Chime in: Is the 4GB Surface Go less 'futureproof?'

eMMC vs. SSD storage: What's the difference?
eMMC vs. SSD storage: What's the difference?

Surface Go is an excellent tablet and a worthy successor to the popular Surface 3, but has Microsoft missed an opportunity to really make an impact by making the tablet come with 8GB of RAM as the minimum? The less expensive model only comes with 4GB, which can become an issue when attempting to run a bunch of apps at once.

As pointed out by community member skstrials, there are concerns the Surface Go may not be futureproofed.

I am starting nursing school in the coming September, I thought it would be a good idea to have a tablet in addition to my Thinkpad T480. I was planning on using the tablet for ebook viewing, pen note taking, media consumption, Web browsing, and light office work. I do not need much internal storage as I mostly just have word and PowerPoint documents, and use Onedrive for any big files. ...


And 4GB isn't only a lower amount of RAM for running multiple apps, it can also make accessing data stored on SSD a little slower. This is an issue for those who enjoy speedy processors found on more powerful laptops and desktop PCs. The same can't really be achieved on Surface Go, not with the 4GB model anyway.

Still, should you purchase a budget-friendly tablet like Surface Go, and the 4GB model at that, you should expect less capable internals. For everyday use and the majority of scenarios, performance will be just fine. What that means for the future is yet to be seen.

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