't believe the empty promises any longer. Maybe insider knowledge is directing their decision. Just a thought.
  • Lol.
  • Maybe you're right... Maybe these blind fans should start blaming MS so we can get somewhere... Well said.
  • Just because we perceive a situation differently than you do, doesn't make us "sheep" or "blind fans". 
  • And, it's not because you perceive it differently.. It's when you make up excuse, after excuse to justify why MS is failing in mobile, regardless of the obvious.... If that's not you then good, and I apologize... But, there is a lot of pathetic fanboyism going on here, and when I see it I call it out, because it's counterproductive..
  • Their cozy relationship with Apple Pay and the timing of this decision (day before Win10 event) makes me want to get fitted for a tin foil hat.
  • Rodneyej, agree.  MS could do much better.  this has been mainly a marketing and product failure.  Phone was never properly marketed, product was never really properly supported.  When Apple forst inrroduced the IPhone...they call the shots from the begining.  MS need to deliver like iOS and show that they are serious with their product.  You can't roll out a new or updated OS and it takes 10 months for everyone to get it.  When they purchased Nokia, scrap the Lumia name and make a Surface Phone (people equate Surface with MS).  I understand the need for lower end but they abandoned the upper end. Support the App developers, surely this could not be all that expensive with all the billions they already poured into the mobile business.  Makes me skake my head.  Whenever I pick up my friends IPhone to work it or sort stuff out you really appreciate how good WP is (i don't even care for Andriod).  I hope W10 is their savior otherwise no sense staying a half of a phone.
  • Thanks... You obviously understand the reality of the situation. Well said❗
  • I agree with you 100%! I personally email Kevin Turner at Microsoft this morning after reading this and expressed my displeasure at hearing this news. I I'm also very disappointed with Joe B as he's supposed to make sure these kinds of things don't happen. Social networking apps are not the only thing cell phones are built around!
  • Like you, I use the Chase app and am sorely disappointed to hear this news. But Chase has also done something that is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to companies that have a WP app, yet on any of the signage for mobile apps they don't show WP app availability. I know people can just search the store to see if the company has an app available, but a lot of people who aren't on the platform just go by what's showing on signage and advertising and this also fuels the mentality that WP has no apps.
  • I see this all the time. They will have a website advertising their mobile app with a Google Play logo and App Store logo, but no mention of the WP app. Why go to the trouble to make and app and not advertise it? Chase actually does mention it on their "get the app" page, but a lot of companies dont. Its frustrating and just keep the perception that there's no apps in people's minds, even when its not true.  
  • Don't you get it. According to the MBA professors in these forums, Chase has a business to run. They can't afford the extra graphics to advertise that they have a Windows Phone app for such small market share.  This is obviously Microsoft's fault for not trying hard enough. Microsoft should buy ad space on Chase's ads to get their logo on their.  It's all on Microsoft. /s
  • Setting aside the sarcasm you actually said one thing right.
  • But, you must blame MS because in the end, and the bottom line will show that,, MS is in charge of WP being successful... That's final❗
  • Email them on this
  • Once again that awareness can be bottomed down to the importance, and sense of urgency, that MS gives to it's own platform....
    If MS doesn't market WP properly, and appears to not care, can we blame Chase, and many others, for not caring❓ They're lucky we even care❗ Lol..
  • Wow, factually there is so much wrong with your post...   Let's even skip how buzz and marketing and the tech media work, which you seem to already ignore or not care to take time to understand.  (Apple gives away more products to media companies than any other tech company.  In contrast - Until FALL of 2014, Microsoft couldn't do this with WP, as they have not had their own hardware.)   With regard to Apps, many of the companies and Apps that are NOT available on WP, Microsoft went to the companies and offered to WRITE THE APPS for them and to maintain them for the company.   So for all the MAJOR Apps that you see as a MS fail, it is the COMPANY making the APP that SPECIFICALLY REJECTED Microsoft's offer to WRITE their APP for FREE.   You do realize this is why Microsoft writes several of the major Apps on WP and originally integrated them - Facebook for example?   Dumb.
  • You're making up lame excuses for MS... We're sick of hearing that BS... Next❗
  • Where do youbuy your drugs?  Do you think that developers would not take MS up on their offer?  Get real!!  Take a look at the CBS News App that was recently released, the quality is incredible.
  • hey, you know whats different between the surface, the xbox, and windows phone? until now.. MICROSOFT HAD NO FIRST PARTY HARDWARE FOR WP.   if your gonna make comparisons, make sure their the same type of product first, How was microsoft supposed to advertise an OS only? "Hey everyone, look at this cool phone OS! isnt it cool? look at what it can do! want it? well.. uhh... look online to see what phones use it!" its the OEM's job to advertise a phone, hopefully now that microsoft has Lumia, they will give it the surface/xbox treatment, but you need to stop making un educated reasons for why microsoft is such a shitty company.
  • Dude, we're talking about the OS, and MS could've Marketed WP as an OS, but they never did.. Google does❗❗❗ Quit making up sorry excuses for MS.. We're over that, and we're not trying to hear it anymore.
  • yea? show me 2 commercials google made for the android OS that didnt have a physical handset in it.
  • Lol! Are you serious❓ You haven't seen their new Android campaign all over the TV?.. Are you in the US?.. Lol. I don't have time to do work for you. Look them up yourself... SMDH.. Really❓
  • I seem to recall saying TWO
  • There's like 3 of them, numb nuts... Lol. Are you in America?
  • I believe MS is just busy with PC and... Xbox :P . Forza 6, Quantum Leap, Tomb Raider! WoohooO! :P :P :P
  • We need more banking apps, not less. Checking wallet for anything that says Chase and cancelling it!
  • Agreed time for a new bank!
  • +1 Thats exactly what you should do, vote with your feet. My UK bank did not support Windows Phone, so I left them. Simple really.
  • People need to tell Chase we aren't okay with this. Take to Twitter. @Chase and @ChaseSupport.
  • True! That hasn't been mentioned yet. Thanks❗
  • ...spam their Facebook! :)  
  • Yeah, all 12 of you, spam their twitter feed. That'll get their attention!
  • Such an origin "12 of you" joke. Your brilliant and add so much to the conversation.
  • I'll admit I made that number up. ;} But the reality is that there aren't enough users. They said exactly that. Chase knows how many WP users use their app, and spamming their social media isn't going to change the numbers.
  • What other banks? PNC never even made an app for instance.
  • This is very disappointing news. It seems that we get great news of new apps hitting the platform one week, and the next we experience a step back as another company abandons the platform.
    Microsoft REALLY needs to market Windows Phone HARD!!! :-) As we all know, it is a terrific platform-forward thinking even with its minimalistic Modern UI(that has influenced rivals) and the unique information centric LIVE Tiles. Fast, smooth, reliable- Windows Phone is inherently a winner of a platform. Problem, the rivals are entrenched, Windows Phone mindshare is low, so not many people really know how GREAT it is. They hear about Windows Phone, but don't KNOW about Windows Phone.
    MS really needs to invest in really aggressive promotion of the platform - highlighting its strengths, to break through the chatter of the competition and educate the populace.
    Windows 10, is promising with its unification of the code and the creation of a single Store. This of course in time gives MS the opportunity to leverage it's huge 1.5 Billion install base to court developers.
    At any rate, I've been in the Windows camp since Windows Mobile, and though I lament some of the unique features lost with the advent of Windows Phone 8.1 like:
    1. Deep Social Network Integration(I know extensibility allows for it but we haven't seen much progress here)
    2. Elimination of Hubs
    3. Breaking Messaging/Texting into an App Centric vs People Centric Solution
    4. Neutering of the Me Tile
    5. No Background Image/or Social Network Integration in Pictures Hub
    6. No Album Art of Artist on Lock Screen,
    I'm going to hang around, keep pushing the platform (there's more to LOVE than to LAMENT lost, but I must be honest about my disappointments)and hope for the best with future updates. Here's a Sway(book) I created called: "A Windows Phone Fans Lament(and Praise) of Windows Phone
  • Good post. Good job! And, keep it up... Lay it all out, and don't hold back❗ Well said.
  • @rodneyej Thanks Rodney, appreciate that. Here's to hoping Windows 10 knocks our socks off!
  • Yep❗
  • I voiced my opinion in an email to customer service.  All we can do at this point.  Hopefully enough of us express our disatisfaction and they change their minds.
