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Waterfield Designs Tech Rollup Backpack

(Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

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2. Most durable
3. Best for gamers
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Laptops are made to be portable, and that means you might need some protection while you're on the go. Whether you're spending a little on a cheap machine or throwing all your cash at a premium device, you want to look after it.

After all, you'll probably keep it for a fair amount of time, longer than you might a smartphone. Laptops naturally come with their own accessories, like AC adapters, and are usually paired with essentials during travel, so you'll need spare pockets.

Let's jump right in and look at some of the best laptop bags and sleeves on the market like the Waterfield Air Porter Backpack, tested in real-world scenarios by our staff, to see if they're worth the cash.

The best overall laptop travel bag

Windows Central Best Award

Waterfield Air Porter Backpack in Salt Lake City airport. (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)
The best overall laptop travel bag

Rebecca Spear had the opportunity to test out the Waterfield Air Porter Backpack in her review, a tech bag designed to fit underneath airplane seats, allowing you to easily access your belongings without removing the entire bag. Constructed of strong ballistic nylon, it is water-resistant and comes with waterproof zippers, ensuring your devices remain protected during travel.

Although it is a bit pricey and has a few minor design quirks, such as the awkwardly placed handle and sternum strap, it is a spacious and high-quality bag that is perfect for travelers who carry a lot of tech gear. She found it a reliable and convenient travel companion that balances durability and functionality, ranking at the top of our list.

The most durable laptop bag

The Waterfield Designs Tech Rollup Backpack is not cheap but worth every dollar. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

2. Waterfield Designs Tech Rolltop Backpack

The most durable laptop bag

Daniel Rubino tested the Waterfield Designs Tech Rolltop Backpack for three months and claimed it to be his new favorite backpack. It's the perfect choice for those who might need to pack a lot but mostly travel light, featuring an expanding main pocket with a rolltop that makes it highly adaptable.

It's crafted with high-quality materials, offers ample pockets, and is comfortable to wear all day long. While it's relatively expensive and lacks a sternum strap, its versatility and build quality make it an excellent option for tech enthusiasts or anyone seeking a durable and flexible backpack.

The best laptop bag for gamers

This laptop bag is designed with gamers in mind. (Image credit: Jez Corden | Windows Central)

3. MAINGEAR Classic Backpack

The best laptop bag for gamers

The MAINGEAR Classic Backpack is a high-quality, gamer-oriented laptop bag that Jez Corden found to be a great value, especially with the included Tile tracking fob. It’s designed with pockets for up to 15.7-inch laptops, tablets and a dedicated portable console pocket.

The materials feel premium, and the bag has RFID-blocking storage and a waterproof zip-side pocket for a portable battery. While it’s not perfect, with another side pocket that’s slightly too small for some water bottles while traveling, it’s a comfortable, well-padded bag with plenty of storage for tech enthusiasts.

The best vertical laptop bag

'Red Forza' is outstanding, but if you want the classic color, go for waxed canvas. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)
The best vertical laptop bag

Daniel Rubino tested the Waterfield Designs Zoom Crossbody bag for two weeks and was thoroughly impressed with its quality and design. It's a vertical laptop bag perfect for daily commutes or short trips, offering just the right amount of pockets and a stylish look with its colorful inner layer and Forza colorway options.

Although it's on the pricier side and lacks a grab handle, the bag's durability, lifetime warranty, and the convenience of its vertical design make it a great choice for carrying any kind of laptop, Ultrabook, or the Surface Pro. The splash-proof zippers and water-resistant liner are practical features that add to its appeal. Overall, it's a premium day bag with a vertical design that's well worth the investment.

The best laptop bag for accessories

Perfect if you need a ton of pockets and storage compartments for little things. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

5. Waterfield Designs Tech Folio Plus

The best laptop bag for accessories

Another tested by Daniel Rubino, he used the Waterfield Designs Tech Folio Plus for a few weeks, and it proved the ideal bag for his daily commute and work trips, thanks to its ample pockets and compartments that perfectly organize electronics, gear, wires, and more. Made from quality materials like ballistic nylon or waxed canvas and crafted in the USA, this bag looks great and is built to last.

While it’s not the best for quick PC access or carrying larger items like headphones, it excels in holding smaller items like cables, dongles, adapters, and pens, making it a fantastic choice for techies who need to pack a lot of little things. The grab handle, suitcase belt, and optional suspension strap add versatility in carrying, and the gold-color liner makes finding items a breeze. Despite the higher price point, the Tech Folio Plus is a worthy investment for anyone looking for a durable, well-organized, and stylish tech bag.

The best sleeve for laptops

WaterField goes for premium builds that will last you years without falling apart. (Image credit: Daniel Rubino | Windows Central)

6. WaterField Dash Sleeve

The best sleeve for laptops

Our WaterField Dash Sleeve review showed it to be a premium, durable accessory made in the USA, featuring a ballistic nylon exterior, impact-resistant foam, and a plush liner. It’s perfect for short travels or carrying within larger bags, with a stretchy back pocket for essentials like the AC adapter and a dedicated slot for the Surface Pen.

While it’s minimalist and professional, we wouldn’t mind more color options, but overall, it’s a solid investment for protecting your Surface or any similarly sized laptop, especially considering the quality and the company’s reputation for standing behind its products.

How to choose the best laptop bag for you

How to choose the best laptop bag for you

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Any of the above laptop bags will offer protection and ample space for your other gear besides your PC, but if we're making some suggestions, we can't help but recommend the quality Waterfield Air Porter Backpack. It's relatively expensive, but if you want something that's going to last for years and comes with a lifetime warranty, this is it. All WaterField bags are handmade in San Francisco from high-quality materials — choose from waxed canvas or ballistic nylon — and you can choose from various sizes.

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