Check out this awesome custom Sea of Thieves Xbox Series S

Custom Xbox Series X Mixup Podcast
Custom Xbox Series X Mixup Podcast (Image credit: @Wandering_Dutch via Twitter)

It's always interesting to see custom console designs that players come up with and this custom Xbox Series S created by @Wandering_Dutch on Twitter is no exception. A striking console with a controller to match, the aqua green and deep purple art direction calls to mind the official Sea of Thieves Xbox controller that was available some years back, a controller that is unfortunately no longer being produced.

The Xbox Series S isn't a big console, so this design is packing quite a lot of art into a small space. Perhaps the coolest thing about this custom console though? The Sea of Thieves skull logo covering the vent glows in the dark! You can take a look at several more shots of the console below:

Being a custom community design, this of course isn't available for purchase but if you are interested in an Xbox Series S, it's by far the easiest current-generation console to grab.

The Xbox Series S is the little kid brother to the Xbox Series X and while it certainly packs less graphical processing power and less storage space, it's an inexpensive way to play current-generation games. Games specifically designed for the console are seeing more and more impressive results, though of course the Xbox Series X remains the choice for the best performance and visuals possible.

Starting in 2022, more first-party Xbox games such as Arkane Austin's Redfall and Bethesda Game Studios' Starfield are being designed exclusively for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Xbox One owners will still be able to play these games through Xbox Cloud Gaming however, which is now available to select testers.

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