  • To think that I almost opened a Chase account just a week or two ago so I could have an app for my phone. Glad to know laziness worked in my favor.
  • Lol
  • Humour done right. At last.
  • Just get wells fargo
  • You're not missing anything, I have this app on my Nexus 5 (Android) and my Lumia, I am in the process of closing my account after 10 years. Horrible customer service, interest rates that are a joke No one will talk to you when you need something, but I am bombarded with spam calls leaving me VMs to open a new Chase "Premier/read rip off account so I can get that extra 30 cents a year in interest.
  • Lol this
  • Bank Of America is pretty good at updating their app, and it I really nice. I have it and use it all the time.
  • Which would be great if I had Wells Fargo or Back of America in my area, but I don't.
  • Oh! Ok
  • How many users would they need to justify? They only make billions in a year and can't afford to keep an app up and running? Heck they don't even have to update the thing, it works fine the way it is, but why remove it carte blanche?
  • Christ on a cross, think of the fucking bank buyouts. We don't even know the actual dollar amount the recession of 08 cost us.
  • I wonder if Apple or Google have anything to do with this. I could see some back-room threats from either company regarding their WP app. e.g. no Chase support for Apple Pay?
  • Haha yeah yeah it's all good.
  • It isn't about the 'cost', MS has offered to help write and/or maintain Apps for companies.   This is a political move, look for Google or Apple making a deal with this company to be announced.  
  • I have the app this is terrible....
  • Cool. I'll be removing my assets from Chase then. What US banks have WP support?
  • if you go by that route you will make your life allot harder. I've given up on getting support from anyone. We have to start getting used to mobile websites.  
  • Not true. There are a lot of good banking apps. I use USAA and they have a good one. People keep mentioning BofA and Wells Fargo.
  • USAA has been very good about keeping their app updated, only caveat is that you either need to be a Veteran or a dependent. Anthony
  • Though a good app, it pales in comparison to its Android and iOS counterparts. I use it...figure if I don't, they'll get rid of that too.
  • I do all that I need to and don't notice any falloff when going from Android to WP.  I basically just use it to do mobile deposits and check on my accounts. 
  • Wells Fargo
  • Use wells Fargo
  • TD
  • Bank of America's WP and Windows 8/RT apps are great.
  • Wells fargo. I read that Bank of America gets frequent updates on this platform as well.
  • Wells Fargo. Has mobile deposits and everything. Works well.
  • Ally bank
  • "The first version of the Chase Mobile app launched for Windows Phone 8 devices in September 2012"
  • Wow..... I rely on this app, especially while traveling.
  • Can still use browser to access.
  • Boooo. Not with the same features or work as well! Photo check depositing I'm sure doesn't work on that.
  • Is their Mobile website good for banking on the go? I don't have a Chase account, and my bank has a very decent app on WP, but I was thinking on getting one of Chase's credit cards for travel points and I'm hoping things like transaction reviewing and all of that is easy on their mobile website from a WP if they plan to remove the app.
  • This app is the app I use most! WTF CHASE!
  • Me too. I use almost zero apps on my phone.... but I deposit a half dozen checks every week with the Chase app. I have to switch banks, there's no question about it. I need electronic deposit, it saves me a lot of time. A LOT.
  • I use the bank of America app all the time to deposit gets into the soo fast. Hope they don't follow suit!
  • Twitter them effers about how you appreciate their app.
  • Nice :) We always remember to ask about apps but never remember to say how cool the app is when it comes :D
  • They probably will if MS doesn't get it's act together.
  • I don't mind ursine the web portal, but the app is the only access to the quick deposit checks feature
  • It is confirmed, my brother is a private banker and he sent me the email they sent him. Everyone email them and complain!
  • What's the email address as the app only gives the phone number when selecting contact mobile support help in settings
  • This stinks... And I don't even bank with Chase.
  • I love to see the hatred come out for a company when they pull their app. Excellent entertainment.
  • Haha indeed. Although it sucks for those who depend on the app. If my bank did this I would leave WP since the app makes transferring money much easier. The website requires a code send to my mobile number first.
  • This might be the last straw for me on windows phone. I love WP but if basic apps are not updated and in this case dropped altogether I am strongly considering leaving the platform.
  • Yet at the same time many apps have come recently and others getting updated.
  • Do it.
  • Given how in bed Chase is with ApplePay, this doesn't surprise me.
  • I am by no means a consipiricy theorist and the decision probably does come down to pure economics, but the fact of Chase adopting ApplePay and this announcement coming the day before Microsoft's big show is either one big coincidence or a subtle sign of Apple strong-arming another "partner".
  • Bingo.  If you go to Chase Facebook page, check out the ApplePay ad, top of the page.  
  • This f*cking blows as I use this app all the time!
  • I just got my sister a Windows Phone for Christmas (her first smartphone ever!), and she was excited about the Chase app and the ability to deposit checks from her phone. She's going to be very disappointed. You suck, Chase.
  • Switch to wells fargo
  • That's a decision she'll have to make. I use USAA myself, and I'm quite happy with their app.
  • Or Bank of America. I dumped US Bank for BoA because they don't support WP.
  • Switch?? She got into the wp ecosystem on the premise of having this app. Well at least it seems that way to me. So switching banks for this seems stupid.
  • I have had quite a line up of phones over the years, and lots of android flagships. I have to say that the very best phone I've ever had, bar none, is my Lumia 1520 (everything AND awesome camera!!!).  I have installed all the apps from the store that I need, not a gamer, just lots of photo editing type of apps.  I love instagram beta and everything else i need is there in the store. I am not a big app person. But Chase dropping their that's serious business.  I HAVE TO CHANGE BANKS!!!  Now that's a hassle, and someone as profitable as Chase doing unthinkable.   I appreciate the comments and recommendations of other bank options supporting WP such as Ally, Wells Fargo and B of A.  I think I will go with Ally and avoid all the big bank fees. Shame on you, Chase...and when Windows 10 is everywhere and you decide to do an app again I will NOT be coming back to you. You've lost me.
  • I guess we're starting to see the effects of dropping from 3% market share to 2%... which I believe is a result of no flagship. You can't lead with the low-end. We need a flagship... on EVERY MAJOR CARRIER.
  • Exactly
  • Agreed. Time to change Banks, and Elops.
  • Microsoft and their "ios first, android first, Windows, what the heck is that' strategy probably hasnt helped either....
  • Hmm thought it was at .2% by now.
  • I wonder if a petition would change their mind.
  • No. If they're removing it due to the lack of WP userbase, a petition won't change that. It's simple economics. They have a certain amount alocated for mobile app maintenence. If WP doens't have enough users to justify the money spent, they shut down the app in favour of their other offerings and alocate the money somewhere else.   And this isn't just a WP think. It's basic economic. You spend money where you expect to make a profit. If you don't make the profit, you try to look for it somewhere else.
  • I'd they can't make more money off of each customer than it takes then to run an App, they shouldn't have anybody's money. Time to switch Banks and credit cards.
  • If you choose your Bank solely based on them having a WP're gonna have a bad time. 
  • Where do you get the data for your "simple economics" analysis?  I must have missed the "loose logic" theory on my way to an economics degree.
  • Is there somewhere we can email a complaint?
  • ^ this!
  • A petition won't help pay for the employees that maintain the app and provide support. There just aren't enough app users to justify the cost of continuing to support this platform. Sad to say but you're better off on iOS if you want banking/insurance apps that aren't going anywhere.
  • How many users do they have? Where did you get this data?
  • 1. Obviously, not enough.  2. From the reality that the app is being pulled.  C'mon man. Aw you serious?
  • That's speculation, not data. Their alliance with Apple Pay could have something to do with it. The day before the Win10 event timing is suspect, as well. I'd not as simple as a c'mon man, patronizing retort, but if that's all you got, that's all you got.
  • And what have you got to say that this isn't the case?  Speculation. Apple Pay this and Windows 10 that. You're the pot if I'm the kettle.   
  • At least my speculation is clearly in the language of "could be" alternative reasons. You act like you're teaching us the obvious truth with cold hard facts that you (do not) have. I'm not sure the pot/kettle analogy works for you here.
