Quantum Break

The ring tones loop seamlessly and feature some of the most iconic sounds from the game. They're available in formats compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS-based phones, and the studio even threw in an Alan Wake ringtone and a full track inspired by Quantum Break for good measure.

"Get a Monarch solution to your ringtone needs and while you're at it, download and listen to the new original game soundtrack piece titled "Bridges of Hope", also featured in our recent Quantum Break tribute."

"To get the ringtone to your Windows or Android phone, download the MP3 file by using your phone and select it as the ringtone from the phone audio settings. To get the ringtone to your iPhone, download the M4R file to your computer, transfer it to the phone with iTunes and select it as the ringtone from the phone audio settings."

You can head over to Remedy's website to preview and download the ringtones. I think I'm going to pick up that Alan Wake tone; it's rather serene.

If you enjoyed the music of Quantum Break, know that the studio has also released an official soundtrack, which is available on the Windows Store, and for free as part of the Groove Music Pass.

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Quantum Break is smashing sales records for Microsoft, becoming its fastest selling new-IP so far this generation, while debuting at number one in the UK charts. If you haven't already, check out our full review right over here.

Check out Remedy's Quantum Break ringtones

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