Chime in: Are you still addicted to Windows 10 Mobile?

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Windows 10 Mobile (and Windows Phone as a whole) has enjoyed quite the vocal fanbase. Even us here at Windows Central have long been backers of Microsoft's vision of what was tiles on a smartphone. Do you remember the first day you swiped around on a screen running a mobile Windows OS? It was something bold, unique and out there — something we didn't experience on already established platforms. Unfortunately, as we all know a lot has changed over the past seven years.

The platform has passed away but that hasn't halted some addictions. It's easy to get wrapped up in consumerism, believing you need that shiny new device because it does something you likely will barely use. The same goes for Windows 10 Mobile, especially given the sleek hardware and eye-catchy OS. When you accumulate a number of handheld devices as a fan of the platform, it comes to a point where you must ask: do I need all these phones? Do I need to buy more? Am I an addict?

Trusted community member Nate W took to our forum to ask if anyone else is addicted to Windows 10 Mobile. It has reached the point where he has resorted to putting up a bunch of phones for sale to form some sort of separation.

This is Nate W here. I have been around the forums on Windows Central since early 2015, but I have been using the Windows platform since the 90's. Been using Windows Mobile type devices since about 2005/2006 to current. I skipped over Windows CE, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Phone 7. Later came in on VZ using the Ativ SE/ICON and was hooked ever since. I wanted to open a thread up to share...


Are you set to join the Windows 10 Mobile Anonymous addiction group? Involve yourself in the conversation over on our community forum.

From the forum: Hi, my name is...and I'm a Windows 10 mobile addict

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