  • Dude, this is the comments section for a mobile phone blog. If you perceived my comment as an implied fact you're using the Internet wrong. If there were any facts about this matter they would be in the article. History (geico mobile app twice being pulled for lack of users which IS a fact), US market share and the letter/email sent to Chase mobile users/account holders should be enough for most people but you seem to want the CEO to jump into the comments section of this blog article and proclaim that the obvious is actually the case. Please let it go already. I'm not replying anymore to further this nonsensical debate about something so trivial that has you but hurt. Enjoy the rest of your day. 
  • I don't think being on a tech blog is an excuse for being aggressively wrong, but I appreciate that you'll no longer be commenting.  For the record, I'm not butt hurt, but I won't not respond to arrogant and incorrect comments, especially when directed at me. Your two examples can also be countered by numerous examples of companies that have recently come to the platform and updated on the platform.  Continue to think that you're right and that no one has the right to engage in debate with you. 
  • Cool. I can find an alternate bank now. Not that hard.
  • Wells Fargo
  • This sucks I use the app a lot, I've had Chase for years
  • There's too many apps leaving the store but then others apps are added. Its so dumb. If everyone would just leave their apps on here, it would attract more users
  • Everybody should tweet complaints to the @chase account on twitter. Edit: Actually they have a @ChaseSupport account, that might be better.
  • I just did!
  • I just did
  • THIS or also @ChaseSupport
  • Just did. Hope it helps.
  • Every ONE!!!
  • I just did
  • Mention BOA or Wells Fargo, its free PR for them if they provide a tweet along the lines of "Hey WP users, chase leaving you behind, switch your bank and get a $50 towards your account if you show your windows phone" Talk about free PR here and a dumb move by a company...
  • I complained to both. This is stupid. Putting money before customers will cost them more than development and support would.
  • sooo going to.
  • I did also. At the very least it should make them hesitant about the decision. I don't want to switch to iOS. I don't really want to switch banks. So this sucks a lot.
  • I just tweeted them and posted on their fb. You can comment on fb pictures. People are doing it and everyone else needs to as well. If we flood them with comments, maybe they will realize there are a bunch on disgruntled WP users. Viva la Windows Phone!
  • Also like all the pro-WP comments.
  • Sad... My dad uses it....
  • OMG!!! That's it!!!
  • That f-ing sucks. That's how I make deposits and transfers. I hate them so much right now. Changing banks is such a damn pain too.
  • At least it came to WP... can't say the same for my bank (Webster)
  • WHAT?!?! This is outrageous! They have the best banking app on the platform!!!
  • It's Google, we must ATTACK!!!
  • And how exactly should that be done?
  • Lol
  • Why don't you stop with the "it's Google's fault!" Every time some bad news comes comes around.
  • This is so stupid. Time to change banks.
  • Wells fargo
  • This blows. I use this app often to check my account balance. Majorly inconvenient.
  • Tweet them @chasesupport
  • Tweet them, I did
  • Why would they do that, im sure there are more WP users out there that's doesn't do AP banking!!!
  • Never uninstalling the app then lol.
  • I don't think that will help because the article says that Chase will completely deactivate the app in March.
    That needed to be shouted only because I'm getting sick and tired of all this.
    Still waiting on Softcard to work on the Icon... but after Google wanting to buy it?!?
    We're screwed.
  • Can someone explain why Chase feels like they need to remove it? I am fine with not getting updates, but removing the app altogether doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • They also have to maintain it, so keeping it up costs them too much money I guess..
  • Just used mine today. Hope this is false.
  • Oh well...never mind
  • Guess they don't want my mortgage payment.
  • Lol, glad I didn't waste my time switching over to Chase to use their app. Hopefully they'll turn back around with a universal app since that would reach a much larger pool of users.
  • Chase was a reply that people used to give when someone asked for a bank that supported WP. Heck Chase was one of if not the first bank that supported WP7 and WP8 when it debuted.    
  • Well this is in sync with no Windows Phone support here internally as well. There is quite a few folks complaining about no WP support for emails, the little hope i had just faded away
  • It just seems odd they go through the trouble of making one yet can't keep it going?
  • Thanks good I use wells Fargo
  • This is terrible news.
  • Isn't Joe Belfiore a chase bank customer? I distinctly recall him saying so or maybe I'm just imaging things.
  • Joe B is starting to piss me off too. He needs to get off his *$$ and do his job. Social apps street the only thing people use. These types of apps are more important to me.
  • That's too bad. I opened a Chase account over other options because of the support. I guess I'll consolidate my accounts back to my original bank.
  • WTF fuck Chase very lame d es despite I have account and credit cards very lame. I wonder what Microsoft thinks of this. For me qs a WP user I consider my self happy with the platform but seeing apps leaving is totally not good. I don't want android Or isheep. I guess I will get my self a flip phone lol
  • hope windows 10 changes everybody's mind .  Cant wait for them sheeps to start jumping on the platform lol 
  • You keep telling yourself that....  
  • screw you guys, i can have my dreams. 
  • Ain't gonna happen. W10 won't make a difference. People are entrenched.
  • Also, these apps are meant for mobile devices. Windows 10 won't magically transform laptops into phones... there is no reason for Chase to make a Windows 10 app, when most people on a PC will use the browser anyway.
  • I use the Bank of America app, works great.
  • Good to know, but were talking about Chase.
  • Just when I found happiness with using Prism and Chase as my only two financial apps.
  • Unbelievable...
  • US only.....
  • Can't they just make a universal app so that it can serve W8 and WP8?
  • Just logged into the app and the message that it will be removed on 1/16/15.  Not happy about this.  Definitely disappointed.  I am not going to drop Chase completely, but this will prompt me to start using my other credit cards more. Functionality wise, the only thing that we are really losing from the mobile app is the QuickDeposit, which I do use occasionally.  The mobile app is descent, but losing the native app is not good.
  • Does it actually cost them money to just let the app sit in the store without actively updating it?
  • Nooooooo! This sucks!
  • Now this sucks!!!  I really depent on this app.  It has all the features needed... I mean support?!  All they need to do is keep security tight...  No other features needed..   This just sucks!
  • Damn
  • WTF? I use that app often! Daily. This is terrible news. How much resources can it be to maintain this app??? Just keep it at the current version/build.
  • My bank doesn't have an app for WP. But I created a tile using the Pinit app using the bank logo. It goes to the website and I can do everything there. It would be nice to have a native app, but with WP it isn't always necessary.
  • Looks like its time to find a new bank...
  • More WP woes...
  • I am very upset to hear Chase is dropping their support for Windows Phone.  As a Windows Phone user I have no intention of switching to a different phone operating system - but I do have plenty of other credit cards in my pocket that I will not hesitate to use that do offer support for Windows Phone.  I guess the maintenance of phone applications is costly and taxing on these billion dollar corporations - I never would have guessed it.
  • What. The. F*ck. This app was one of the primary reasons I switched from Citibank. Assholes. I really do feel like Windows Phone is looking less and less viable. Half because of boneheaded things like this, half because of Microsoft's own lack of support, and lack of decent hardware. I really wish there was another option that wasn't Apple out Google. I just can't stand either IOS or Android. But Microsoft has been continuously pissing me off as well. When you cause the doubt in your most faithful fans, you aren't doing yourselves any favors.
  • Im with you on this. I'm actually going to switch to Android until W10 comes out on phones already installed. Hopefully the support will get better. I hate that everyone is so dependent on W10.
  • I wonder if they changed the site name to "windowscentral" from "windowsphonecentral" because they know the windows phone is not going to make it :(
  • Because they will call everything Windows. They will be under one platform.
  • This is why i left, app support sucks man/
  • what did you swtich to?
  • iPhone 6+
  • Thinking about doing the same, maybe a Nexus device though. Looks like it might be high time to abandon ship and I have been using WP since 2010 when it was first released.
  • Depositing checks is a deal breaker. Moving to well Fargo. Too bad I really liked chase freedom perks
  • If this is true, it's a bummer. The app was very good except for the broken quick deposit.    I really hope they change their mind.  
  • I seriously hope not. How many users do they really need?
  • Fuck Chase.  I use this app everyday.  Really feels like crap being a WP user today.
  • Damn it! All the moaning for this app back in W7 days. We got it, now completely removing? What a joke...
  • This is very disappointing. I do not want to have to use the Droid version of this app.
  • Build the app in a cross platform IDE already.
  • This sucks. I actually use and like this app!
