Check and redeem latest offers and deals with the official app for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone catalogue of big brand apps is growing with the official ( app now available in the store. The service enables consumers to save up to 50-percent at numerous supporting restaurants, as well as savings at high street stores and deals on tourist attractions. It's a popular destination for shoppers and bargain hunters who enjoy saving a penny or two when out and about.

The app utilises an intuitive interface with an aesthetically pleasing design - it certainly screams "Windows Phone." Voucher codes can be redeemed from within the app when the smartphone is presented in-store. The app also sports location-based search, filtering through establishments that are closest to the consumer. Live Tile and push notification support is included.

Speaking of which, to get into the realm of deals and use the app on a Windows Phone, a valid and active account is required. Fear not as the app enables consumers to create accounts without using the browser. If we haven't managed to get the point across already, this app is absolutely stunning with the only issue being a slightly low quality logo on the Live Tiles, but we're sure this will be fixed in future versions.

Voucher Codes App

A quick example for what can be saved with some recent deals:

  • 30% off your Bill at Pizza Express
  • 25% off In-Store at New Look
  • Buy One Main Get Another for £1 at Prezzo
  • 30% off In-Store at Gap
  • 20% off at Frankie and Benny’s
  • 30% off In-Store at The Body Shop

Unfortunately, as noted in the store listing, the Windows Phone app only displays the "biggest and best" vouchers ready for redemption. Should consumers wish to check each and every voucher code and deal available, a trip to the official website is required since not all offers are pulled down. While we'd prefer to have the entire collection of vouchers included within the app, it's a positive start to get the app on the store with room for improvement.

You can download from the Windows Phone store. Thanks, Al_2, for the tip!

QR: Voucher Codes

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Very happy to see all these official apps coming to WP.
    Things will get better when those Lumia 520 and 720 sales start.
    More sales, more apps.
  • WP8 only I think," not available on your device". Radar with 7.8
  • Personally I have only ever used VoucherCloud & that's been on Windows Phone for quite a while; here's A link if you're not aware of its awesomeness lol. Edit: I have just downloaded this app & some of the offers are same as they are in VoucherCloud, so fear not Windows Phone 7 users if this is incompatible you're not missing anything ;-)
  • any of those two working in combination with the wallet?
  • Valpak works with the wallet
  • in the uk?
  • I can't see any UK company incorporating anything into Wallet anytime soon; the UK barely has 4G, I have seen hardly any NFC tags, never seen a Microsoft Tag, I have only just seen company's start to use QR codes lol.
    Also it is worth noting that no company in the UK is paying attention to Apple's Passbook so don't worry =)
  • Vochercode has wallet
  • Does this work for US users?
  • Since its I doubt that!
  • Haha!