Here's a $2,899 SSD in case you're tired of Prime Day SSD savings

Sabrent Ssd Hero
Sabrent Ssd Hero (Image credit: Sabrent)

What you need to know

  • Sabrent has released a $2,899 external SSD.
  • It packs 16 terabytes of storage.
  • It requires its own power adapter.

In case you're absolutely tired of saving money via the best Prime Day SSD deals (including all-star bargains from SanDisk and Western Digital), and you're absolutely dying for an excuse to break the bank, Sabrent has you covered with its $2,899 16TB external SSD.

Maybe you have 16TB of government secrets you want kept in a single, consolidated offline environment. Perhaps you're exceedingly wealthy and are sick of looking at that obnoxious rounding error in your bank account that tallies out to $2,899. Whatever your reason, know that Sabrent's "portable" powerhouse puppy here will knock four digits out of your wallet with ease.

In exchange for that fat chunk of change, you'll receive 16TB of storage that's broken up into two eight-terabyte drives. Speed-wise, Sabrent advertises the SSD as having "single disk speeds of up to 1400 MB/s per single SSD or up to 2800MB/s when using RAID 0 mode."

It's worth noting that this hulking SSD requires its own power adapter, so don't think that its external nature translates to mobility and convenience. We've yet to try it out ourselves, so there's no telling if the $2,899 price tag translates to it being one of the best SSDs. However, it's worth raising the point that even if it's a really, really good SSD... do you really want to spend $2,899 on a single component? You could get a small armada of PCs with more storage than that for the same price.

Then again, if you're interested in this component, you likely know the pros and cons of such a purchase... which is why we're including a convenient little link right here to help you get to the Sabrent Rocket XTRM-Q 16TB external aluminum SSD.

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