  • Yep,just logged in and a notice on the app says it's going bye,bye on Jan 26th.I use the app everyday to keep track of my balance.
  • Echo-ing many Windows Phone comments already in that for business needs I'm finding the platform more and more limiting. Holding out hope that the Windows 10 path somehow resolves this as if in some way a "Metro" app becomes available and automatically works on Windows Phone. This would fit in nicely with the naming convention changes and the overall device approach Windows is trying to take.
  • Except there's zero reason for companies to make Windows 10 apps when they have websites.
  • Very likely to be security concern of some sort hope that they address whatever it is fast.
  • I'm anxious to see if Windows 10 will make this a moot point. MS is changing their tactics and I hope it works.
  • I highly doubt W10 changes the support of third party mobile developers.
  • On the contrary here in India there is addition of one more banking app per month on WP.
  • Take ALL these comments to their twitter @chasesupport
  • They don't care. No one cares. More and more developers of cruicial apps are pulling out from WP. There simply isn't enough market share for them to bother. And as long as apps keep disappearing, so will the market share.  I was a huge fan of Windows Phone, but I gave it up for this exact reason. It's unfortunate. I don't want there to be only two mobile OS choices, but it seems like that's exactly what's going to happen.
  • Very disappointing! I was wondering just a few days ago when Chase was planning to update the WP app with the new design they rolled out for iOS and Android. Guess the answer is never
  • Duh duh duh, another one bites the dust! 
  • WTF!!!...The Chase app has been available since I got my 920 at launch...I love my Chase app and use it all the time...Looks like I may have to find a new bank or switch to iPhone or Android...Unbelievable...What jerks!!!
  • Another one bites the dust.
  • It makes no sense because they already have an app that works great and it's a huge inconvenience to customers who are currently using it on a regular basis. What do they expect customers like me to do? Go buy a new phone that runs IOS or Android apps? Knowing the history of Google, it wouldn't surprise me if they incentivize people to drop WP apps more than MS incentivizes to create them.
  • That is a shame. The only thing I use the Wells Fargo banking app for is to deposit checks and that is only few times a year.   I was recently looking at a Chase Freedom credit card. I'm glad I decided against it. There are plenty of other card issuers available.
  • I use the chase app daily. This app is going to be missed.
  • I use this all the time... I'm upset
  • WHAT? I use that app ALL THE TIME Those fuckers won't get my money. Once the app is down, so will my accounts.
  • If you all do not make noise and complain to chase and explain to them that there is a large community that will only get larger and a mobile OS that will get better, you all are at fault. I myself will be taking up to twitter, facebook and email. I hope you all do the same.
  • Messaged them, twitterd.  We all need to make a noise. NOW.
  • My credit union doesn't offer a WP due to lack of members using such devices.
  • well, thats a blower. guess i'll be finding a different bank that wants to take my money from my phone.   don't get why people are pulling this with windows 10 on the horizon. ugh.
  • NOOO!! CHASE WHY!? ... I'm so loyal.. why !?!
  • This is complete balls. I'm so angry. I will be switching banks to find someone who supports windows phone.
  • Good luck with that.
  • bofa
  • This is sad! I used Chase app for quick deposit. Hope this is not real.
  • My Bank of America does deposit with camera too.
  • This is going to make things a pain. I actually use this app for check deposits. Stupid Chase.
  • I messaged chase through the smc, and showed my displeasure of theirs action, what have you guys done? Takes like 3 min, show them that their customers care about this, don't take it lying down.
  • I messaged chase through the smc, and showed my displeasure of theirs action, what have you guys done? Takes like 3 min, show them that their customers care about this, don't take it lying down.
  • This completely sucks. I use the app all the time, it is incredibly convenient. This is the first time I've ever really felt at a "loss" for Windows Phone. Looks like it's time to switch banks!
  • I only have a couple of credit cards with them. I have probably used the app a half dozen times over the last year or so. If this is the typical usage pattern I can see why they are no longer supporting WP. Couple that with horrific carrier support in the US, Microsoft's horrible marketing campaign for WP (is there one?) and this is what you get. It seems you will be able to continue using the app if you already have it, but can't re-install if you delete it and can't install on a new device. So keep it if you use it.
  • We need an uprising!
  • I'm not gonna give the usual speech about leaving the platform. However, I use my banking app and heavily depend on it working. If it no work, me no dinero. So, I plan on getting a "backup" android phone to use as my primary since I can get one(Note3) for a very good price until the next flagship WP comes along. I think we need to diversify our portfolio guys. This Microsoft all in isn't working for us or MS themselves as we have seen with their office suite and their primary focus on iOS and Android first, WP...when we get to it.  
  • Easy, leace Chase, not WP. There are plenty of banks, but only one WP.
  • I'm hoping this isn't actually a drop in support for Windows Phone in general, but just a move away from Windows Phone 8.x specific apps.  What I mean to say is... hopefully they are working to release a Windows 10 app that will be able to be used across all different form factors of Windows 10 devices.
  • Another nail in the coffin :(
    Or, perhaps, Chase is readying a Windows 10 app?
  • I doubt the latter but you never know.
  • I have to add that my wife has accounts with Chase and has for a while. She made the witty comment that Chase spends more on coffee for their break rooms each year than they spent developing the WP app. Hell, probably more each month.
  • Maybe they are pulling it to write a universal app. Um, people said that already :/
  • So sad. I find the app very useful but companies abandoning WP is just sad. Puts the user between a rock & a hard place and shows just how lack of developer support can sink an entire platform.
  • I wish I banked at Chase, just so I could close my account to protest
  • You can still go to the mobile website and check your bank accounts, right?
    What else would you use the app for? Taking pictures of checks? Sending money? There's PayPal for that.
  • my nearest chase atm is 20+ miles away. when you get a check you can deposit right from the phone.
  • Wow. 20 miles! Do you live in a rural area? I live in Long Beach, CA and there are four Chase banks within 7 miles.
  • The app is way more convenient than the mobile website.I check my balance daily using the Chase App.
  • But you can use the webite for that right? bookmark the website, call it a day...
  • I would pickup my tablet or go to my PC for internet.I have a phone for apps,so pinning or bookmarking doesn't cut it.
  • And that exact mindset is what I find sad. A mobile website uses less memory on your phone than an app, yet gives the same information, but it doesn't cut it because you "need" the app? I just don't get it. what's the point of a internet browser on your phone if you never use it for things like this?
  • Sorry,it's all about apps plain and simple for me.
  • Doesn't make it any less inane... 
  • This is what I use my phone for.Even some of the website sites I deal with buying motorcycle parts will not allow payment thru a mobile device.My phone is my third option for web browsing and logging into websites.This doesn't apply to everyone just my preference.
  • Inane, not insane. Too each his own, but it definitely says something sad about our current society.
  • Lol,really?We are talking about apps and phones here.
  • Exactly, just use the browser!  Apps shouldn't really be that important if it's just a phone. Right???
  • Whatever dude.There are over four hundred post's on here that agree with me.Apps matter.Apps are Quicker and more convenient.
  • Emailed and tweeted them. It's one thing for a stupid startup to play the "oh we can't afford it" card ut a huge corporation does not have an excuse. I don't care if they're not making money on us. It is a simple fact of customer service that you respect you customers and this is nothing but blatant disrespect and I will not tolerate from my own bank.
  • "Can't afford it?" Oh, yeah, that's rich. I'm glad I don't use Chase as my bank.
  • Time to move my accounts from Chase!
  • This sucks big time! I already sent @Chase a tweet complaining about it!
  • No need for confirmation...i just logined into the app...and it has a message confirming it will be shut down. :-(
  • They are probably over budget on the Apple Pay implementation and marketing blitz.
  • Awful news. I use this app quite a bit to check my credit card balances and pay bills. Where do I go to tell them this is a bad idea?
  • Use the secure message center from the web portal, our tweet them. I logged into twitter for the first time in about a year to do just that.
  • Great ideas, I'm on it.
  • Nothing impacting here, but I've got to see some new phone hardware soon, and high end.
