Check out this $5,000 RTX 3090 if you thought GPU prices were already too high

Rtx 3090
Rtx 3090 (Image credit: Colorful)

What you need to know

  • COLORFUL has a new limited edition RTX 3090 up for grabs.
  • It has a $4,999 MSRP.
  • Only 1,000 units of the GPU will be sold.

If you thought the PC component scene was getting out of control with Sabrent's $2,899 SSD that aggressively mocked the penny-pinching nature of the best Prime Day SSD deals, then get ready to have your mind blown. Amid global graphics card shortages of just about every relevant card on the market, COLORFUL, the maker of the first GPU museum, has decided that now is the time for it to release a limited edition RTX 3090 that'll cost $4,999 and be artificially limited to a supply of 1,000 units.

In case you're not aware, people are getting desperate for GPUs and have been seen partaking in bizarre activities, such as offering others $2,500 for seating spots outside a Best Buy for a mere chance at snagging an RTX 3080 Ti. So perhaps double that price for an ultra-rare, limited edition RTX 3090 isn't super insane, relatively speaking. But, outside of that relative lens, it's pretty wacky.

According to CyberMedia, the COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 3090 KUDAN is already launching, though details on how it's being sold are scarce (via PCMag). It has a three-fan heatsink as well as built-in water cooling, RGB lighting, and a 60Hz display panel designed to help you monitor the card as it performs its $4,999 duties.

If this all sounds rather excessive, that's because it is. Plenty of software exists to monitor GPU activity and health; there's no real "need" for a physical display on a GPU. And with RGB, well, that feature's never important. These little details don't actually serve to justify the nearly $5,000 price tag, though. No amount of features could. They're just fun bells and whistles on a collector's piece that will be coveted dearly at a time when no one can even get their hands on a regular RTX 3090.

Robert Carnevale

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