  • Damn :/
  • Don't do it chase! The app right now is perfect for me
  • Well people, now I truly believe that Windows 10 for Mobile will be a "do or die" to save Windows Phone. If Microsoft can't convince me tomorrow, I regretfully will have to consider the possibility of leaving Windows Phone. Bank apps are always a great indicator of how healthy is your platform and when you have Chase the third largest commercial bank in the US dropping support for Windows Phone it shows that the market share is getting to a very low point. For now, I wrote to Chase expressed my disappointment and also tweeted to them at expressing the same. Now the next part of this statement if for Microsoft... THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GO ON Q3'14 AND DON'T RELEASE A FLAGSHIP DEVICE, GO AND MAKE APPS FOR ANDROID AND IOS THAT ARE MORE FEATURE PACK THAN WINDOWS PHONE AND JUST ALSO DECIDE TO MAKE LOW END PHONES!!!!!! DIDN'T YOU EXPECT PEOPLE TO THINK THAT YOUR COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WINDOWS PHONE, I MEAN YOU AREN'T GIVING THEM A REASON TO USE WINDOWS OVER IOS OR ANDROID... Ah feel much better  LOL... Now aside from joking, please send your tweet expressing support for the Chase app and also if you are a Chase account holder send your feedback via the secure message center on your bank account information page. Thanks!
  • Lol L1011_Pilot
  • I tweeted @chase and @chasesupport that I would be closing my account with them when/if the WP8 app stops working for me. There is a BoA two blocks north of my local Chase and it's actually easier for me to switch banks (and maybe get a credit for opening an account) than struggle with no mobile support on Chase. I have used chase for over 5 years because they made bill paying simple/easy, but I think many competitors have caught up. If you feel the same way tweet them and use #goodbyechase
  • Seems to be a growing trend. It is hard to blame a company for failing support a platform that very few of their customer base uses. We ahould keep a list of companies that have pulled. American Airlines, Chase, and there was another recent example, too. The app gap isn't just about big social apps; it's about the apps people need to use day in and day out, like their banks and airlines. I am begining to believe that Joe Belfiore cannot deliver when it comes to getting Verizon, the USA's largest carrier, on board with truly supporting Windows Phone, thus, stagnated platform growth in the US. It is truly a chicken or egg scenario and it looks like Belfiore has egg on his face. Time for a change in leadership. You don't make progress with the platform without phones on the shelves and when sales people actively discourage customers from Buying a WP. He seems to have no leverage with Verizon. You can't make progress by being as good as themother carriers. You are the underdog here and you have to overwhelm with innovation to get new customers. Most people have no clue that Lumia caneras are better than the iOS and Amdroid competitors. Bery few dollow tech sites like this. Microsoft needs a new strategy and I am not talking Windows 10.
  • They did advertise the Lumia 635 quite a bit. It probably why Microsoft sold only behind to Apple and Samsung last couple weeks. Hopefully, they can release a flagship to all the carriers and put the same effort into advertising like they do with Surface Pro 3.
  • This is SUPER bad for me..... I've already been thinking of leaving Windows Phone for a month or so now so if Microsoft doesn't wow me with their unveils tomorrow then I'm not going to be sticking with it.
  • Go with Low expectations first
    Then get High Expectations after reveal
  • I'm at Chase right now about to pull out 400K of investments. I'm speaking the best way I know how, which is probably a drop in the bucket of a multi-billion dollar company, but I'm also making the reason why crystal clear to them.
  • Dayum
  • Whelp, looks like I'm switching banks. Thanks for screwing us all over Chase
  • Lame. Why do companies decide to just drop Windows Phone? It's quite pathetic.
  • "Cuz it sucks low market share" idk just a suggestion.
  • Well of course it's going to have low market share if devs keep dropping the platform and not make any apps for it. Apps are what make gains in market share happen. No apps, no consumer interest, drop in market share. There's a lot more people and factors to blame in WP's low market share than just pointing fingers at Microsoft all the time like they always do.
  • WTF.  I recently opened a Chase business account and use this to depoit checks. I will be emailing my account manager.
  • Looks like I'll be changing banks. Totally sucks but I use Windows products and refuse to follow the businesses that have taken it upon themselves to decide what products I should use. Free country I guess. See ya Chase! It's been real.
  • Chase is ibm customer, ibm has partnership with apple 1+1 = 2 Here you are.... Anyway MS still to be blamed due to lack of success in their homeland!
  • just tweeted @chasesupport, will be switching to BofA if it's true... I use the Chase app all the effing time!!!
  • Screw Chase. They are chasing me and my money away. They will regret this when Win 10 lands.
  • Hmm Was just looking to find a reason to switch to my local credit union. Think I just found it.
  • As long as I can still use the current app I am ok, but will really suck when I upgrade later this year. I do all of my banking through the app so this is a major inconvenience to me.
  • Be prepared to not be okay then, because the app will stop working soon.
  • Ever think that instead of being mad at MS and ditching Windows Phone, that you should instead be mad at the bank and ditch Chase? I refuse to deal with the big banks, partially because of stuff like this. If they really cared about their consumers, they would spend some of their massive profits on WP programmers. They don't, so they don't.
  • Well that stinks....
  • Jamie Dimon, pissed at regulators, taking it out on Windows Phone users?
  • I made a twitter to complain. Everyone do it.
  • Oh well
  • It is confirmed. Their Twitter support page replied that ""You'll have most of the functionality of the app when you access your acct on w/your mobile browser. ^TZ""
  • Except a small laundry list of features including a very important one. Direct check deposit!
  • They should discontinue their iOS and Android apps and tell those users the same...
  • Brutal. Only way to do mobile check deposit :(
  • Ugh
  • That's not been my experience. App was helpful as were cust service. This is a real bummer for me.
  • I use this fucking app to make my car payment!!
  • Just upgraded to tmobile and a new to me Nokia 925. I love the platform and MS services, but this is really depressing. I may leave Chase now also since I use this very often. It is sad they wont support it, when Windows 10 is going to grow considerably faster over the next 12 months. Hopefully they change there minds or have a new universal app in progress. Maybe we should reach out to Joe B. And see if he has any connections? So frustrated...
  • I tweet Joe every bad news, anyone knows if he read my tweets, i guess he reads since his announcement of wp users being frustrated after the ms news about office free for android (this is awful) and ios
  • For those advocating that people drop Chase.  Chase was on the of the first on WP, so going through the mess that is changing bacnks and credit cards......with no guarentee that your next choice won't pull their app next week?  This not a Chase issue, this is a platform issue.     We are 2+ years in WP 8, and a few more since W7.....and Windows Phone is trouble in North America.  I love my 1520 hardware, but it now sits on my desk for me to play with.  I added a line so I could keep my WP active as I love the platform, but I can't afford to use it as daily driver.  This coming from someone who has owned a lot of phones since my Win Mobile Treo.  I have 520, 635, 900, 920, 1520......  Now we wait again for the next iteration which will finally be the savior.  Sorry folks tomorrow is going to be a great day for Windows, but I don't expect much to change in regards to phone.  I love all my MS services, just a shame I can't use them on their platform.     
  • It's gonna suck oh wait it has for years. To slow MS to catch up.
  • This app works perfectly as is! Why the heck are they getting rid of it! I SPECIFICALLY chose them over Wells Fargo because of their Windows Phone support (for the Chase QuickPay and QuickDeposit). Come on, man...
  • This is all Microsoft fault; when Android came back in the day, apps developers waited for awhile, then started meticulously duplicating all the aps for the new platform despite the lack of security. Why? Because they know how to grab and retain new customers. What happens since WP 7 proved that Microsoft have no such desire nor knowledge. I like my Lumia Icon but the true is that the lack of apps from MAJOR PLAYERS keeps driving people away. I'm not referring to hard core users but to a sufficient number that will make the platform imposibil to ignore
  • This is bullshit. I use this app ALOT. I work in NYC but live in PA. There are no Chase banks in PA. So I use this app to deposit checks etc... Sad sad sad.
  • How often do you deposit checks? What is the "etc etc" that can only be done in the app?
  • Doesn't the added cost of accepting checks by mail from people like me that currently use the remote deposit out of necessity offset the cost of the app?
  • Well Charles Schwab never even had an app so...
  • Be proactive!!    Sign in to your Chase accounts and contact customer service. Send them your complaints! I will be doing so, and several times a day perhaps. They will see how many customers they are in jeopardy of loosing because of this...(and hopefully not go through with it).
  • Leave Chase, not Windows Phone. Ally bank has the following all with a Windows Phone Ap -interest checking
    -High limit mobile deposits
    -ATM reimbursement
    -No minimium balance Leave gready chase and their fees behind.
  • I use it :'(
  • Bank of America app has not been updated for years only for MS platform. Eventually it might get pulled out.
  • just logged into my Chase account on WP....there is a message that it will be gone as of Jan 26th...... I'm leaving Chase for sure
  • I have a Chase CC and the app, but a rarely use it (the app). I pay my bill from my tablet or laptop when I pay all my other bills. I'm always amazed at how app dependent our society has become. I was talking to a friend the other day that has an iphone 5c. We were talking about apps and she has every app for every store/bank/restaurant, etc she likes/uses whether she uses the app or not. Yet, her 16Gigs of memory is nearly full! I told her, most of those had mobile websites that work fine and I like have memory open for pics and video, not apps. She never uses her browser! Apple has trained society that apps are more important than anything else. It's actually sad...
  • Exactly.
  • True...
  • Regardless of who's fault it is. I am moving my Personal and Business accounts to Bank Of America.
  • Continued support? They have updated that app maybe twice in the past 2.5 years. How much in the way of resources could they possibly be expending by having a rarely updated app?
  • Good to know.  I was going to move my accounts from my credit union to either Chase or Bank of America.  Both have (had) good apps.  It looks like an easy choice now.
  • The mobile site is better anyway. Just make a button by zooming in on the name and logo of the logon page and pin it.
  • One of the few apps I actually use. Sucks.
  • Yep that alone would have made me dump WP. That app was awesome. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • That is how I pay my dang mortgage monthly guess I will just setup a bill pay on bank of america app..... 
  • I don't blame Microsoft for this, this is a Chase convern.  If this is true, I am closing my accounts the very same day it stops working on our phones.  Looks like I will switch to Bank of America if this happens on these accounts. We are firmly entrinched in Microsoft now that Windows 8 works so great for us between our PC's and phones.  If a company doesn't support what I use then I move on to someone who does.  I won't miss them.  I own BAC stock, so maybe should switch anyway, just had no reason until now....
  • What the heck Chase. I have most of my banking through you. I guess if you make a killer responsive website there is no need for the app, the mobile site looks bad atm.
  • The end is nigh. We are witnessing the twilight of Windows Phone. This is like the canary in the coal mine. Sorry folks - don't mean to rain on your parade. I'm just calling it like I see it. I hope I'm wrong. But you can count on me sticking around to the bitter end, if it comes to that.
  • Just tweeted them. they suck ass. I will be leaving chase if this happens. Bullshit!!!
  • I've had a windows phone since 7 was launched and the "app gap" never bothered me much as 95% of my phone use is messaging, internet, and music but of all apps to take away, the one I use daily is on the chopping board. Hopefully this decision is reversed.
  • I for one will be switching phones from my 1520 (don't want too) if universal apps don't come online for business and personal use for this eco system. It's unfortunate but I can't keep running a business by using Microsoft office 365 with windows phones for our company with their current offerings... It would be easier with IOS...and that is sad... Fingers crossed that the difference maker is to be announced and that they execute their vision and promises... Etc...
  • Goodbye, Chase. Hello, Wells Fargo.
  • This is a load of crap and will consider dumping chase due to this.
  • 877-210-1672 Just called support and will close all accounts if something is not done about this.
  • Sorry everyone, it's my fault. I have the Chase app but can never remember my password so I rarely use it.
  • Chase app is far inferior to Wells Fargo app. I have both and find Chase's effort borderline useless.
  • Unless people deposit checks (who does this anymore??) can't you just use their excellent mobile site? That's what I use with my Chase credit card. I have the app installed, but I never even remembered to use it.
  • I know it's all about apps but anything wrong with their mobile website?
  • Why do I get an ad on the mobile website that this is available in the "app store" IOS. mobile deposit features and app specific features are missing. If this was available on the mobile website, this would be fine. This is bad publicity
  • Their server recognizes your browser as an iOS device.
  • I noticed that. Yep sucks. WP gets no respect.
  • Oh well. Just tried the mobile website and not much different. just wish you could deposit checks
  • Dang... I was looking forward to a new Lumia but looks like I'll be staying with Apple. Yes, WP 8.1 is more interesting and fun than iOS but with my main bank app pulling its support I just can't do the switch :(
  • Mobile website is virtually the same, so no real loss
  • I was wondering if we could start including twitter handles in some of these articles. Even if they are met with a shrug, I just don't want to be silent.
  • That sucks
  • When is the last time they announced a flagship device or any device that creates some kind of buzz?  Too long AFAIK.  If Microsoft steps up with something to get excited about maybe they can stop this kind of thing from happening and gain a little ground on Andriod and iOS.   I love my 1520 but get frustrated seeing the "download our app" message and only seeing the other two listed.
  • That's ironic, I just opened a chase account based purely on the fact that they had a Windows Phone app. I hadn't switching any bills over to it yet routing number-wise, I guess I won't be doing that at all now.
  • Oh boy, goodbye WP
  • This sucks.
  • Face it Microsoft!!! You are loosing customers and even worse you are lossing supporters! Do something!
    Where is high end phones for USA? What last phones did you release??? Cheap 5xxx series? You are not in the situation when you can do whatever you want! You have to listen to people. You have to check market! :(
  • Bad.....
  • I'm really tired of everyone simply blaming this on MSFT.  I would like to hear, from you who feel it is all their fault, exactly what you believe they should do that they haven't tried.  I've spent time conversing with people in numerous companies about these issues, and would like to share some of what I have learned.  All of this comes from direct observations and top level execs. 1)  Microsoft has made every possible effort to enable developers to build apps for the Win Phone system, including assistance, free software, testing programs, marketing, and more. 2)  Microsoft has made every overture to train sales people, even to the local store level, on the Windows Phones.  Verizon simply rebuffs the effort, and their sales people admit they NEVER show a windows phone.  When the number one carrier refuses to support the product, you know it is personal, and has nothing to do with meeting the needs of their customers. 3)  Verizon also has blocked every update effort, and their reasons do not hold up to any questioning.  At the initial release of Win 8 phones, text grouping was turned off.  They lied about this until someone published copies of the build orders with it specified to be off.   They blocked CYAN saying it was unstable on their system but those of us with CYAN phones knew better.  4)  Most people buy their phones through the carrier, and WinPhone has no market share because Verizon, and others, give it no shelf space.  My local store has 56 phones out, 3 are iPhones, 1 Blackberry ( hidden ) and 2 WinPhones ( also hidden ).  The rest are Android and that is ALL they want to demo and sell.  It's hard to even buy an iPhone there unless you insist. 5)  Most Windows developers are into applications that have price points way above what people will buy from the Windows store.  It's always been that way since they are focused on business clients ( small and large ) with no other platform adquately addresses. 6)  Why is that most reviewers of WinPhone are actually Andorid or iOS specialists ?  They spend 20 minutes with a device, read the spec sheet, and then write about what they wanted that the phone didn't supply, and rarely about all it does well ? Personally, I think a lot of the press, and business decisions, are made out of a King of the Hill syndrome.  Execs love to tear down another company that is successful.  Some of these CEOs are so power hungry they really don't care about the clients their companies serve.  My WinPhone is the best cellular device I've ever owned, but I will admit I may have to switch because of some apps I really do need.  I've just heard way too much from the "other guys", and enough from MSFT, so I lay the blame on those who rejoice in damaging a very successful company.  If you disagree, take some time to share your ideas with Microsoft leadership, but be specific.  You will find they are listening, responsive, and willing, but get past the buckshot approach.  Give them specifics, not about what wasn't right, but focused on actual steps toward solutions that you believe will work.
  • I should wrap this back to Chase.  Chase has an app, so there is no development costs.  The cost to keep it running is nominal.  The fact they won;t respond to questions on this topic means their position is indefensible.  In the end, it will not be tied to anything supportive of their clients.  They are large enough to disregard any of us who have accounts there.  For me, they are gambling that I won't move my credit cards, business account, and merchant services elsewhere.  If I do, they simply don't care. You can be sure that the people making this decision did not spend any time discussing it with those of us who are affected, though they know who we are.  They just put a notice on my account ( seen using the app ) that the service would be pulled in a few days.  We shall see if they even bother to respond to my message center email.  It will probably take the line "sorry for the inconvenience". If they can disregard a smaller group of clients this easily, what message does that send to their larger group of clients.  Even if I didn't use a WP, I would have serious doubts about them after this decision.  Perhaps I'll lay this out to the local manager, or my "personal banker".
  • I really regret switching to Chase now. I switched almost entirely because of their mobile banking. Switching banks turned out to be such a hassle that I probably won't do it again.
  • I agree with about 98% of what you said but ultimately, the buck stops with Microsoft. They are directly responsible for most of what is bothering me about the platform. The Chase app is the first app I absolutely can't live without. Microsoft now owns Nokia and they have not made a high end phone in over a year. My contract ended in November and I have been stuck with the same old, falling apart, phone ever since because I am foolishly waiting for a new high end windows phone. Further more, Windows 8.1 has so many bugs my phone is almost unusable at times. I get the 5 loading dots every time I click on anything and I have to do the 3 button reset several times in a typical day. When it was WP 7.5 I would go months without needing to reset my phone and the phone was "fast and fluid." Auto correct on WP sucks, it is always trying to change the word "like" into "KIK". I have met novice windows phone users who also complain about the auto correct.
  • How does the buck stop with Microsoft ? I have a Windows Icon, on Verizon, running Denim and 8.1 Update.  I have none of the problems you discuss.  I had none of them when it was on Cyan, and my 928 running Black had none of those problems. Auto correct, IMO, is best turned off on any phone.  I use other devices and none of them are satisfactory.  A phone can't know what I'm thinking.  I NEVER have to do a reset.  Now for the more essential question.  The Icon is a very nice, "high end" phone and Verizon discontinued it.  Now you want them to make another high end phone that Verizon will not carry even before the release of Win 10 on the phones ?  I don't understand why they would do that.  Apple turns out a new phone every two years and an S ( supplement  ) model on alternate years with a few new features.  Everyone I know uses an iPhone, so that doesn't seem to be a problematic action. I've personally witnessed what Microsoft has tried to do, and the reaction by people who will provide absolutely no justification for their behaviors.  You can't force a vendor to carry your phone, no matter what type of deal you make, especially if the "boss" has an attitude about MSFT, and wanting to "bring them down a few pegs".   You want to disprove this statement ?  Go into any carrier store ( not reseller ) and ask them to tell you specifically what is wrong with a WP, or why they don't try to sell it.  Answer 1) I don't know about it, 2) We haven't been trained on it, 3) We've been told to sell the Android phones.   I asked ... and when I said that certainly wasn't customer centered, I was told I could go to other carrers, but I'd be back because they have the best coverage ... and that was by the store manager.  
  • They will regret it with windows 10 on PCs
  • Really??? How difficult can it be to write portable code and keep the WP version updated/available? This sucks!
  • Damn it! I switched banks in part because they had the app!
  • Me too
  • This will probably be the last straw. I can't stay with Windows Phone. I really want to. I love the interface and a year ago I would never have considered leaving the platform. I have been using WP since 7.1, I have stuck with it through some very frustrating situations trusting that things would get better. Ever since last year the experience has decayed to the point where my phone is impractical and sometimes almost unusable. I feel like in one year it has gone from the top of the pack to crap on the bottom of my shoe. Why wont Microsoft wake up. Even all of us fan boys are fed up with it.
  • Close to call it quits as well. Devs dropping support for windows phone is coming the norm. Future doesn't look bright for WP.
  • So, they don' care about all their customers.
  • I am using it!
  • Go into the app, click on mobile and online support and call the number. I asked the rep to log a complaint with their mobile app development team. As of March 22, the app will cease to operate on WP from what she said. Those of us that love WP can go to Ally Bank or another bank if they want to play this game. I urge WP users to call and complain now. I did!!! Unreal!
  • This is too bad. Chase was one of the WP's first supporters. Hopefully WP 10 will give them reason to come back. As a long time customer, I do intend to raise my voice in protest to them, for what it's worth.
  • What a waste! The reduction of needed apps will run my to the cult of Apple. Sheeeeesh
  • As a software architect I can say that's rubbish. The real work is on the server side for them and they shouldn't care if it's IOS, android or windows universal. This is sad to hear.
  • Ally Bank! App is great, go with them and open an account!
  • Agreed, I was sick of my bank and when Ally made a WP app, I checked out the other stuff (like fees, interest rates and so on) and really liked what I saw.  I haven't been disappointed.  Free checks, refunds of other bank ATM fees and a nice WP app.  If you're advanced enough (or simple enough) that you don't need a local branch, I recommend it.
  • Chase can go !@#$ themselves.
  • I have tweeted and sent multiple emails to Chase.  There's always a chance that the decision was just made unilaterally by a mid-level iHole, and might be reversible, given enough squeaky wheels.  SQUEAK!!!
  • Bring Android apps ffs. I don't wanna leave WP but I need my apps!!
  • My mom uses this app daily. So dumb. These companies killing apps are just going to make things worse for us Windows Phone users.
  • If the Mobile site is so grand and we should all use it instead of the app, then why do they still have a iOS/Android app?
  • The mobile site doesn't work anyway since you're stuck in an endles loop of trying to verify the browser and getting an error message about your password when the same password had to be entered to even get to that point.  It's almost farcical to be honest.
  • My brother is a private banker and he received an email saying what to tell people who have a windows phone. "Go to the mobile site". He's pissed because he uses a 830.
  • I'll be moving from Chase to USAA - poor planning by Chase - another poor decision...
  • Actually speaking of banks, can anyone from Aussie tell me which Aussie banks have an actual app and not a wrapper?? 
  • Thanks for the tip! I'm never going to delete it now
  • This is a major bummer for me.  I have an Ipod Touch 4th Generation that I normally use when certain APPs are not supported on Windows Phone.  Since Ipod Touch 4th gen is on the IO6 os Chase is forcing you do update to the new version of the APP.  Only thing is the 4th Gen Ipod can't update to the newer version of the IOS 7 & 8.  So if Chase is ditching Windows Phone I can no longer use them on the go. 
  • well just use the website....
  • Doesn't work, you get an error message when you do the new browser code sent to you.  It's an endless loop, sorta like how the Paypal app is hosed too because of this.  I swear I'd be more pissed if it wasn't so funny.
  • Aaaaaannnnd Chase lost a customer.
  • Idk why they would remove it, wouldn't that be more work than to let it just be as it is? Plus, if they just let it be, current users would not get angry.
  • Why don't we start making request to chase to keep this app going. I use it everyday. maybe for us who use chase pull our money from this bank if they are going to pull this app?
  • I love being able to easily deposit checks and check my Chase credit card transactions. I use Chase's Windows Phone app a few times every week, so hearing that the app is going to be discontinued and removed from the store, I was very disappointed. Chase, please reconsider just leaving the app in the store so we can continue using it, otherwise I'll be forced to find another bank that is interested in keeping my credit card, home mortgage, home equity line of credit, and checking business.
  • Stupid, stupid Microsoft... why didn't you market Windows Phone better 4 years ago? :(
  • I called Chase and filed a complaint, for what it's worth. They appeared interested in the feedback. Better to complain and have nothing change that not complained if there was a chance to get change.
  • I really don't understand why devs keep dropping their apps from the store. If they don't see any personal gains and want to run away from the platform then they're more than welcome to. But how does removing the app from the store make things any better? All that is doing is pissing off the consumers that currently have the app. I can understand them pulling the app if they're being charged some sort of fee to keep it on there, but pulling it just for the sake of pulling it is very unreasonable. At least keep the app there for those that still like to use it. A decent running app with no updates is better than no app at all. The only thing we can really hope for at this point is that Windows 10 will amaze everybody and devs will come running back. I like the Windows ecosystem, and I really don't want to switch to Apple just because a majority of users and devs want nothing to do with Windows as a mobile competitor to iOS or Android.
  • I wish people wouldn't side with chase, they are another lazy douchebag developer, and lets say there's no point In supporting wp8 anymore (lets say for number of users) make ur app universal, secondly u have updated the app in nearly a long ass time ur not exactly putting in effort or wasting money, its sitting on a shelf that thoery doesn't make sense
  • /sigh, time to save up for a new phone; right before the 'big announcement" too. Take away the 6snap and Geico apps but my bank, nope. It is the first thing pinned on my screen and i'm on the app usually everyday and i refuse to give up that convenience
  • This is some real bullshit.  I use the Chase app all the time.  You're telling me pinning the mobile site will provide a satisfactory experience?  That's a load and they know it.  Funny too as they announce this a day before MS reveals the next step in it's mobile OS.  Great timing.   edit - Great, now the mobile site doesn't work on my phone.  I get the error *username and/or password is incorrect* after I submit for the browser code since my phone hasn't accessed the site before even though the password had to be correct to even get the damn code.  lol just great.  No, switching to desktop mode didn't work either.  God I hate Chase right now...
  • Shut your trap, eff-Ing Adroid troll.
  • Out of the 100 million WP Devices how many of them are 1: In the US (or is it 100 million US Devices)? 2: How many are used by Chase customers? If the 100 million WP Devices is a world wide total how many are used in the US & how many by Chase customers? Roland
  • Idk if I can read this site anymore, fuck all you guys seriously
  • i will NEVER switch my Windows phns to an EVIL CrApple iJUNK crap phn, and/or to Android. We are very happy with our Windows Phns. its Chase's lose. I was going to open an acct with them. I guess i just stay with B of A with their awesome app. Also ppl forget that in many cases you do NOT need to have an App. You can go to their web sites. Like YouTube, many Banks,.................and Pin it to the Start for quick access.  in addition, i have ALL the apps that i used on my Android phn, on my Windows Nokia 1520 phn, before i switched. I don't miss anything. I don't give a crap about snap chat, and some kiddish apps, there are many more apps like snap chat, if i wanted to use one. tell me 1 app that is soooooooooooo important that you can not live without, and is not on Windows phns, nor you can access it through their web site?   
  • I had a conversation with Chase Customer service after finding out that I cannot log into their mobile web site. After registering my complaint regarding the app, I told them that my steps to log into the web site resulted in my account being locked out due to"invalid ID or password". The rep told me that since I have the app, I can't log into the mobile web site. I asked if this will change in March after the app is cut off, and she said no. I would have to use alternative methods, e.g., a desktop/laptop, or a tablet. I told her that neither world on my commuter train where I do most of my remote banking (no Wi-Fi service), and that my desktop is too heavy in any case. She said that she would pass on my complaints. It is an unfortunate business decision by Chase to discontinue the app, but it is their responsibility to assure that their customers who continue to have remote access through their cellular devices. The web site exists, they just have to modify their security rules. Stranger I it would appear that I could log in his my tablet over a pubic Wi-Fi connection, which is the least secure means, but not over a much more secure cellular one. A lot of what she said does not calculated... we will have to see what happens come March.
  • Why is every one freaking out over one bank leaving Windows Phone?  Trust me, when Windows 10 is released and developers can create one app for all devices, Chase will come running back to Windows 10.  Microsoft may temporarily allow Android apps to run on Windows 10 but as time goes on, developers will create apps more suitable for the Window 10 platform as the platform grows.  Later, there will be more Windows 10 apps than Android or iOS apps and Microsoft will dump Android apps from the ecosystem.  This is my prediction, and I'm stickin to it.  Let's hope I'm correct.  But for now, what Microsoft needs to do is move faster on getting Windows 10 out and they need to stop exclusive deals with carriers for Windows phones.  Yes I have the "flagship" Lumia Icon on Verizon, but with being stuck on Lumia Black, a Lumia 635 is currently better than my Icon!  Microsoft really needs to do something about this and quick or even this most AVID Microsoft fan is going to switch to Apple!
  • Another one bites the Dust. The windows experience is becoming more depressing for all platforms. PC, tablet, phone and Microsoft Sync. The company should just do Office Suite and flat line everything else. Imo. Tired of the frustrations. Going to give windows10 6 months and jump ship if not happy.
  • This is very disappointing Chase.  The app doesn't seem that complicated but did exactly what I needed it to do.  If you decide not to update it, so what as it worked good enough.  But why pull it?  Now do I question my loyalty to WP or Chase??
  • Microsoft is going to fail. If Microsoft cant even support one of the bank with the most ATM s its definitely in trouble. My predictions are 90% accurate. There busy trying to cater to countries like India, Africa, and china. Long term its a positive strategy but it depends on there commitment. I'm all for Microsoft I use chase religiously. I think there making or will make royalties from Android and there could possibly be a conflict when producing phones that compete with the royalties of one of the largest operating systems in smartphones. I use T mobile and the windows phone atmosphere is weak. Wanted a high end phone when I dropped my Nokia 920 and the glass broke. Didn't like the gunmetal color of HTC Windows phone didn't offer silver so I purchased a Galaxy Note. Excellent phone / operating system as far as features. This is something Microsoft should have been leading the way in. I m still supporting Microsoft hope they get there act together.
  • Talking about apps the galaxy note has a feature where You go to the website of interest and can create an app from any website and have it on your home screen. It will resembles and act like any other app. Its almost like creating a short cut when using a computer and putting it on the home screen.
  • Personally, I could never get it to work on my 635. Maybe the decision was that the app didn't work well on low spec WPhones, because of the low end camera or low RAM. And since most Windows phones are low end, it just doesn't make sense to continue offering it since most people who buy WPhones these days will be getting the low end devices. But when I click the notice it just says that I won't be able to install the app on a new Windows phone or reinstall it if I delete it. Nothing about not being able to use it or being discontinued.  It's installed now on my new 930, so I'll see if it works better. Who knows, maybe they plan to create a new app for Windows 10.  
  • Yes, losing the Chase app will be the first time on Windows Phone (since Windows Phone 6) that I'm losing an app that is absolutely critical to my business and personal daily activities. There is only one way to ever get rid of the app-gap and worse-- losing respected apps like Chase. The solution like many other things is money-infusion into developers, companies like Chase, and others that make developing and updating apps on the WP platform very lucrative. Heck, pay for their development or task Microsoft staff with developing the companies apps for them. Offer deep licensing discounts on Server software and Office 365 to companies who commit to infuse their orgs with WP. It will take something ludicrous like that that would make any CFO quake in their boots. At least Microsoft has that type of money.
  • What?!?!? I will have to switch banks. I own two small businesses and we get a lot of checks. I'll never go back to running to the bank twice a week. Either Chase keeps their app and electronic deposits on Windows Phone or I move to someone that has it. That's a red line for me.
  • Because you need an app for everything? LoL. If your bank was up to speed with technology, you would not need an app. Just use your banks mobile site or just use the desktop version of IE within WP. If your bank does not support mobile website access, maybe you need to rethink your banking choices all together. If they cannot keep up with mobile technology, what makes you think they keep up with cybersecurity? Mind blowing how many people think mobile computing is safe because you use an 'app'. NOTE: Who still uses checks? Is this the year 2000?
  • Businesses use checks.  My mother uses checks.  This is America, remember, we're still behind the times.
  • Lots of great annoucements today but this defeats many of them for Windows Phone.
  • Of course I'll probably wait to see if they come out with a universal app before I move but a bank these days is nothing but a place to hold your "money" for the most part, unlike the old days where you got enough interest to at least justify holding it in the bank and allowing them to use it to generate income.  Now that's rare (.01% APY is meaningless) If that isn't the reason then this is pretty much BS (personal opinion) I use it all the time (I don't personally care beyond that :) ) After this morning's presentation from MS I'm back to feeling positive about the MS vision so I'm fine with switching to Wells Fargo or something like that, I mean its all the same as long as you have a branch nearby and ATM access and/or the ability to get cash at checkout.. and an app.  
  • I sincerely hope Chase would reconsider because this sucks big time!!!
  • They haven't pulled it yet. Looks like I may not activate my new chase card if they pull it. I will wait before activating.
  • This is bad news. I use the Chase app on my Lumia every day. Deposit checks, pay bills, check all my balances, transfer money. But why should Chase care about me? I'm just a customer.
  • Just logged in to Chase and saw a message of it going away on January 26 ---- damn you Chase!!! Seriously considering taking my money somewhere else now...
  • The news about Chase and now Bank of America is such hogwash! These are "Apps" not Legacy Applications! It takes very little money to maintain them and therefore should not be removed. I joined Chase in July of 2014 mainly because of this app and the advantages it gives me, especially when traveling overseas. Now I will be leaving their bank. The amount of money I will be taking with me would maintain this app for over 20 years. Sad to say, the arrogance and pride of these executives would definitely keep them from changing their decision. Even if they knew that they could lose 10,000,000+ from the loss of customers they would still stick to this ridiculous decision!